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Online Registration - Managing Entries


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Provides an overview of how to manage entries with an online registration system called Event Manager by

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Online Registration - Managing Entries

  1. 1. [next screen] Event Manager: Managing Online Registrations A view into registrant details, payments and requirement status is at your fingertips. Compete-At provides an ONLINE REGISTRATION and EVENT PLANNING solution for sport clubs, associations, race directors and event coordinators.
  2. 2. Entry Management: Search and Find Registrants Easily Quick search by name, Limit your search by email or team name divisions you set up Search for entries based on Quick links to export, create event requirements and status new entries, and view entry summaries Click to view entry application View balances to zero details in on problem entries
  3. 3. Entry Management: View Registrant Details View registration form, each requirement and payment details for every entry View the status of requirements for each registrant and date submitted. Process withdraws Create and save administrative notes for each registrant
  4. 4. Entry Management: View Team Summary & Team Details Change display criteria This view shows you a snapshot of each team and the cumlative status of their requirements Click to view team details Easily see what team members are missing what requirements View status; Completed, This view shows you Not Submitted or requirement details for a rejected by you single team.
  5. 5. Manage a Full-Featured Event Website With Ease Event Manager makes it easy for you to create and launch a totally custom event registration website. NEXT STEPS... You’re encouraged to try it at no risk or obligation. You won’t have to provide your credit card at sign-up. If you need help setting up an event, we’ll help you out. Schedule A Demo Create an Account