Computaris Diameter Router


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Computaris Diameter Router

  1. 1. Computaris Diameter RouterMore and more innovative services, high-speed mobile broadband, flexible chargingscenarios, real-time Quality of Service (QoS) control and many other factors createcompletely new challenges and new needs for Operators in the Diameter control plane.Diameter signaling, used for authorization, authentication, charging and policy control,QoS and mobility management is essential for the delivery of all services and becomescrucial for telecommunication networks to operate in the most efficient and profitableway. The volume of Diameter traffic is growing rapidly in the wake of new functionalcomponents being added to EPC and IMS networks. Diameter traffic is exchangedbetween MME and HSS, PCEF and PCRF, PCEF and OCS and other elements formingcurrent telecommunication networks, the number of Diameter interfaces defined byvarious standards exceeding 50 and new interfaces are continuously added, creatingan unmanageable mesh of Diameter connections.Service providers have to look for cost-effective solutions necessary to scale their Diametersignaling infrastructure and facilitate the management of next generation networks.Challenges Increasing traffic volume  Integration with roaming partners Multi-vendor interoperability  Network stability and security Unmanageable mesh of connections  Load balancing and overload control Complex routing and provisioning  Transport protocols interworkingSolutionComputaris Diameter Router – a cost-effective, high-performance and flexibleproduct, designed for full compliance with 3GPP Diameter Router, IETF DiameterAgents and GSMA Diameter Edge Agent requirement; it provides effective Diametertraffic management, flexible routing, load balancing, security, message adaptation andprotocol translation capabilities for 4G/LTE/IMS and 2G/3G networks.
  2. 2. Computaris Diameter RouterComputaris Diameter Router is designed to help telecommunication service providersaddress all the challenges of Diameter signaling in 4G/LTE/IMS and 2G/3G networks.The list of its advanced features includes: Compliance with IETF Diameter Agents requirements Compliance with 3GPP Diameter Router Agent requirements Compliance with GSMA Diameter Edge Agent requirements Extensible Diameter Dictionary supporting an unlimited number of Diameter interfaces Contextual, scriptable dynamic routing rules engine Session and subscriber awareness Message adaptation and transformation Protocol interworking capabilities – Diameter/RADIUS, Diameter/MAP (roadmap) IPv4, IPv6 and SCTP interworking Congestion control, load balancing and throttling ACL based access control Clustering, High Availability and Geo-Redundancy with session replication SOAP/LDAP/SQL/JMS communication plug-insComputaris Diameter Router Use Case 1 – Core DiameterRoutingComputaris Diameter Routersimplifies the mesh of connectionsbetween tens of Diameter nodesin the service provider’s corenetwork.It also ensures the interoperabilitybetween products of differentvendors, creating a centralizedpoint effective Diameter signallingmanagement.
  3. 3. Computaris Diameter Router Use Case 2 – InterconnectDiameter RoutingComputaris Diameter Router provides a Diameter interface between network elementsof the Visited Network and elements of the Home Network, enabling access to dataservices for subscribers in roaming. Computaris Diameter Router secures also theDiameter communication acting as Diameter Edge Agent and enables topology hiding.Computaris Diameter Router Use Case 3 – HSS AdressResolutionComputaris Diameter Routercentralizes routing data and providesmapping between subscriber identity(IMSI, MSISDN) and HSS.It enables the operator to manipulatethe pool of HSS servers and split thesubscriber base over different HSSeswithout making any unnecessarychanges in other systems.
  4. 4. Computaris Diameter ExpertiseOver the last two decades Computaris has become a Diameter expert throughimplementation and integration projects delivered to partners and customers,Independent Software Vendors and Communication Service Providers.Computaris Diameter Router is developed based not only on experience fromimplementation projects, but also on experience gathered during the development oftwo other Computaris products: Computaris Diameter-J Stack – a Java-based implementation of Diameter stack, compliant with Diameter Base specification (RFC 3588), providing a flexible and easy-to-use implementation of the XML-based Diameter Dictionary and Java API for rapid development of Diameter-based applications Computaris TOP Testing Suite (TTS) – a versatile, comprehensive and highly flexible testing tool designed for performance and functional tests of telecommunication and IT systems; TTS comes with a wide set of dedicated protocol plug-ins (Diameter, RADIUS, CAMEL, CORBA, SMPP, HTTP, SOAP/Web Services) that can be combined in the test plans defined with an intuitive GUI designed for easy development of simple and sophisticated test suites for testing any possible combinations of telecommunication systems. One of the most used and flexible plug-ins is the TTS Diameter Plugin, providing Diameter Client and Server capabilities.About ComputarisComputaris provides specialist BSS technical consultancy, software development andsystem integration services for the telecommunication industry, mainly in Europe,North America and SE Asia.We offer the highest level of telecom expertise in the area of real-time rating andcharging, messaging, provisioning, mediation, subscriber data management, mobilebroadband data policy management, loyalty and churn management.Our project portfolio ranges from very specific telecom consultancy assignments tocomplete deployment and migration of mission-critical real-time system going throughsoftware development, customization, integration, migration, support and maintenance.