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CompuSystems Dashboards


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CompuSystems new web-based dashboards provide show organizers, attendees and exhibitors a simplified and efficient way to manage a variety of key tradeshow responsibilities from one central location.

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CompuSystems Dashboards

  1. 1. ConnectME DASHBOARDS CompuSystems’ (CSI) ConnectME interactive dashboards are part of our suite of web-based tools. These user- friendly dashboards give you and your customers a simple and efficient way to manage a variety of critical show responsibilities from one central location. Attendee/ exhibitor & Show orgAnizer For your attendees, we provide a dashboard that gives them all the tools to manage their registration from start to finish. They can register for the event and purchase educational sessions, view and edit their onscreen virtual badge, reprint and resend confirmations and perform many other tasks while all their information is maintained in an organized fashion. The exhibitor ConnectME dashboard has many of the same features as the attendee dashboard, plus the ability to order lead retrieval and attendee list rental services, invite their own customers to the event using pre-loaded email message templates, reprint and resend lead retrieval receipts and more. New to the ConnetME dashboards is an automatic matching application that pairs attendees and exhibitors based upon registration demographic data. Attendeesfeatures and exhibitors thus have the ability to set and manage appointments with each other as well as create and view+ Manage critical show information their session agenda. from a central location+ View key metrics at a glance We’ve also developed a dashboard for show organizers. You can view key show metrics at a glance, perform data+ User friendly graphical interface comparisons to see how the current event is pacing as compared to the last year’s event and run financial andbenefits statistical reports with a single mouse click. These tools will help you access information quicker, make more informed+ Save time business decisions and make your job easier.+ Access key show information rapidly CSI strives to stay at the forefront of web-based user tool+ Expand your prospect base development, saving our customers both time and money through innovative and cutting edge technology. CompuSystems, Inc. 2805 25th Avenue, Broadview, IL 60155 Phone: +1 708.344.9070 • Fax: +1 708.344.9487 E-mail: