PUBCON New Orleans 2013 | Brian McDowell "Best SEO Tools"


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Conductor's Director of Search Intelligence, Brian McDowell presented at Pubcon New Orleans 2013 in the "Best SEO Tools" session:

"In this session, a panel of search marketing experts will discuss the most up-to-date tools for maximizing your results from search engine optimization efforts. Come learn all about search engine marketing so you can add more bang for your SEO and Internet marketing buck."

In this download:

Brian's full presentation from Pubcon

A budget calculator to make the case for SEO technology to your management

"12 Things to Look for in an SEO Platform" list

Get your SEO technology budget resources today by filling out the form here:

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PUBCON New Orleans 2013 | Brian McDowell "Best SEO Tools"

  1. 1. SEO Tools and PlatformsPresented by:Brian McDowellDirector of Search IntelligenceConductor, INC
  2. 2. About Me•16 years web experience•7 years SEO experience•Agency, direct &solutions experience•Experience withenterprise, SMB andstart-ups•SEO speaker and panelist
  3. 3. About• Market leader inEnterprise SEOTechnology• Thousands of topbrands includingFedEx, HSN, Staples
  4. 4. • The extensive need for automated businessprocesses in SEO.• Understanding where to invest your resources(money vs. man power).• Understanding the management and reportingneeds of big data for successful companies.Agenda@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  5. 5. Profiles with SEOlisted in job description249,5962011528,6422012Businesses are Trying to Keep Upby Hiring at an Unprecedented Pace2006 20121900%Job Listingsincluding SEO@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  6. 6. Identifying Your Budget@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  7. 7. Automation to savetime@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  8. 8. SEO Platform1. Analytics Integration2. Categorization of Large Data Sets3. Ability to Scale4. Competitive Analysis5. Customized Reporting6. Active Page Recommendations7. Link Analysis@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  9. 9. Site Audit Tools•Identify and fix broken links•Scrape custom elements on your site•Find duplicate content doorways•Check server headers•Manage duplicate/templated content@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  10. 10. Process Large Data Sets Into DigestibleInsight@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  11. 11. Link Data Source API AccessAPI@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  12. 12. SERP Rank Collections• Rank Data is Meaningless without– Analytics Integration– Impression / Click Through Estimation– Seasonality Metrics– Mass Tail Categorization– Competitive Overview– Trend Analysis• Collect With Caution– Accidentally shut down company IP from Google/Bing/Yahoo– Use caution to provide non-personalized views– Potential impact of localized results– Ability to scale into thousands of keywords@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  13. 13. Storing / Reviewing Raw HTMLFew solutions archive and organize raw HTML for future processing@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  14. 14. Organization andPrioritization@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  15. 15. @Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  16. 16. Priority Management@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  17. 17. Cross Platform Accessibility@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  18. 18. Predictive Analysis for the RoadAhead@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  19. 19. Competitive AnalysisNon-Integrated Integrated@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  20. 20. Continue Education for Growth andExpansion@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  21. 21. •Customer communities•Up to date blog entries•Contributors to other industry blogs•Webinars and online training•Conference presence (speakers/booths)•Years of industry experience•Testimonials or references•Free trialsYour Platform Should EducateFind Tools That Enable the Whole Company@Brian_McDowell@Conductor
  22. 22. Thank You!DOWNLOAD THE McDowellDirector of Search