Online Registration - Your Event Website


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Provides an overview of how to create an online registration website using Event Manager by Perfect for races, and sport events.

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Online Registration - Your Event Website

  1. 1. [next screen] Event Manager: Creating Your Event Website Create a content-rich event registration website effortlessly. Compete-At provides an ONLINE REGISTRATION and EVENT PLANNING solution for sport clubs, associations, race directors and event coordinators.
  2. 2. Event Manager: Launch a Public Event Homepage in Minutes Choose from our templates or upload your own customized banner Choose a color for the menu bar Easily turn on and manage webpages for your event. No HTML experience is necessary, it’s all point and click easy Display a banner on your page for sponsors Display important dates and fees to web visitors Compete-At gives you a full featured website at no additional charge Your event online registration website is free Create news updates of advertisements and and press releases solicitations. about your event
  3. 3. Event Website: View a Dashboard of Your Event Once logged into, you are presented with a dashboard that shows you exactly which webpages are visible. Simply click The event homepage on one to edit. provides a dashboard view into key activities that are happening with your event website Email links enable you to If you have approvals easily send a link to a turned on, you can see public page to a media which registrations contact, colleague, from your website volunteer or friend require your attention
  4. 4. Event Website: Edit Your Public Event Homepage with Ease Each event has webpages that are simple to customize and turn on or off Provide details about the specific event to help “sell” it to your potential participants In addition to a custom template for your club, you can add a sponsor banner to the event homepage On the Event homepage you can add graphics and text to describe your event and help “sell” it to potential registrants Helpful widgets are available such as weather, google maps, airlines, hotels, etc. for your registrants
  5. 5. Event Website: Create a Sponsors Page The Sponsors Page allows you to promote and support your event sponsors. Display logos, graphics, information and link back to their website. Show or hide every page with the click of a mouse. Each page provides a quick Email link to the public page you are editing. A WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor makes editing your webpages easy. No technical expertise is needed. Just click the mouse. Any changes you make are instantly available on your website.
  6. 6. Event Website: Display Relevant Links on Your Event Links Page The links page allows you to easily create groups of useful links for your event website. Typically these are used to provide directions, links to weather sites, other event websites for cross promotion etc Simply click to edit an existing link or add a new one Easily organize links in logical groups Any changes you make are instantly available on your website
  7. 7. Event Website: Create News Items to Keep Everyone Informed The news page enables you to post news headlines and related stories about your event. All the headlines are posted on your event homepage automatically. Modify the headline and sub- headline of the page easily Add a title, date and summary for the news item Choose whether you want to add an additional page to display a full story for your news item Add as many news items as you need to keep the public and registrants informed
  8. 8. Event Website: Sell Event & Club Merchandise Like T-Shirts, Hats, Tickets, etc. Search, view and process orders Create categories to group Set pricing, tax, products Don’t have an apparel shipping, and vendor? We can hook you inventory for up with one of our apparel each item. partners. Upload product images
  9. 9. Event Website: Summary of Event Website Features Create a full-featured event website Securely administer your via Point-and-Click Creating a content rich website using Event Manager is point-and-click easy. • Pick a web template or create your own • Create a links page • Event homepage with sign-up links • Manage event news postings • Registration wizard helps users sign-up • Display important event documents • Secure login access for registrants • Turn on an event history page • Create custom event requirements • Create an “about us” page • Display an entry list • Display important sponsor information • Post event results easily • Each event has it’s own contact form • Create a photo gallery • Enable weather, directions & travel widgets • Enable user forums • No HTML programming skills are needed
  10. 10. Manage a Full-Featured Event Website With Ease Event Manager makes it easy for you to create and launch a totally custom event registration website. NEXT STEPS... You’re encouraged to try it at no risk or obligation. You won’t have to provide your credit card at sign-up. If you need help setting up an event, we’ll help you out. Schedule A Demo Create an Account