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AND COST EFFICIENCYOver 20 years of experience
More than 125 sustainably
Years of experience in on-site implementation for our customers on 4 continents
In successful companies today, productio...
Spectacular results – This is what our customers say about us
Objectively measurable project results in diverse industry...
ConMoto best practices and tools to address your challenges
Do you have heterogeneous implementation levels in your produc...
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Value oriented Maintenance - Improvement of O.E.E. and cost efficiency


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Value oriented Maintenance - Improvement of O.E.E. and cost efficiency

  1. 1. VALUE ORIENTED MAINTENANCE IMPROVEMENT OF O.E.E. AND COST EFFICIENCYOver 20 years of experience More than 125 sustainably optimised production sites/ plants in the last seven years Successful team of consultants led by experienced industry managers with a significant track record in the sectors • Automotive/mechanical engineering • Aviation • Chemicals • Food & beverages • Life science/ pharmaceuticals • Oil/gas • Pulp & paper/wood • Railways • Semi-conductors/ electronics • Steel/metal • Textiles/spinning/dyeing • Utilities Proven implementation momentum across 4 continents with striking results We create advantage
  2. 2. 2 Years of experience in on-site implementation for our customers on 4 continents In successful companies today, production has to be organi- sed so as to be not only efficient, but also flexible and adap- table. In order to meet these requirements, the searching gaze of many corporate managers is now increasingly di- rected upon maintenance activities. Rightly so, since Value oriented Maintenance and asset management is definitive for economic efficiency and flexibility in producing goods. Depending on the industry and asset intensity, at peak more than 60% of production costs are influenced directly and indirectly by the quality of maintenance activities. A comprehensive study1 shows that many companies, even those in "model industries", are still a long way from first-class maintenance and asset management. This failure to attain increased efficiency is staggering. The result, however, at the same time illustrates the fact that production has a future even at high-wage locations if the opportunities inherent in Value oriented Maintenance are consistently utilised. Concretisation of the variables for the sustainable opti- misation of maintenance systems is effected using the MaintenanceScoreTest© developed by ConMoto and repeatedly perfected in the course of multiple projects. Using this five-day assessment, maintenance-specific pro- cesses, structures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are systematically analysed and evaluated according to twelve main criteria. Concerted development within an inter-disciplinary team made up of managerial staff and operatives results in a holistic view of strengths and weak- nesses in terms of maintenance and asset management. The company-specific efficiency profile thus established is compared with an ideal situation which is described as one of Maintenance Excellence. This comparison leads directly to tangible variables for improvements which can be reliably evaluated by means of basic data and compa- rative figures. Consequently, the identified potentials for the targeted im- provement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O.E.E.), the enhancement of process stability, the lowering of maintenance costs and the reduction of capital required for spare parts and investments are specified. The modular system available conjunct to the analysis facilitates a result-oriented implementation of the measu- res for improvement in the production plants along with a comprehensive change management. It can be individu- ally adapted to the respective company. In addition to the six core variables "Maintenance strategy", "Contractor management", "Time management/capacity planning and scheduling", "Spare parts management", "Operator involvement" and "KPIs and costing", needs-orientated, supporting variables are available. By means of these best practices and tools, proven time and again across diverse industries, a customised improvement of main- tenance activities is advanced. The objective is the im- plementation of optimal maintenance processes, which are efficient and robust, which minimise risks and which promote the mobilisation and involvement of staff at all levels of the hierarchy. En route to Maintenance Excellence, "troubleshooting" is superseded by a targeted increase of corporate value creation. As a first step, it is pertinent to manage the given total system so that a cost minimum is reached taking into account direct and indirect costs of maintenance (costs arising from production downtime). As a second step, sustainable life cycle asset management is to be imple- mented, deploying the requisite innovation momentum. Only in such a manner can maintenance be enduringly developed so as to constitute an accepted expert partner with an objectively measurable value-add, and thus a sus- tainable increase in competitiveness attained. ConMoto Value oriented Maintenance and Asset Innovation 1) Cf. ConMoto study "Value oriented Maintenance – The Strategic Dimension of the Spanner" 2) In order to improve the classification of the maturity of maintenance systems, ConMoto developed the Maintenance Excellence graduated model. This is based upon best practice experiences derived from successful projects with more than 500 industrial companies. Project sites
