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Airport Revenue Management


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Concessionaire Analyzer+ is developed entirely by CA Plus Ltd, an associate company of the Shireburn Software Group, a group with a 35 year track record in the business software sector, working across the globe, and with a current team of more than 50 staff. Concessionaire Analyzer+ delivers unprecedented insight across the commercial operations lifecycle. CA+ is a ground-breaking revenue maximization software for controlling, managing and boosting airport non-aeronautical revenues. It provides facilities to manage concession and property contracts, automate billing, capture detailed sales data and incorporates a business intelligence and reporting platform that enables airports to obtain insights their sales patterns to boost revenues and performance.

CA+ has been implemented in a number of airports and shopping centres around the world, all of varying sizes and complexity.

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Airport Revenue Management

  1. 1. confidential Non-Aeronautical Revenues Control, Manage and Boost
  2. 2. Airport Revenues Non-aeronautical sector revenues reached $63.5bn in 2016* Non-aeronautical sector usually more profitable Contribution to EBIDTA significantly higher Global airport revenues (2016) $161.3bn * ACI Economics Report 2017 – Published June 2018 Non-Aeronautical Sector Aeronautical Sector Non-Operating Revenue
  3. 3. Distribution of Non-Aeronautical Revenue (2016) Retail concessions 28.8% Car parking 20.5%Property and real estate revenue or rent 15% Rental car concessions 6.3% Food and beverage 5.1% Advertising 2.2% Utility recharges 3% Fuel and oil 2% Aviation catering service 0.3% Others 16.7%
  4. 4. What’s the problem? Latency of sales data collection collected monthly, weekly, daily totals Insufficient detail Limited automation Limited controls Insufficient insight
  5. 5. Opportunity Automate sales data collection Collecting more detailed and fresher data for improved analysis and insight Increase productivity of processes Improve control and auditing of concessionaires Combine sales data with operational data for improved insight Share analysis with concessionaires for broader performance analysis Boost non-aero revenues
  6. 6. What are the challenges? Convincing concessionaires to share their data Solve technical issues re collecting detailed sales data from heterogeneous environment Managing complexity of non-aero contracts Integration with operational systems
  7. 7. Core Business Processes Manage concession agreements - revenue shares, rents, minimum guarantees, W&E, utilities etc. Calculate revenue shares Manage lease agreements, W&E, services Billing of revenue shares, rents, minimum guarantees, utilities etc. Performance and Data Analysis Sales Data Collection Concession Contracts Management Revenue Share Calculations Property Management Billing Analysis Collect sales data from concessions
  8. 8. Additional Business Processes Operations / Flights People Counting Loyalty Sales Data Collection Concession Contracts Management Revenue Share Calculations Property Management Billing Analysis
  9. 9. CA+ Solution Overview Enables management of concession agreements including revenue shares, minimum guarantees, rents, utilities etc. Concession Contracts Automates collection of detailed sales data from concessionaires. Sales Data Collection Integrates with operational flight data systems to collect detailed flights and passenger data. Flights Module Manage leases of offices, hangars, counter-tops, warehouse, as well as utilities and services. Property Management Reporting & BI provides insight on performance of concessions, flights, routes, revenue categories, terminals and much more. Reporting & BI Calculation of revenue shares, MAGs etc., undertaking billing with optional integration to accounting/ERP systems. Revenue Shares & Billing
  10. 10. Data Collection
  11. 11. Data Collection Options
  12. 12. Concessionaire’s Back-Office CA+ Capture Server Analysis CA+ Server
  13. 13. Boarding pass scanning to tag flights to sales
  14. 14. Data Collection Options
  16. 16. Data Collection Options
  17. 17. Concessionaires’ Back- Office System Concessionaire’s Back-Office System VALIDATION, LOGGING & MONITORING
  19. 19. Concessionaire Back-Office Concessionaire Back-Office Concessionaire Back-Office
  20. 20. Data Collection Options
  21. 21. POS with standard POS functionality as well as airport specific features. Boarding pass scanning to tag flights to sales Destination-dependant pricing/tax/excise Support for airline voucher payments/reporting Integrated with CA+Real-time data collectionSupports retail & F&B
  22. 22. Data Collection Options
  24. 24. Monitoring
  25. 25. Monitoring
  26. 26. Data Collection Options
  27. 27. ROI DRIVERS Control Automation Insight
  28. 28. CA+ Benefits Improves control on concessionaires and airport commercial team Enables better understanding of sales patterns, routes, airlines, categories and more Benchmark, monitor and optimise performance of concessions, categories, routes, terminals. Greater analysis through greater detail Freshness of data - greater agility Assess impact of promotions, digital advertising and more Monitor budgets and more accurately predict future trends and planning Improve negotiations with airlines and concessionaires Improve flexibility of contracts and automate billing Maximize non-aviation sales, revenue and performance
  29. 29. Synergy with other BLIP Systems Forecasting • Blip can provide highly accurate forecasts of people counts at specific locations • Making this available to concessions and managers through the CA+ portal, much benefit in resource planning can be gained Penetration and Conversion • Blip can measure the “penetration rates” of people entering shops vs. walking past • By marrying this with concession sales data airports and concessions can gain insight into penetration and conversion rates
  30. 30. confidential Non-Aeronautical Revenues Control, Manage and Boost