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February 2019 ComplianceSigns Connection Workplace Safety Newsletter


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Top Safety News for February 2019:
• Protect Construction Workers from Electrocution
• OSHA Issues Safety Advice for Wearable Devices with Lithium Batteries
• Plan Ahead for Grain Safety Week in March
• Updated California Lactation Room Law May Require Facility Changes
• What's New at ComplianceSigns: Battery Hazmat Labels, Lactation Room Signs

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February 2019 ComplianceSigns Connection Workplace Safety Newsletter

  1. 1. Visit: | Connection Blog | Subscription Page | View in Your Browser Top Safety News for Connection, February 2019 Protect Construction Workers from Electrocution OSHA Issues Safety Advice for Wearable Devices with Lithium Batteries Plan Ahead for Grain Safety Week in March Updated California Lactation Room Law May Require Facility Changes What's New at ComplianceSigns: Battery Hazmat Labels, Lactation Room Signs Stand Up for Grain Safety Week March 25 - 29 OSHA and the National Grain and Feed Association, in cooperation with the Grain Elevator and Processing Society, will hold Stand Up for Grain Safety Week, March 25-29, 2019. The event will focus on grain bin entry, machine guarding, respiratory protection, falls, heat, lockout/tagout and other industry issues. Employers and workers are encouraged to participate in local stand-up events. Learn more. What's New at When you need a specific sign for your workplace, you'll find it at We monitor customer requests as well as state legislation to provide compliant, affordable signs for nearly any situation. Here are some examples: DOT hazardous material battery labels with UN numbers. These paper labels with light-duty adhesive include space for your phone number, which we'll print on your labels at no extra charge. Choose rolls of 100, 250 or 500. Lactation room identification signs. In response to a new California law (see below), we added dozens of new signs to identify rooms designated for use by new moms. Choose from ADA Braille, engraved, printed or sliding engraved door signs in a wide variety of styles and colors. California Updates Workplace Lactation Room Rules The updated law may require a change in your facilities. California Labor Code Section 1031 previously required all employers to provide new mothers with use of a location other than a toilet stall to express milk in private. The recent update, which took effect in January, specifies that the location must not be a bathroom. And 28 other states have similar laws. Learn more. Preventing Electrocution of Construction Workers Subscribe Past Issues Translate
  2. 2. Researchers have found construction workers are approximately four times more likely to be electrocuted than workers in all other industries combined. In 2015, 61% of all US workplace electrocutions occurred in construction. NIOSH just published an article that analyzes this issue and provides recommendations for prevention that are useful in any industry. Learn more. New Safety Info for Wearable Devices with Lithium Batteries OSHA has released a safety and health bulletin on preventing fire and/or explosion injury from small and wearable devices with lithium batteries, such as body cameras. While lithium batteries are normally safe, they can cause injury due to damage, design or material defects, incorrect assembly, improper use or improper recharging. The bulletin identifies specific hazards and provides prevention, training and resource information. Learn more here. Should Safety Pros Address Workplace Mental Health Issues? A Safety+Health magazine poll asked, “Should mental health in the workplace be part of the safety pro’s responsibility?” The results were an even split between yes and no, with sound arguments on both sides of the question – as well as a consensus that injury prevention should remain the top priority of safety professionals. Read more. February Workplace Safety News & Notes Here's a collection of safety news from around the web: OSHA Eliminates Electronic Reporting on Forms 300 and 301 OSHA no longer requires employers with 250 or more employees to submit information electronically for OSHA forms 300 and 301. They are still required to submit information electronically for OSHA Form 300A. The final rule helps avoid the risk of publicly disclosing sensitive employee information. The rule does not alter an employer's duty to maintain the OSHA forms and employee records. The deadline for electronic submissions of 2018 data from the OSHA Form 300A is March 2, 2019. Read more. New FAQs Available on Controlling Silica in General Industry OSHA has posted new FAQs on the standard for respirable crystalline silica in general industry. OSHA developed the FAQs in consultation with industry and union stakeholders to provide guidance to employers and workers on the standard's requirements, including exposure assessments, regulated areas, methods of compliance and communicating silica hazards to workers. Learn more. New Mold Assessment Tools Available from NIOSH NIOSH recently released two documents to help people assess and address mold issues in schools and general buildings. They provide hardcopy data collection to help address mold-prone areas in buildings. The tools are intended to help users identify and determine the severity of known and unknown areas of dampness and mold, prioritize repair and remediation and track past and present problems. Document for Schools. Document for General Buildings. NIOSH Updates Sound Level Meter App The NIOSH Sound Level Meter app has been updated to support newer iPhone models. It also features improved help screens and new information on how to conduct a noise survey and select proper hearing protection. Get it here. Dealing with Seasonal Flu in the Workplace Flu activity often peaks in February, but remains common in March and can continue as late as May. You can still take steps to reduce the impact of seasonal flu on your workforce: Encourage sick workers to stay home, promote hand hygiene and educate employees. Learn more. Subscribe Past Issues Translate
  3. 3. More Than 800 Traffic Deaths Linked to Cellphones in 2017 Manipulating a cellphone was a contributing factor in more than 800 crash deaths on U.S. roads during 2017, according to new research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The percentage of drivers observed manipulating a phone rose from 2.3 percent in 2014 to 3.4 percent in 2018. See more. Upcoming Safety Webinars Presented by OH&S Feb 26 - Legal Marijuana and Workplace Safety - Recipe for Disaster March 21 - Requirements of 2019 NFPA 652 Standard on Combustible Dust March 27 - Confined Spaces - Which Standard Should I Follow? Learn more or sign up. Safety Tip: Industrial Workplace Safety Checklist Under federal law, employers must provide a workplace free of known health and safety hazards and have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace. Use this workplace safety checklist to help identify and understand common safety and health hazards in your workplace. It covers: General safety, stairs and walkways, PPE and some industrial equipment. Get the checklist. Make Your Life Easier with a SignHub Account Whether you order signs every week, every month or just on occasion, a SignHub account at can make your job easier. Your SignHub account helps you with: Order History - Track shipping status on current orders, view old orders or buy items again Custom Signs - Easily access custom signs you've created and saved Saved Wishlist - Store a list of favorite items for quick access Your Account - Update your account information for fast checkout It's safe, secure - and free! Learn more or create your account here. Top Safety Articles Last Month These were the most popular items in last month's Connection: Guns in the workplace: What employers can - and can't - do 2019 labor law posters for your state OSHA fines top $4.6 million in 4th quarter of 2018 OSHA recordkeeping and reporting page Emergency Contact Numbers 911 sign ComplianceSigns CONNECTION Dave Anderson, Editor Edit your subscription profile. Unsubscribe. To help ensure delivery, please add to your email address book. Subscribe Past Issues Translate