  3. 3. 3 Spectacular results – This is what our customers say about us Objectively measurable project results in diverse industry sectors3 Clariant Dr. Timm Plitt Head of Maintenance, Werk Gendorf "ConMoto addressed our concerns appropriately, and sub- stantially furthered our development by providing advisory and expert inputs. We were particularly convinced by the momentum of implementation evinced by ConMoto." Eberspächer Abgastechnik Sidney Dingert Head of Maintenance, Neunkirchen "With the help of ConMoto, we succeeded in systematically developing our maintenance in terms of its effectiveness and efficiency so as to make it future-proof. We were thus able to apply the ConMoto best practice methods and experiences to the specific concerns of our plants in a structured manner." Mondi Peter Putz Technical Director, Kraft Paper "What ConMoto has enabled us to learn over the last one- and-a-half years in our five Kraft Paper plants is impressive. This is the basis for the further development of our facili- ties over the next five years." Siltronic Dr. Dieter Gilles Plant Manager, Wacker AG, Burghausen "ConMoto definitively assisted us in optimising our main- tenance and production activities in a targeted manner. Of particular note is the integration of content-specific new ideas, which were concertedly implemented in our wafer production facility at Burghausen." 3) Maint. cost rate = Maintenance cost rate (totall maintenance costs ÷ indexed asset replacement value) O.E.E. = Overall Equipment Effectiveness CAPEX = CAPital EXpenditure EBIT-effect = Improvement of the operating result (earnings before interest and taxes) 4) Including building suppliers, energy suppliers, tool manufacturers Process industry (>50 optimised production plants) High-precision engineering (>25 optimised production plants) Automotive/mechanical engineering (>25 optimised production plants) Miscellaneous4 (>25 optimised production plants)
  4. 4. ConMoto best practices and tools to address your challenges Do you have heterogeneous implementation levels in your production sites/plants? We are experts in the sustainable implementation of measures for improvement and the establishment of a self-supporting development for your maintenance and asset management. Do you consider "learning" to be a strategic exercise that purports to counter demography and the shortage of skilled professionals? We offer you tailored approaches to training and a stabilising shop floor management programme as the basis for sustainability and competitiveness. Are volatility management and variabilisation of maintenance services issues that are debated by your company's Executive Board? We assess the need to effect maintenance activities contingent upon the equipment availability that you require, and prepare scenarios for reduced, average and full utilisation. Do you wish to promote a targeted, product-specific development of your maintenance programme on the basis of differentiated portfolio analyses? We show you best practice decision-making processes to make your maintenance programme focused and professional and, thus, to manage and safeguard competitive advantages. Do you wonder when the optimal time for re-investment is? We evaluate the value-add of your existing cost-intensive assets and the interplay with your maintenance programme. This involves developing opportunities to systematically extend the life cycle of your machine and facility pool. Do you plan to make significant investments in the global market, and are you on the brink of "leaping into new worlds"? We have rich global experience in the establishment of future- proof processes and structures for your maintenance and asset management programme in new locations. Do compliance and the adherence to legal stipulations assume top priority in your company? We support you in developing and implementing integrated HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) management. Your personal contact person Nils Blechschmidt Senior Partner ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH Managing Director ConMoto Strategie und Realisierung Tel.: +49 (0)89 780 66-114 Fax: +49 (0)89 780 66-101 Email: Nils Blechschmidt has been a management consultant since 1995 at ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH and since 2002 he is a Senior Partner and shareholder of the company. He is responsible for the field of "Value oriented Maintenance and Asset Innovation". As an expert in this area and with well-founded know- ledge of various sectors, such as the aerospace industry, engineering and plant construction, the car and component supplier industry, process industry (chemicals, steel, semi-conductors, pharmaceuticals, food), plastics processing industry and transport technology, he gives numerous lectures. Before his time at ConMoto, Nils Blechschmidt was employed as the Technical Head of an aircraft maintenance business for seven years. He completed his education as a Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer) in aerospace technology at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich and gained his MBA at Henley Management College (UK). Our company We have been supporting companies for more than 20 years to secure and improve their competi- tiveness and sustainability. Around 80 consultants, distributed across our offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, St. Gallen, Bratislava and Shanghai, work competently and with commitment to realise the best possible benefits for our clients. We create advantage! This is the guiding approach of our implementation-oriented consultancy. ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH, Munich Boschetsrieder Str. 69 81379 Munich Germany Tel.: +49 (0)89 780 66-0 Fax: +49 (0)89 780 66-100/-101 ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH, Stuttgart Gerokstr. 11 70184 Stuttgart Germany Tel.: +49 (0)711 767 79-0 Fax: +49 (0)711 767 79-205 ConMoto Consulting Group Ges.m.b.H, Vienna Schottenring 16 1010 Vienna Austria Tel.: +43 (0)1 585 0 274-0 Fax: +43 (0)1 585 0 274-11 ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH, St. Gallen Notkerstr. 10 9000 St. Gallen Switzerland Tel.: +41 (0)71 244 08 71 Fax: +41 (0)71 243 18 81 ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH, Shanghai Unit 1606, Time Square 93 Huai Hai Zhong Rd. 200021 Shanghai People’s Republic of China Tel.: +86 (0)21 614 152-75 Fax: +86 (0)21 614 152-76 Email: Web: