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Concept Evolution, LLC

  2. 2. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCConcept Evolution was founded to assist small and mid-sizedbusinesses navigate the ever changing digital landscape.We help organizations: • Re-imagine their digital brand, • Optimize their web presence, • Increase leads and customer acquisition, • Build relationships via social media, • Create compelling content with video, • Measure & track results of their digital efforts.
  3. 3. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLC At Concept Evolution our mission is to consistently provide our clients with the strategies and toolsnecessary to help them enhance brand value, reach new customers and drive revenue. We strive to effectively blend creativity and analysis todeliver well-rounded solutions across multiple platforms and industries.
  4. 4. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCA digital brand is the core of your on-line presence, it iswhat sets the expectation in the mind of your existing andpotential partners, vendors and customers.We help organizations: • Establish a brand message, • Identify and articulate a value proposition, • Define a translatable brand promise for digital assets, • Determine brand design, • Manage on-going brand reputation.
  5. 5. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCWhat is your website saying about your organization? Is it atrue representation of the quality you provide or is itoffering visitors an outdated design full of stale content?We help organizations: • Identify website goals & objectives, • Create attractive, user-friendly, search engine optimized sites, • Develop & implement e-commerce sites, • Develop & implement mobile sites, • Implement Content Management Systems for easy site updates,
  6. 6. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCWhat is in-bound marketing? It is the tools and tactics thatdrive potential clients to learn more about your organization,and it is crucial in today’s market.We help organizations: • Design in-bound lead development strategies, • Create & manage content development strategies, • Leverage content to optimize search engine results, • Create & manage e-mail campaigns, • Design, develop and distribute white papers, infographics, and iBooks, • Development & management of blogs, • Landing page roll-out.
  7. 7. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCEffective social media doesn’t just “happen”, it is the resultof a solid strategy that utilizes the right platforms andtargets the right communities.We help organizations: • Create and implement social policies, • Identify optimum platforms for their message, • Create & manage content development strategies, • Build relationships with social influencers, • Leverage social as a customer care tool.
  8. 8. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCThe value of video is exploding. Organizations are rapidlyrealizing the power and impact web-based video has onviewers.We help organizations: • Identify the best use of video in their digital strategy, • Create & manage content development strategies, • Develop storyboards and source talent, • Film video - on location or in the studio, • Leverage video content to maximize search engine results, • Customize and manage YouTube channels.
  9. 9. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCWithout effective analytics, there’s no way to tell if yourdigital strategy is resulting in a return.We help organizations: • Identify the best metrics by which to measure their efforts, • Measure and quantify traffic from their digital assets, • Develop or alter strategy based on results of analysis.
  10. 10. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCAre you leveraging the power of mobile?• By 2013, more people will use their mobile device to go on-line than theirdesktop or laptop computer.• Mobile searches have grown 400% in the last 24 months.• 67% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a “mobile-friendly.• 50% of mobile searches lead to a purchase.We help organizations: • Optimize site content to impact mobile visitors, • Create mobile e-commerce solutions, • Measure and quantify traffic from their mobile assets,
  11. 11. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCOur portfolio represents a diverse group of organizations across a range ofindustries. These are just a few of the clients we’ve had the privilege to serve.
  12. 12. CONCEPT EVOLUTION, LLCFor additional information or to schedule a consultation, contact: Rob Hatton (210) 849-9786