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Mathcad prime-2-five-compelling-reasons-to-upgrade

  1. 1. Concurrent Engineering Whitepaper:5 compelling reasons toupgrade to Mathcad Prime 2.05 compelling reasons to upgrade to Mathcad Prime 2.0Concurrent Engineering White Paper, May 2012Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. What is Mathcad Prime 2.0?MathCAD is the essential tool for anyone relying on robust engineeringcalculations in their design and product development work.Mathcad Prime 2.0 is the latest release in the new generation Mathcadproduct range. It is an impressive upgrade, which builds on thecapabilities of Mathcad Prime 1.0.A richer set of tools enhance the existing Mathcad Prime features,meaning larger problems than ever can be solved. Additionally, there are5 key feature improvements - highlighted in this document – that providea compelling case for upgrading to Mathcad Prime 2.0.Contact Concurrent Engineering - - to arrange a trial anddiscover for yourself the 5 key features that make an upgrade toMathcad Prime 2.0 essential for anyone relying on engineeringcalculation software in their product development.1. Even better integration with Microsoft ExcelEnhancements made to the integration of Mathcad Prime 2.0 withMicrosoft Excel mean it is now easier for engineers to utilise theirdatasets across both platforms. They are able to combine the power ofMathcad’s calculation capabilities with the familiarity of Excel. It alsomeans that they are able to leverage existing spreadsheet data fromExcel in Mathcad.This improves Mathcad’s assimilation with existing systems. It alsoincreases productivity and visibility by creating a clear record of datasources. Plus, there is no need to spend time converting the data beforeusing it in Mathcad Prime 2.0.2. 3D Plots for visualisation of complex data modelsEngineers can now more easily access qualitative and quantitativevisualisation mechanisms, which are necessary to gain a fullyunderstanding of a dataset. This is particularly effective when workingwith complex data models, which need to be viewed in 3D to be fullycomprehended.The 3D plots feature in Mathcad Prime 2.0 allows for direct plotmanipulations, which enables a full and unobstructed investigation of themodel. This improves productivity by decreasing the time needed towork on a plot.3D plots also enhance reporting and communication between engineersand across organisations by improving the worksheet quality.5 compelling reasons to upgrade to Mathcad Prime 2.0Concurrent Engineering White Paper, May 2012Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. 3. Patented Symbolic Algebra technology improvescalculation accuracy and tracks changesSymbolic algebra allows users to input preliminary stages, which areoften done on paper, straight into the worksheet. This means that thefinal calculations are more complete, making reporting and collaboratingeasier. It reduces the risk of mistakes and improves calculationverification.With symbolic algebra, engineers can more easily adapt formulas totheir specific purpose. This new function makes the process of modifyingformulas before applying them to a specific purpose automatic.Engineers can therefore create the correct formula structure before theyhave to start entering numbers specific to the calculation.The patented symbolic algebra update technology means users cankeep a live record of any modifications. By being able to monitorchanges to mixed symbolic and numeric calculations, engineers canhave constant access to the changes made to the input parameters andformulas.4. Collapsible Areas make complex analyses moremanageable and sensitive information privateWhen engineers are required to work with large analyses, thecalculations behind them can easily extend across many pages.To help focus on a specific section, with still being able to utilise allprevious calculations, engineers can use collapsible areas to make thework more manageable. They simply need to collapse (hide from view)the information that they do not currently need, making the worksheeteasier to handle.As well as assisting during the computation stages, collapsible areasalso help organise content. They highlight the key information, which canbe particularly beneficial if the documents are intended for reporting. Inaddition, when a worksheet is printed or exported in PDF or XPSformats, any collapsed areas are hidden from view. This means thatworksheets can be shared between different parties, while keepingunnecessary or potentially sensitive information out of view.5. Enhanced computational power and 64-bit supportEngineers are now able to solve larger problems, while processinggreater data set sizes, as Mathcad Prime 2.0 includes support for 64-bitsystems. This increases performance speed, enabling users to performmore calculations is less time.In addition, the new multithreading capabilities of Mathcad Prime 2.0make it easier for engineers to utilise the power of multiprocessorhardware.5 compelling reasons to upgrade to Mathcad Prime 2.0Concurrent Engineering White Paper, May 2012Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. These capabilities mean engineers are fully able to investigate problemsat an early-stage and it also reduces issues later in the productdevelopment process. This means that an increased number of designoptions can be considered which improves confidence in final outcomes.To find out more about how Mathcad Prime 2.0 can help you tooptimise your engineering calculation capabilities, visit or call us on0121 506 9720 for further information.5 compelling reasons to upgrade to Mathcad Prime 2.0Concurrent Engineering White Paper, May 2012Page 4 of 4