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Mobile AR Platform


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The augmented reality (AR) platform is a complete AR solution that allows to create AR scenarios in an autonomus, easy and fast way, without technical interaction. In order to create scenarios, the AR platform allows to choose the anchor to the real world and the virtual element displayed, including their behavior.

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Mobile AR Platform

  1. 1. Mobile AR Platform Virtual information on the real world Services & Applications area March 2014
  2. 2. Problem ● Insufficient information. ○ In some contexts there is not enough intrinsic information, therefore it becomes necessary to increase it. ● Need of in situ information. ○ Relevant data about the current environment is not always available at the user location. ● Context-aware information. ○ The information is more valuable if it is contextualized.
  3. 3. Solution ● Mobile AR Platform solves through augmented reality (AR) the previous problems. ○ Combining the vision of the real world with virtual information. ○ Presenting accurate information in the right place. ● Allows to create AR scenarios. ○ Easily. ○ Substantially faster. ○ In an autonomous way. ○ Without technical skills.
  4. 4. Use cases ● Marketing ○ Enhanced product information ○ Ad interaction ● e-learning ○ 3D virtual models of real objects ● Industries ○ In situ tutorials for complex tasks ● Tourism ○ Museum guides ○ AR-assisted maps with points of interest
  5. 5. Main Features ●Display virtual data on the real world. ○Printed tags and real objects as markers. ○Virtual elements: 3D objects, images and video. ●Create AR scenarios easily. ○Allows to choose: ■ Real world anchors. ■ Virtual elements and their behavior. ○Edited scenarios can be stored for other applications. ○No special skills needed for interaction.
  6. 6. Adrián Teijeiro López Services & Applications area March 2014