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Windows server 2012 Seminar 3: Hyper-V replica


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Windows server 2012 Seminar 3: Hyper-V replica

  1. 1. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Seminar: Disaster Recovery met Hyper-V replication in Windows Server 2012 Bent u op zoek naar een Disaster Recovery (DR) oplossing zonder de hoge kosten zoals bij SAN replication komen kijken? Dan is Hyper-V Replica iets voor u. Deze nieuwe feature is bedoeld voor klein- en midden-MKB. Het is een storage log asynchrone opslagtechniek waarbij iedere 5 minuten alle wijzigingen van een Virtual Machine worden gerepliceerd naar de Disaster Recovery locatie. Hiermee heeft u een goedkope Disaster Recovery oplossing waarmee hooguit 5 minuten aan data verloren gaan. U kunt deze techniek ook gebruiken wanneer u geen Disaster Recovery locatie heeft, want de replica kan ook naar de public cloud!!
  2. 2.  Windows Server 2012 Trends and Challenges Hyper-V Replica Get Started: Advies en Doen!
  3. 3. The Cloud OS
  4. 4. New Deviceapps proliferation Data explosion Cloud computing
  5. 5. Manage virtual machines independently Live migration Live migration offrom underlying infrastructure within a cluster storage Shared-nothing live Hyper-VHandle changing needs on demand migration Replica
  6. 6. Primary site Replica site Exchange virtual machine CRM virtual machine IIS virtual machine Exchange replica SQL virtual machine virtualSharePoint virtual machine machine CRM replica virtual machine R2 Replicate over R3 P1 P2 R1 WAN link SMB file share SAN Hyper-V role and tools Hyper-V role and tools Hyper-V Hyper-V PS Hyper-V Hyper-V PS cmdlets integrated UI cmdlets integrated UI Send/receive replica traffic Hyper-V Management Module Hyper-V Management Module tracks and replicates changes for receives and applies the changes to each virtual machine the replica virtual machine
  7. 7. Live migration based on Modified pages transferred Memorymigration setup Storage handle moved Liveserver message block (SMB)share Improvements VM Modified memory pages Configuration data Memory content VM MEMORY • Faster and simultaneous migration • Live migration outside a clustered environment IP connection • Store virtual machines on a File Share SMB network storage
  8. 8. DiskReads are mirrored; outstanding Disk contentswrites go to to new writes and are copied newLive migration of storage Reads and writes go to the source VHD changes are replicated destination VHDMove virtual hard disks attachedto a running virtual machine Computer Benefits running • Manage storage in a cloud environment Virtual machine Hyper-V with greater flexibility and control • Move storage with no downtime • Update physical storage available to a virtual machine (such as SMB-based Source device Target device storage) • Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  9. 9. Readswrites are mirrored; Disk and writes go to the Disk contents writes go toto new Reads and are copied theShared-nothing live source VHD. Live Migration Live Migration Completes Live Migration Continues outstanding changes are destination VHD source VHDmigration replicated Begins Source Live Migration Destination Hyper-V Configuration data Hyper-V MEMORY Modified memory pages Memory content Benefits Virtual machine Virtual machine • Increase flexibility of virtual machine IP connection placement • Increase administrator efficiency • Reduce downtime for migrations across cluster boundaries Source device Target device
  10. 10. Run more Take advantage ofdemanding newer Bigger, faster virtual machinesapplications with hardware, while stillbetter performance using existing Guest applications hardware to take advantage of maximum improved Non- advantage Uniform Memory Hardware Access (NUMA) offloading support
  11. 11. MAXIMUM NUMBER Windows Server ImprovementSystem Resource Windows 2008 R2 2012 factorHost Logical processors on 64 320 5 hardware Physical memory 1 TB 4 TB 4 Virtual processors per host 512 2,048 4Virtual Virtual processors per virtual 4 64 16 machinemachine Memory per virtual machine 64 GB 1 TB 16 Active virtual machines 384 1,024 2.7Cluster Nodes 16 64 4 Virtual machines 1,000 4,000 4
  12. 12. Improvements for Hyper-V Maximum memory Memory in use Maximum Dynamic Memory memory Memory in use • Introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Minimum • Reallocates memory automatically among memory Administrator can running virtual machines increase maximum memory without a VM1 restart Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V improvements • Minimum memory Physical memory pool • Hyper-V smart paging • Memory ballooning • Runtime configuration
  13. 13. Improvements for Hyper-V Maximum Maximum memory memory Maximum memory Startup increases memory in use Benefits Minimum Memory in use after startup memory • Higher consolidation numbers Minimum Minimum memory memory • Improved reliability of Hyper-V operations • Ability to increase maximum memory VM1 VM2 VMn configuration with minimal downtime Hyper-V Paging file provides Memory reclaimed additional memory after startup for startup Physical memory pool Removing paged memory with Virtual machine starting after virtual machine restart Hyper-V smart paging
