Strategic Executioner - Managers at the centre of the Performance Management System


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I delivered this presentation at the Human Assets conference in Dubai in May 2012. Its premise is simple : to get better performance from your organisation, you don't need to lengthen or shorten your deadlines for appraisals, you don't need a new HRIS, you don't need to increase the on-target bonus or strengthen the link between pay and performance. You need to place line managers at the centre of your performance management system.

The presentation centers on the reasons why managers are so important for performance, motivation and engagement of your workforce.

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Strategic Executioner - Managers at the centre of the Performance Management System

  1. 1. Strategic Executioner : Heroes riseto manage performance  Sandrine Bardot -  Human Assets Expansion Summit  Dubai, May 2012
  2. 2. Your performance managementsystem is great on paper but doesnot deliver the expected results
  3. 3. You’d like to see your organizationbecoming a high performance one
  4. 4. Your process is not followed in thecompany and employees are cynicaland disillusioned about it
  5. 5. You want to find a way to ensurebetter performance from theemployees
  6. 6. The answer : make the linemanagers a pivotal element of yourperformance management system
  7. 7. Action 1 : Managers ensure focus onthe “right” things
  8. 8. They translate the company visioninto meaningful departmentalactivities
  9. 9. Managers understand the visionand strategy of the organisation
  10. 10. They see how their unit fits into thebigger picture
  11. 11. They decide on value-addingactivities for the team that tie to thestrategy
  12. 12. They ensure objectives are agreedand understood
  13. 13. They translate department goalsinto team projects and activities
  14. 14. They explain how team objectivesbecome individual ones
  15. 15. They share regular updates on howthe company and unit are doing
  16. 16. They act as role models
  17. 17. Employees look at their manager todetermine what is acceptable or not
  18. 18. Managers set the standard for theirteam
  19. 19. If performance is important tomanagers, it will be important toemployees
  20. 20. Action 2 : Managers createmotivation for employees
  21. 21. They motivate by being positive yetacknowledging challenges
  22. 22. They don’t take employees for foolsand treat them as adults
  23. 23. Their positive slant transformspotential roadblocks into excitingchallenges
  24. 24. They motivate by listening toconcerns and providing support totheir team members
  25. 25. Their empathy makes employeesfeel respected and taken seriously
  26. 26. Their active support proves to teammembers that the manager caresabout them and their success
  27. 27. Employees can focus on deliverywhen they are protected fromproblems and office politics
  28. 28. They motivate by celebratingsuccess and giving recognition
  29. 29. This creates a positive, encouragingatmosphere
  30. 30. Recognition is important for bothUAE Nationals and expat employees
  31. 31. Action 3 : Managers driveperformance through feedback
  32. 32. Feedback has a major influence onemployee performance
  33. 33. Positive feedback makes employeesaware of what to repeat in thefuture
  34. 34. Constructive feedback allowsemployees to take corrective action
  35. 35. Timely feedback is relevant and hasimmediate positive effects onperformance
  36. 36. The education given by managersenables employees to grow
  37. 37. They don’t give employees afish, they teach them how to fish
  38. 38. By investing in employee growth,they create a win-win situation fortheir team and themselves
  39. 39. Employees will move mountains fora leader they love
  40. 40. Making managers the centre of yourperformance management system isthe most effective way to improveyour organisation’s performance
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