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CompatibleOne CloudExpo Europe 2011

  1. 1. Compatible One Open Source Cloudware InitiativeActiveEon, Bull, CityPassenger, Enovance, Eureva, INRIA, Institut Télécom, Lost Oasis, Mandriva, Nexedi, Nuxeo, OW2, Prologue, Xwiki Project labelled by & N
  2. 2. COMPATIBLE ONE Gives you the freedom to control Your infrastructures, Your applications And your Clouds Freedom to choose your cloud providers; Freedom to publish your services on both public and private clouds; Freedom to use any type of hardware or software;Freedom to move your applications where you need, when you want; Freedom to adapt the code to your own particular needs; Maintain control over the security and the quality of the services. © Systematic 2010
  3. 3. COMPATIBLE ONEProviding an open "cloudware" allowing creation, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms. Compatible One addresses the 3 layers of Cloud Computing with a global and unified solution SAASFederate application providers & facilitate the dissemination of PAAS innovative services Provide a high-end cloudware for cloud application builders IAAS Manage infrastructure and provide a global abstraction of resources © Systematic 2010 N
  4. 4. COMPATIBLE ONE PartnersInternational company Bull ActiveEon, CityPassenger, eNovance, Eureva, Innovative SMEs and Lost Oasis, Mandriva, SaaS editors Nexedi, Nuxeo, Prologue, Xwiki High end academic Inria, Institut Telecom partners Association for OW2international visibility © Systematic 2010 N
  5. 5. COMPATIBLE ONE Key PointsOpen Interoperable Evolutive Standard © Systematic 2010 N
  6. 6. COMPATIBLE ONE Key Points Interoperable Evolutive Standard Open  Open for use by partners aiming to build an OpenCloud  Respecting standards and open data formats  Open & Free software  Documentation published under open licence © Systematic 2010 N
  7. 7. COMPATIBLE ONE Key Points Open Evolutive Standard Interoperable  Compatible with most platforms in order to provide the maximum degree of freedom to users and developers  Compatible One aims to render «clouds» interoperable  Break vendor lock-in © Systematic 2010 N
  8. 8. COMPATIBLE ONE Key Points Open Interoperable Standard Evolutive  Offering maximum abstraction of resources and facilitating the creation of applications and services  Provide an open interface allowing abstraction of the technical and functional aspects of the cloud  These interfaces are of modular design to facilitate their use and evolution © Systematic 2010 N
  9. 9. COMPATIBLE ONE Key Points Open Interoperable Evolutive Standard  Contributing to the definition of open standards  Taking into account all emerging cloud characteristics and working towards their standardization  Version 1.0 is solely based on open and free software respecting these very same standards © Systematic 2010 N
  10. 10. COMPATIBLE ONE CompatibilityTo facilitate "cloud interoperability ", Compatible One providesinterfaces and functionalities compatible with the main offers: Iaas services (Amazon-AWS, Rackspace Cloud...) Runtime and API of major PaaS providers (Googles AppEngine,, Heroku...) Privatly deployable Using and improving open sources components Offering new functionalities opening competitive advantages Entirely open source Cloudware (software, API and documentation) © Systematic 2010 N
  11. 11. COMPATIBLE ONE Big Picture © Systematic 2010 N
  12. 12. COMPATIBLE ONE From Technology...Meta-Model  Complex cloud architecture abstractionCloudware open source  IaaS  Standardized interface unifying divers models used by IaaS platforms (Amazon EC2, SunCloud API, …)  PaaS  Multi-tenant platform (deployment, application execution)  Abstraction layer allowing its utilization through high-level services both relational and post-relational  Storage, in addition to synchronous and asynchronous communication and documentation management.  Security, QoS and management framework  Administration tools (resource management, monitoring and metering)  Billing tools, including authentication, specification and enforcement of contractual SLAs to ensure QoS © Systematic 2010 N
  13. 13. COMPATIBLE ONE ... To Use CasesNot just a simple R&D project, Compatible One focuses on real business needs  Implementations are defined by real world use cases  Use cases targeting partner productsInitial implementations in six phases  Documentation management  Collaborative applications  Distributed remote 3D rendering  Compilation, analysis and testing of the Mandriva distribution  Accounting and billing  Physical platform migration © Systematic 2010 N
  14. 14. COMPATIBLE ONE Q&A © Systematic 2010