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Play Concur's Game, Beat the Sheet

Your company is all about saving money to make money. But, did you know that your free spreadsheet based expense report is anything but free?
Play Concur's game, Beat the Sheet, and learn 7 ways your spreadsheet based expense report is really costing you more than you think.
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Play Concur's Game, Beat the Sheet

  1. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 67
  2. 2. Did you know that it could be costing you in ways you never imagined? Are you using a free spreadsheet to process your expenses?
  3. 3. How much can you save with cloud-based, mobile expense reporting? Let’s Play
  4. 4. Are you still buried beneath paper receipts? Yes No If you answered yes, than you’re losing money right off the bat! Reduce your processing costs by 60% with cloud-based expense reporting. Processing Costs1
  5. 5. Employee Time2 Are your employees spending hours compiling their manual expense reports? Yes No Your time is valuable. Spend it on what matters.Recoup over 4.5 hours a month that each of your employees could be growing your business.* *The Aberdeen Group
  6. 6. Finance Team’s Time3 Your free expense reports cost your finance team a lot of time spent on tedious tasks—tracking down receipts and entering data. Is your finance team spending hours processing expenses? Yes No
  7. 7. Make your finance team up to 50% more efficient by cutting down on data entry and the need to chase down receipts.* *Forrester Research 3 Finance Team’s Time
  8. 8. Employee Happiness4 Said no employee, ever. Your free spreadsheet is costing your employees happiness, productivity and maybe even their sanity. Do your employees complain about doing their expenses? Yes No
  9. 9. Make your employees happier and more productive. Help them stay motivated to help grow your business. Bonus point: Give employees a mobile app so they can do their expenses anytime, anywhere. Achievement Unlocked: Receipts be gone! 4 Employee Happiness
  10. 10. Travel/Entertainment Spending5 Your free expense report costs you in TE spending (your second-highest controllable cost)*, because it doesn’t give you the info you need to manage employee spending. Can you quickly see the data to help manage spending? Yes No *The Aberdeen Group
  11. 11. Know how your money is being spent at any given time, so you can manage TE spending and cut costs as needed. 5 Travel/Entertainment Spending
  12. 12. Business Opportunities6 That free spreadsheet costs you in lost revenue because you can’t see the info you need to adjust your budget and take advantage of new business opportunities. Can you adjust your budget based on TE expenditures? Yes No
  13. 13. Get the information you need when you need it, so you can make informed business decisions and jump on opportunities that come your way. 6 Business Opportunities
  14. 14. Compliance7 Your finance team is swimming in a sea of spreadsheets. They don’t have the time or info to make sure your company’s records can be easily found and reported to take advantage of all the applicable tax breaks and credits. Is your company saving as much as it can? Yes No
  15. 15. Give your finance team the tools they need to easily find the data they need to cut your business taxes and reclaim value-added tax (VAT). 7 Compliance
  16. 16. Coffee $9.76 Supplies $15.24 Airfare $426.53 Report Summary Receipts Submit 4-7 Yes answers Your spreadsheet based expense reporting is costing you a ton! Ouch! 1-3 Yes answers Your spreadsheet based expense reporting is making your employees unhappy. Time to turn those frowns upside down! 0 Yes answers If all of your answers were no, you must already be using Concur. Nice work! Let’s tally up your score...
  17. 17. Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. By capturing and reporting on every aspect of TE spend, Concur’s services provide detailed information to help clients effectively negotiate with vendors, create budgets and manage compliance. Trusted by businesses of all sizes in more than 100 countries, Concur’s on-demand services process over $50 billion in TE spend a year—equal to roughly 10 percent of the world’s TE spend. Want to learn more about how you can cut costs and save money for your business? You’ve cut costs. Now what? Ready to start saving today? Sign up for a free-30 day trial of Concur Expense and get started.