How to-convince-your-boss-to-upgrade-to-creo-2-final


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How to-convince-your-boss-to-upgrade-to-creo-2-final

  1. 1. How to convinceyour boss to upgradeto Creo 2.0
  2. 2. Managers are wary of taking undue risks, worrying about costs andthe effect any changes will have on business. With money tight andbudgets under pressure, it can be difficult to persuade your boss tomake investments in software upgrades. You see 3D CAD tools interms of design capabilities; the impressive features andfunctionalities you need to get your job done. But, your boss sees itas a business expense, which needs to secure a ROI.To get the latest CAD software, you’ll need to justify why you need itand why it is worth having. Prove to them why it is an essentialinvestment for the business and they’ll find it hard to refuse.The business case for making theupgradeIt can be tempting for companies to skip essential software upgrades,to try and reduce costs. However, all this really does is hand the edgeto your competitors. As other engineers and designs take fulladvantage of modern approaches to product development, you areleft frustrated; trying to achieve more with increasingly unresponsiveCAD tools. Why should you get left behind just because you don’thave the software to match your needs?You already know that having the latest CAD software is the onlyoption. It lets you to design better products, get work done faster andmakes challenging design complications more manageable. In short,it makes life easier for you and for everyone else you work with. So, inthis paper, we’ll give you all the key points you need to convince yourboss to make the upgrade to the latest CAD software: Creo 2.0-Reduce costly product development time by20%Getting a product from the initial concept and out in the marketplacehas to be done faster than ever before. So, any tool or process thatcan reduce the time spent on product development has to bebeneficial. By leveraging the latest CAD tools, you’ll be able to
  3. 3. increase design efficiency and give your boss that essential reductionin development time.Did you know Creo 2.0 is over 20% faster than Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire5.0? This means key functions can be completed more quickly, as ittakes less time and fewer steps to do exactly the same task. Plus, theimpressive new freestyle capabilities in Creo 2.0 are 92% faster thanPro|E and the new sketching feature will give you a 50% time saving.These improvements mean less man hours spent on productdevelopment and less time until products reach the marketplace.Great news for ROI.-Tailored to needs and size of the businessBusinesses come in all shapes and sizes, with different needs andrequirements from their design software. A one-size fits all is really aone-size fits none solution. Instead of trying to shoehorn yourself intoan unwieldy CAD solution, you need the right tool for the right job.Creo 2.0 comprises of 10 individual apps, including the completelyfree Creo Sketch app for recording initial concepts. Each app isdesigned with a specific function in mind and they can all be fullyintegrated to combine their functions together. There are also theCreo Extension options, which further increase your capabilities. Youonly need to have the relevant apps and extensions: Creo is CADtailored to your needs.Plus, this tailored approach makes business sense. Instead of having awide-range of rarely used features, you only need to invest in thetools that are useful to your product development.- No lost revenue from installation downtimeInstalling new software can be time-consuming and cause significantdowntime, which results in wasted man hours and lost revenue. Then,once the software is up and running, it takes considerable time andeffort to migrate all the legacy data across to the new system. Plus,users need to spend time getting familiar with a new interface. Noneof this is good news for business.
  4. 4. Creo 2.0 is different. Users only need to download and install the Creoapps specific to their needs, which speeds up and simplifiesinstallation. All Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 and 5.0 and Creo 1.0 dataloads in Creo 2.0, without having to make a costly migration. Theinstinctive configuration enables users to get up and running withCreo more quickly than ever before. Plus, with a user interfacemodelled on Microsoft Windows, users find the transition easy tomake.The time traditionally lost to software transitions can now be betterspent on the job at hand.-Comprehensive training to get you designingstraight awayWithout decent training, getting to grips with new tools can be adifficult process. But, then, the training itself can often take up time.What is needed is training that gets designers and engineers up tospeed with new systems, without getting in the way of designing.Creo 2.0 comes complete with on-the-job training options. Users haveaccess to over 200 tutorials, covering all aspects of using Creo.Instead of taking time out of the day job, it gives the option to learnwhile you’re working. Plus, for an even more effective way tomaximise your ROI, there are instructor-led training options. That wayyou can have a tailored curriculum of class lectures, demonstrationsand post-class teaching tools, which suit the tools you’re using andyour business requirements.-Use PTC’s calculator to work out ROIHaving a robust case for the ROI helps support any business decision.But, sometimes, it can be hard to translate software investments intomake the financial justification for upgrading to Creo 2.0. To accessthe Creo ROI calculator, email and then you’ll be ableto work out the ROI for your business.
  5. 5. Creo 2.0 new feature highlights-Concept design flexibilityThe freestyle feature within Creo Parametric allows users to easilydesign and create freeform shapes. Also, by using subdivision-modelling technology, it means you can start with basic forms andbuild up to create a more complex design-New app: Creo Options ModelerThe release of Creo 2.0 comes complete with a brand new app to therange: Creo Options Modeler. It’s made to help you visualise andassemble modular products in 3D. It also integrates with Windchill,connecting your CAD and PLM solutions. There are now 10 differentCreo apps available, each supporting for different design functions.-Improved annotations3D annotations now behave in the same way as annotations in a 2Denvironment. Creo Parametric includes pre-defined annotationplanes, making inputting straightforward. Simply choose the featuresyou want to annotate and select show annotations. The systemautomatically determines the best plane for each annotation. Plus,annotation planes are fully customisable, so you can change it to suityour requirements.-Better cross-section designingAchieve complete visualisation of product designs with improvementsto cross-section tools. It means your get a more completeunderstanding of your design, as it provides immediate access fromthe model tree. Also, the advanced interference recognition allows forearly detection of potential problem areas, saving time ondownstream processes.
  6. 6. - Efficient measuring toolsAccess detailed data of product dimensions and measurements onany surface. Use multiple measures in one operation and quickly gainthe information you need from any surface. With the most efficientmeasuring tools, manage how measurements are displayedthroughout design development.To find out more about how Creo Parametric 2.0 can help you tooptimise your product design processes, visit or call uson 0121 5069720 for further information.