  14. 14. vNUMA node A vNUMA node B vNUMA node A vNUMA node BNon-Uniform MemoryAccess • Projects NUMA topology onto a virtual machine • Allows guest operating systems and applications to make intelligent NUMA NUMA node 1 NUMA node 2 NUMA node 3 NUMA node 4 decisions • Aligns guest NUMA nodes with host resources Guest NUMA topology by default matches host NUMA topology
  15. 15. • Multiple modes: switch dependent and independent• Hashing modes: port and 4-tuple• Active/active and active/standby Virtual adapters Team network Team network adapter adapter
  16. 16. Hyper-V Network VirtualizationExample Blue Corp Customer Provider Datacenter Address Address network 192.168.10 192.168.11 192.168.12 192.168.13 Yellow Corp Customer Provider Address Address Policy settings Customer address spaces How IP address rewrite works Benefits Maps each Customer Address (CA) to a unique Provider Requires no upgrade of network adapters, switches, or Address (PA) network appliances Sends information in regular TCP/IP packets on the wire Can be deployed today without sacrificing performance
  17. 17. User selects the virtual machine to import/register User selects User selects remote registration in-place registrationCopies of the configuration file and saved state are copied to the destination Validation occurs on the new host If required, “fix it” wizard is used for repair operations Virtual machine is ready to start up
  18. 18. VHDX Features Large allocations Data region (large allocations and 1 MB aligned) and 1 MB aligned • Storage capacity up to 64 TBs Block Allocation User data blocks Intent log Table (BAT) • Corruption protection during power failures Sector bitmap blocks • Optimal structure alignment for large-sector disks Header region Metadata region (small allocations and unaligned) User metadata Header Metadata table Benefits File metadata • Increases storage capacity • Protects data • Helps to ensure quality performance on large-sector disks
  19. 19. Access Fibre Channel SAN Hyper-V host 1 Hyper-V host 2data from a virtual machine • Unmediated access to a storage area network (SAN) • Hardware-based I/O path to virtual hard Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide disk stack Name Set A Name Set B Name Set A Name Set B • N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) support • Single Hyper-V host connected to different SANs • Up to four Virtual Fibre Channel adapters on a virtual machine • Multipath I/O (MPIO) functionality Live migration maintaining • Live migration Fibre Channel connectivity
  20. 20. Download Windows Server2012LearnAct
  21. 21. MCSA: Windows Server 2012 + + = Installing and Configuring Advanced Configuring Windows Administering Windows Windows Server 2012 MCSA: Windows Server Server 2012 Server 2012 Services 2012 Installing and Configuring Advanced Configuring Windows Administering Windows Windows Server 2012 Server 2012 Server 2012 Services Find a Learning Partner
  22. 22. MCSE: Server Infrastructure * Requires recertification + + = Designing and Implementing an Implementing a Server Advanced Server MCSE: Server Windows Server 2012 Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Designing and Implementing an Implementing a Server Advanced Server Infrastructure Infrastructure Find a Learning Partner
  23. 23. MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure * Requires recertification + + = Implementing Desktop Implementing a Desktop Application MCSE: Desktop Windows Server 2012 Infrastructure Environments Infrastructure Implementing Desktop Implementing a Desktop Application Infrastructure Environments Find a Learning Partner
  24. 24. Upgrade paths Windows Server 2012 Designing and Implementing a Server Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure Infrastructure Server InfrastructureAny of the following certifications qualify:• MCSA: Windows Server 2008*••• MCITP: Virtualization Administrator MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator MCITP: Lync Server Administrator Either or• MCITP: SharePoint Administrator Upgrading Your Skills to• MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator MCSA Windows Server 2012 Both Implementing a Desktop Implementing Desktop Desktop Infrastructure Infrastructure Application Environments
  25. 25. Stap 1 Primary ServerRoot Key van Primary Servermakecert -pe -n "CN=PrimaryRootCA" -ss root -srLocalMachine -sky signature -r "PrimaryRootCA.cer"
  26. 26. Stap 2 Primary ServerPrivate Key van de Primary Servermakecert -pe -n "" -ss my -srLocalMachine -sky exchange -eku1., -in "PrimaryRootCA" -isroot -ir LocalMachine -sp "Microsoft RSA SChannelCryptographic Provider" -sy 12 PrimaryCert.cer
  27. 27. Satp 3 Replica ServerRoot Key van Replica Servermakecert -pe -n "CN=ReplicaRootCA" -ss root -srLocalMachine -sky signature -r "ReplicaRootCA.cer"
  28. 28. Stap 4 Replica ServerPrivate Key van de Replica Servermakecert -pe -n "" -ss my -srLocalMachine -sky exchange -eku1., -in "ReplicaRootCA" -isroot -ir LocalMachine -sp "Microsoft RSA SChannelCryptographic Provider" -sy 12 ReplicaCert.cer
  29. 29. Stap 5 ImportImporteer de Root Certificaten op beide servers. En dePrivate Certificaten alleen op de betreffende serverSchakel Revocation uit d.m.v. deze key in de registryreg add "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionVirtualizationFailoverReplication" /vDisableCertRevocationCheck /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /fDe tool makecert staat in de Windows SDK die je kuntdownloaden bij Microsoft Download