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Go steel


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Go steel

  1. 1. GO SteelFiling & Storage
  2. 2. The GO brand• Manufactured in Ireland• Supporting Irish Jobs• 10 year warranty• Tested to British Standards (BSEN4875)
  3. 3. Product Overview FILING CABINETS• 4 drawer• 3 drawer• 2 drawer
  4. 4. Product Features• Swan neck handle• 100% extension opening• Anti-tilt device• Drawer weight loading 40kg
  5. 5. Product Features contd.• Filing capacity of 2.4 linear metres• Slotted drawers for compressor plates• Supplied with two keys (mastered)
  6. 6. Available finishes– Grey – Red– Coffee/Cream – Blue– Black – Silver
  7. 7. Product OverviewSIDE OPENING TAMBOURS• 5 available heights• 28”h 40”h 60”h• 78”h 82”h
  8. 8. Product Features• Two point locking system• Full length magnetic slam rails• Finger handles• Lateral filing
  9. 9. Product Features Contd.• Efficient use of filing space• Small floor footprint• Supplied with two keys (mastered)• Optional fitments available (page 41)
  10. 10. Available Finishes– Grey & Coffee/Cream as standard– 40”h and 78”h in Black, Red, Blue or Silver
  11. 11. Product OverviewDOUBLE DOOR CUPBOARD• 4 available heights• 40”h 60”h• 78”h 82”h Grey & Coffee/Cream
  12. 12. Product Features• 4 available heights• Two point locking system• Doors open 180°• Supplied with shelves as standard
  13. 13. Product Features Contd.• Optional fitments available (page 41)• Maximum load 45kg per shelf• 2 keys (mastered)
  14. 14. Product OverviewGO LOCKER RANGE5 options: 1 door 2 door 3 door 4 door 6 door Grey Blue (on select models)
  15. 15. Product Features• Name holders• Full length door stiffeners• 180° door opening• Cam lock and 2 keys (mastered)
  16. 16. Product Features Contd.• Butterfly lock (optional)• Coat hook in 1 and 2 door lockers