Drive Your Business' Bottom Line Using Natural Search in a 3-Step Program


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From the 2010 Online Marketing Summit (OMS)

Converting ‘the promise’ of SEO into business metrics. In this session, you’ll learn how to define real market opportunity that SEO offers your organization, how to demand business-centric SEO metrics from your search team, and create a company-wide culture that embraces SEO.

You will take away from this session several tools to help you define your opportunity, set expectations and a game plan, and finally how to report on SEO game plan.

SEO tools include:

SEO Market Opportunity Calculator SEO
SLA Agreement
Share of Search Calculator
DATMM Scoring Method
SEO Maturity Worksheet

To download these resources, please visit:

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Drive Your Business' Bottom Line Using Natural Search in a 3-Step Program

  1. 1. Due to subject matter, viewer discretion is advised The following PowerPoint includes a dramatization that is drawn from a variety of experiences with many fortune 500 and successful companies who ultimately fail miserably at SEO For dramatic and narrative purposes, this PowerPoint contain fictionalized scenes that may make you feel uneasy about your company, competition and the purpose of existence.0
  2. 2. Once upon a time …. CEO: Our competitors are beating us at this SEO thing We are losing market share quickly CFO: I’ll create a 500k budget and we will crush everyone – let’s get the best seo agency/people around HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA – We will crush them ACME Board of Directors1 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  3. 3. So the CMO took action Bob Smith, Director of SEO TWO SUPPORT STAFF2 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  4. 4. Timeline First 2 Months 2-4 Months Month 5 •Keyword •Exhaustive site •Communication Discovery audit Process •Roll Out Time •List of recos for Frame •Strategic engineering Planning •Content suggestions Months 6-12 • Suggestions weren’t implemented • Progress was measured with PPC metrics and expectations • SEO didn’t have a positive comparable CPC3 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  5. 5. What the CMO (Jim) says – What the SEO thinks We’re doing SEO We’re building Web 2.0 Who do I have to pay to get a change to our CMS? When is our tee time? Why did they hire me if they’re not going to listen? Maybe I Should make another “Importance of SEO” deck…..?4 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  6. 6. What Happened? INTERNAL AGENCY BUDGET HEADCOUNT5 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  7. 7. A 3-Step Program to Drive Your BusinessBottom Line Using Natural SearchSeth Besmertnik, CEOFebruary 24th, 2010 at OMS
  8. 8. Everything You See Today Will Be Available for Download• This Presentation• All the tools and resources Seth Besmertnik, CEO -7 Twitter: @Besmertnik
  9. 9. About Conductor, Inc.• Conductor has developed the leading platform for analyzing, managing, and optimizing natural search for the Mid-Market and Enterprise – Conductor Searchlight• 65+ employees, with backgrounds from Google, Yahoo, MSN, agencies, and technology providers• Largest technology company focused on “the SEO problem”• We have 200+ Fortune 1000 & Internet Retailer 500 customers• Successfully helped create an SEO culture for many companies Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  10. 10. Quick Thoughts on the State of SEO and Mid-to- Large Companies Today 9CONFIDENTIAL
  11. 11. Natural Search is most under spent channel in web marketing CMOs are excited by the potential of SEO but extremely frustrated by the lack of accountability and ability to measure ROI 11.8 billion monthly searchesacross major engines (growing by 25% per year) Natural Traffic Paid 86% of all 86% 14% Only 14% of all search engine clicks search engine clicks Spend 11% of search spend 11% 89% of search spend 89% Market Size = ? Market Size = $10.7 bn Sources: Forrester Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  12. 12. Untapped Potential in Natural Search11 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  13. 13. The Evolution of SEO SEO is Getting More Complicated 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 201012 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  14. 14. A 3 Tiered Approach to Creating an SEO Culture Expectations Make Define the and a Reporting a Opportunity Game Plan Cornerstone Campai Keywor gn d Booking Level Metrics Traffic s ROI Ranking Attributi Overall s on ROI13 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  15. 15. Define the Opportunity If you dont know whats out there… …how do you know how much you have? 14CONFIDENTIAL
  16. 16. Define the market opportunity Get someone in your organization to: Isolate keywords for top 50,100,1k,2k, non-branded terms Gather volume and ranks Use a CTR Curve to define potential visitors (If you can, get PVV data for each keyword) Download worksheet from Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  17. 17. What is SEO Worth to Your Organization? (Define the Market) Total Realized Opportunity 160mm Visitors Total Unrealized Opportunity 1 Billion Visitors You can download this template from Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  18. 18. Where are you heading?17 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  19. 19. Create a Game Plan for Success Educate, Manage Expectations, Create Success Metrics, and Establish Milestones 18CONFIDENTIAL
  20. 20. SEO Touches Everything Direct Marketing Editorial PPC SEO Public Relations PPC IT19 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  21. 21. Investment: Organic vs. Paid 100 90 80 Abandoned SEO 70 60 50Traffic 40 30 20 10 0 Investment Paid Search Organic Search 20 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  22. 22. SEO Maturity Cycle Compete Scale Measure Share of search calculations Invest Opportunity Try Move from SEO discovery Monitoring & alerts of important SEO changes Internal / metrics to business Specialist Education & agency External validation metrics resources & auditing evangelism investment Regular and Real SEO Lost opportunity Small/shared Tactical focus cost identification systemic ROI prioritization resources No auditing reporting Attribution No formal modeling No scale Shift from mgmt around SEO tactical to process No ROI strategic21 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  23. 23. The Evolution of an SEO Budget Scale (Stage 5) Try (Stage 1) Headcount Engineering Content Technology Link Building Continuing Ed Headcount Engineering Content Technology Link Building Continuing Ed22 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  24. 24. SEO is all or nothing Headcount Engineering Content Link Continuing SEO Technology Building Education Success ∞ x 0=023 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  25. 25. SEO Maturity Cycle Worksheet You can download this template from
  26. 26. SEO AssessmentAudit Each of 4 Categories:• Site/Technical Optimization• Content Optimization• Offsite Issues• Tracking and Metrics You can download this template from Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  27. 27. The need for an SEO Service Level Agreement• SEO needs cross-functionality• Create an SEO task force• Agree on minimum service levels You can download this template from Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  28. 28. Reporting – The Roadmap to Continued Success 27CONFIDENTIAL
  29. 29. Reporting Overview• Continue to create urgency around competition• Report on non-business metrics in a ‘business’ manner• Think outside the box around ‘Soft’ ways to evangelize SEO28 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  30. 30. Stepping Stone SEO MetricsCreate a timeline on maturing your metrics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 MILESTONES GOALS Average Keyword Page Overall Metrics Scoring Rankings Conversions ROI Recos # of Traffic Attribution Campaign Made Indexed, Level ROI backlinks Etc… PRE-TRAFFIC POST TRAFFIC Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  31. 31. Stepping Stone SEO MetricsCreate a timeline on maturing your metrics Q1 Q2 Q3 MILESTONES Average Page Keyword Metrics Scoring Rankings Recos Made # of Indexed, backlinks Etc… Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  32. 32. Keep urgency alive with Share of Search reporting You can download this template from Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik
  33. 33. Destination And Traffic Modified Movement
  34. 34. Im Lowes – How Am I doing vs. Home Depot?
  35. 35. SEO Reporting is Not Just Excel and Powerpoints Make Everyone Aware of the Wins and Let them Share the Success34 CONFIDENTIAL
  36. 36. Don’t Stop – Keep Using External Data Inputs35 CONFIDENTIAL
  37. 37. Take-Aways•Define the Opportunity – $6 million in lost opportunity means more than ‘We should be doing SEO’•Create a Game Plan – Continual Improvement - Don’t settle for yesterday’s success – Technology scales faster than people•Measure Success – Report like crazy – SEO success is a board level business metric36 CONFIDENTIAL
  38. 38. Download these resources at: Ask me questions on Twitter -- @Besmertnik Opportunity Game plan Report MARKET OPPORTUNITY CALC SHARE OF SEARCH CALC SEO SLA AGREEMENT DATMM SCORING MODEL37 Seth Besmertnik, CEO - Twitter: @Besmertnik