Next Generation Promotions and Churn ManagementComputaris Promotions and Churn Management Solution is a leading end to end...
Operator’s Benefits                                      Key Performance Indicators•    Fast ROI due to enhanced targeting...
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Computaris – Next Generation Promotion and Social Media


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Computaris – Next Generation Promotion and Social Media

  1. 1. Next Generation Promotions and Churn ManagementComputaris Promotions and Churn Management Solution is a leading end to end customer loyalty andretention solution that combines self-learning automatic targeted campaigns, churn prediction, prepaidlifecycle management, and social network information, enabling Operators to maximize the effects of theirmarketing campaigns and accurately identify the most appropriate offer to promote to and retaincustomers. The solution allows operators to launch targeted, cost-effective campaigns that features usageand behavior prediction, enticing subscribers not to churn, therefore extending the subscribers’ lifecycle.Operators can easily transform the huge amount of data available into accurate, actionable informationand gain a competitive advantage by targeting relevant customers with the most appealing offers,suitable to their consumption patterns. Operators will be able to plan the right action and execute itexactly when needed by employing real-time Predictive Analytics, optimized with Telecom models andstreamlined processes.Traditional BI Churn Management Computaris SolutionSolution Challenges• Short term prediction accuracy due to the • Long term accuracy due to automatic lack of feedback loops with other internal feedback loop based self-learning; prediction systems accuracy is reported regularly and fed back to constantly sharpen the models’ precision.• Difficulties in identifying the relevant data • Automated data modeling and variable and take live actions selections optimized for Telcos• High hardware, software and services costs • Cost effective solution - huge saving on hardware and on processing time• Complicated/hard to manage Data • User friendly - no specific skill set required Warehouse• Low targeting accuracy resulting in low • Prediction accuracy twice superior to uptake as well as value destruction from traditional BI based solutions, enabling the their inappropriate offers launch of targeted, cost effective campaigns that employ usage and behavior prediction• Churn accountancy limited to the moment • Advanced churn accountability, the solution when the subscriber stops using his SIM verifying if the subscriber left the network or card is simply appearing as a new SIM in the community after rotational churn• Large number of highly skilled consultants to • Lower operational costs due to automatic run Analysis modeling
  2. 2. Operator’s Benefits Key Performance Indicators• Fast ROI due to enhanced targeting • 75% saving on campaign cost, complete ROI capabilities and state of the art churn in a matter of weeks prediction engine • 30% return on ARPU Boost and 15% on• Increased efficiency, rationalized campaigns Winback Campaigns and retention costs • 2 to 3 times more accurate compared to• Maximized subscriber spend and tenure traditional Predictive and Analytics solutions based on reduced inactivity • Up to 80 efficiency with over 50% Prediction• Churn reduction based on prediction Accuracy efficiency and accuracy and on the capacity • 500 times faster than traditional Data to select the best campaign and offer for Warehouse based solutions each subscriber • Supports live customer data gathering and• Maximized value of the subscriber base and analysis while simultaneously serving tens of minimized windfall effect based on campaigns in real time automated, timely, personalized campaignsEnhanced Churn Prediction Capabilities Supported by Computaris Tariff SimulatorSupported by Computaris Tariff Simulator,the operator will enjoy a bettercomprehension of its competitive position,being able to analyze each subscriber’susage patterns and match it with the bestoffers available on the market.Furthermore, the Tariff Simulator enablesthe Operator to simulate the impact anyprice plan change could have on thepotential revenue increase or decreaseacross the subscriber base.The Tariff Simulator employs a futureproof flexible data model and ratingengine, being able to support virtually anynext generation price plans.Harness the Power of Social Media and Target the Right SubscriberComputaris solution enables Operators to create a dynamic, timely and focused interaction with theirsubscribers via Facebook and other channels whilst integrating in real-time the information with theOSS/BSS. It enhances the up sell opportunities, by providing customers with customized services orproducts available in their friendly Facebook interface but chargeable on their mobile account (e.g. ringback tone, ring tones, data bundles, etc.)By adding Social Networks information to their current systems, the Operators can correlate the churnprediction information with each subscriber’s profile from Facebook and create effective, relevant offers,taking customer engagement to the next level and monetizing the relationship they have with Facebooklikers.