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Momo singapore 18 feb 2013


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Published in: Technology
  • Thank you for effort to put together and share all the facts, analitycs and samples. Very useful insights. Just overview of the MoMo Mobile CrApps on the 18th of Feb in blog. Looking forward for next session!
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Momo singapore 18 feb 2013

  1. 1. Mobile CrApps: Gambling with customer loyalty by delivering a bad experience Shabbir Baliwala Solution Sales Director - ASEANCPWR Mobility Thought Leadership FINAL UPDATE 6 02-23-12.pptx
  2. 2. By 2013,mobile phoneswill overtakePCs as themost commonweb accessdevice.
  3. 3. By 2014, more than3 billion of the world’sadult population will beable to transactelectronically via mobileor Internet technology.
  4. 4. Mobility: Creating new business opportunities Machine-to-Machine Communication growth of M2M market 2010-2016 m-Commerce spent via mobile payments in 2011 spent via mobile payments in 20154
  5. 5. 72% of Consumers Want Mobile-Friendly Sites: Google Research
  6. 6. Google Research : So what, exactly, are consumers looking for in a App accessed from a mobile device?• Speed - loading time of 5 seconds or less• Big, mobile-friendly buttons• Limited scrolling and pinching• Quick access to business contact information• “Click to call” access to phone the business• Links to the company’s social media profiles
  7. 7. • Singapore Local Banks - Login Bank Availability Response Time DBS 98.44 % 5.28 secs UOB 96.11 % 15.40 secs 8
  8. 8. A World of OpportunityThey understood the changingexpectations of consumers.• 130% increase in online sales• #1 online supermarket
  9. 9. So what does all this mean to you? Mobility represents a fundamental and irreversible change: Your consumers decide how, when and where they connect with you. Do you have the right strategy for addressing this new challenge?10
  10. 10. Implementing a Mobility Strategy: Best practices and pitfalls to avoid11
  11. 11. What we’ve learned: Three best practices Ensure your mobility strategy 1 aligns with business objectives 2 Make sure you understand consumers expectations 3 Be paranoid about the end-user experience12
  12. 12. Changing the game: Coming soon to a device near you Biometric Sensors NFC Healthcare Sensors HD Audio Pressure Sensors Motion Control Heat Sensors Augmented Reality13
  13. 13. Mobility Best Practices: Checklist Summary Ensure your mobility strategy aligns with business objectives  Is there buy-in from key stakeholders across company?  Whats the likely impact on the rest of your business?  Are there any potential data security or compliance issues? Make sure you understand consumer expectations  Are you socializing with consumers, or just advertising to them?  Are you providing a consistent experience across all devices?  Are you engaging end users with targeted, relevant content? Be paranoid about the end-user experience – TEST AND MONITOR FROM THE END-USER POINT OF VIEW. DO YOU KNOW:  What they do (key transactions)?  Where they do it (geographic locations)?  How they do it (browsers and mobile devices)?14
  14. 14. Compuware Resources - Free Instant Tests application-performance-management15
  15. 15. Analysts Validate Compuware’s APM Leadership Gartner Positions Compuware in the1 Leaders Quadrant of the APM Magic Quadrant Report Forrester Research Awards Compuware2 Top Scores in evaluation of APM Market Frost and Sullivan Names Compuware3 Global Company of the Year for cloud-based APM EMA Awards Compuware4 Highest Score for APM Functionality One of the industrys most "cloud-ready" APM solutions
  16. 16. Lets Join An APM CommunityCompuware Asia APM Group – Share industry articles, whitepapers and tips on Application Performance – Troubleshoot/ share experience on Performance challenges – Regular technology update events
  17. 17. Compuware delivers results …• Reduced revenue loss by 92% and $737,251 annually• Reduced home page load time from 11.3 seconds to 3.4 seconds• Reduced SAP license costs by $475,000 per year• Saved 50%+ in staff and fees• Reduced downtime 45%• Improved first-hour problem resolution rate to 80%• Improved annual troubleshooting efficiency by 97%, saving$784,00018