Open Booking: A Winning Itinerary for Business Travel 2.0


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To ensure efficient business travel for all, Concur bridges the gap between travel apps, and business travel policies. Open booking lets everyone travel in harmony. Learn how to turn flexibility into visibility at

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Open Booking: A Winning Itinerary for Business Travel 2.0

  1. 1. Open booking A winning itinerary for business travel 2.0
  2. 2. Your leakage can be sealed. “Open booking,” or “leakage” occurs when employees book business travel outside company policy or through unapproved channels. It’s not a new problem, but a trend that is on the rise. 40% of business travel is unmanaged.* 50% of employees book outside their companies’ travel program.** *Source: PhoCusWright’s U.S. Business Traveler: Managed, Unmanaged, and Rogue 2012 Report **Source: According to internal research conducted by Carlson Wagonlit Travel
  3. 3. Stronger data equals smarter travel. Whether increasing the return or decreasing the investment, managing travel requires data typically gathered through employee compliance. This data helps: Negotiate better deals. Identify trends, and control and reduce spend. Track service levels and monitor to ensure travelers are supported. Meet “duty of care” obligations and design a sustainable travel program.
  4. 4. So why do employees book their own travel? Easy access to travel apps. Enticing personal perks. 98% believe they’re getting a better deal for their company.* *Source: GBTA Report, 2013
  5. 5. Millennials are ready for take-off. This tech-savvy generation will account for nearly 50% of spending on business flights by the year 2020. Incredibly mobile. They expect access to information on any device, at any time, from any source. Incredibly social. They enjoy sharing travel plans and staying connected. Incredibly cool. They’re accustomed to innovation and great design. Source: According to BCG research
  6. 6. Welcome to Travel 2.0, where everybody wins. The way we travel for business is changing for good, which, actually, is good news for everyone. Gone is the need to choose between the insight and control your company needs and the flexibility travelers expect. Here are some tips for creating harmony between travel behavior and your compliance policies.
  7. 7. Go mobile. Because they do. With more than half of mobile web users shopping for hotel rooms, flights and car rentals, mobile-booking capabilities are a must. If it can’t be accessed anywhere, at anytime, techy travelers are much less likely to use it. Tip: Let them use favorite apps, but capture the data regardless of how the booking was made. TripLink from Concur can help gather reservation data, apply company policies and ensure you can find employees in the event of a travel disruption.
  8. 8. Open it up. Employees will better accommodate your travel spending parameters if you expand your processes, and enable them to: • Book anywhere — provided data is captured. • Book with anybody — as long as suppliers are safe. • Book anything (first class, limos, etc.) — if price meets the traveler’s per diem. Tip: A company may not be ready to implement a new policy. So start with one of the above and expand slowly. Also give travelers access to Concur Mobile and TripIt Pro to accommodate mobile/social solutions within travel policy.
  9. 9. Support the savvy. When techy travelers understand your policy they’re more apt to comply - so make following that policy simple and intuitive. For instance, remind travelers about hotel amenities like breakfast and Wi-Fi, or that a taxi from the airport to the city center should cost less than $40. Tip: Concur simplifies the travel process by highlighting company-preferred vendors, color-coding lowest-fare options and prompting travelers when they choose a vendor outside company policy.
  10. 10. Options are optimal. Nothing undermines a traveler’s trust like the feeling they’re not seeing all possible options. They’re used to having it all at their fingertips - so make sure they’re privy to every available travel choice. Tip: Concur provides a broad selection of choices based on traveler preferences and corporate policies. You have access to multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS), exclusive direct connects, your corporate discounts and Internet-only fares.
  11. 11. Solving for social. Travel managers can maintain employee satisfaction by working within their social universe. And by employing an effective digital and social platform, you can quickly convey any disruptions to travelers. Tip: Employees want to stay connected wherever they are. Concur mobile solutions enables the sharing of travel plans with anyone.
  12. 12. Open booking lets everyone travel in harmony. To ensure efficient business travel for all, there must be a harmonious marriage of policy, technology, and satisfaction. Concur bridges the gap between employees’ beloved travel apps, and the control businesses need. Your employee maintains travel autonomy, and your company secures data and travel management — no matter where the booking takes place. It’s a huge win, all around.
  13. 13. Check out how to turn flexibility into visibility at