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Description of content offered by international ELT content provider Compass Publishing. We have a wide range of publications for ESL and EFL students and education professionals.

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Compass Publishing 2014 International ELT Catalog

  1. 1. 2014 Compass Publishing Publications for Teaching and Learning English
  2. 2. Free Downloads! What do you want to learn today? Transcripts Word List Assessments Audio Files Teacher's Guide Extra homework Unit Reviews Tips & Ideas Free App Look for these icons to find free digital supplements! Contents New Release Guide Phonics 2 6 Songs About Compass Media Compass Media is a global leader in English language textbook publishing, with a worldwide network of educators, distributors, and students in over 50 countries spanning 6 continents. Students, educators, and administrators around the world have recognized the content provided by Compass as globally-minded, high-quality educational content. At Compass, we continue to expand our international network by supporting teacher training seminars around the world, by meeting with various ministries of education, and by working with local partners to obtain insight into both global and local trends. We provide a full list of products including course books, skill books, readers, test prep materials, and more. With a focus on expanding and updating our list of titles in accordance with global English language education needs, Compass keeps the content fresh and innovative. We pride ourselves on working with global experts when developing educational resources. Take one look and you will see that precision and care are trademarks of everything we do. Compass provides students and educators with the 21st-century technology they need to succeed! With a focus on the future, we’ve developed innovative e-learning solutions designed to enrich products and prepare for new 21st-century classrooms. Compass has a wide variety of innovative products, from Success iBT, our Internet-based test preparation program, to Reading Oceans, our innovative Digital Extensive Reading Library, to the wide variety of online teacher supplements we offer on our homepage. Our development lab prides itself on being ahead of the curve in educational smart learning technology. You will love what we have in store! 11 Course Books 12 Graded Readers 17 Reading 24 Grammar 39 Writing 43 Listening 51 Speaking 57 Picture Process Dictionaries 62 Business English 63 Travel and Hospitality 64 @CompassELT 66 TOEIC 70 TOEFL 75 Look inside to see why today’s educators use Compass to find direction in English education! Vocabulary Teacher Development 78 ISBN Index 86
  3. 3. New Release Guide Drive Series The Drive Series provides a complete learning experience for developing students’ language abilities across the four fundamental skills! Ger driven! See p. 14 Free App 1000 Basic English Words to basic Get a winning start bulary! English voca information! See p. 67 for more 2
  4. 4. Real Easy Reading 2nd Edition See p. 28! Issues Now in the News 3nd Edition 3rd Edition Coming Soon! Now in it’s third edition! New Release Guide Read all about it! See p. 34 for the full story! A real easy star t to nonf iction reading! Reading the World Now See p. 37 for full details Listening Starter nd Fully revised a updated! 2nd Edition See p. 52! 2nd Edition Coming Soon! The perfect start for essential listening skills! Real world reading for advanced students! 3
  5. 5. Guided Writing & Guided Writing Plus Write On New Release Guide Learn more p. 48! Coming Soon! Active English Grammar Your step by step guide to writing like a pro! Get a full tour on p. 46 & 47! Write On provides students with the skills they need to get writing the right way! 2nd Edition See p. 41 for more details! Extensive in scope, yet easy to follow! 4
  6. 6. What Should Every EFL Teacher Know? & Extensive Reading and Graded Readers Full details on p. 80! Paul Nation New Release Guide New teacher development books from Paul Nation! These essential books for teaching English are a must have in the back pocket of any English Teacher! Go digital! Visit our new Smart Learning section for details on our hottest digital offerings! Digital solutions to enrich education! p. 82! p. 84! p. 83! 5
  7. 7. Phonics, Songs, and Course Books Early learners will build their confidence and enjoyment of learning through our popular early English education series. Packed with content that helps students develop fundamental phonics skills through fun, interactive, and enjoyable methodology. Compass has the perfect resources to start your student on the right track! Looking for the next step for your students? Compass also has a wide range of comprehensive course books, which provide students with the fundamental skills needed for success.
  8. 8. Children Kindergarten Sounds Great 1-5 Elementary Lower-intermediate Adult Intermediate Upper-intermediate 1-5 Sounds Fun! 1-4 Secondary 1-4 Songbirds Song Book Songbirds Activities Book Songbirds Christmas Carols Children Adult Elementary English Chest 1-6 New Drive Series 1-4 Communicate 1-2 Motivate 1-2 Lower-intermediate Intermediate 1-6 1-4 1-2 1-2 Upper-intermediate
  9. 9. Phonics for Children Sounds Great Phonics Series Anne Taylor Available Downloads Word List Best Seller! Teacher's Guide Sounds Great 1 SB with Hybrid CDs 9781599665771 Sounds Great 2 SB with Hybrid CDs 9781599665788 Phonics Sounds Great 3 SB with Hybrid CDs 9781599665795 8 Flash Cards! Student books come with Student Book 1-5 Workbook 1-5 Sounds Great is a five-level phonics series developed for young EFL/ESL learners. Sounds Great includes a vast assortment of activities in each unit that allow learners to develop their reading and writing skills. The fun chants following each unit will engage the learners’ interests while facilitating vocabulary acquisition. The hybrid CDs provide helpful pronunciation practice of the target letters and sounds, as well as activating computer–based learning activities. Features: • Easy and fun stories • Activities for skill-building • Fun songs to sing! Sounds Great 4 SB with Hybrid CDs 9781599665801 Student Book 5 SB with Hybrid CDs 9781599665818 interactive hybrid CDs! Title Sounds Great 1 (Single-Letter Sounds) Sounds Great 2 (Short Vowel Sounds) Sounds Great 3 (Long Vowel Sounds) Sounds Great 4 (Double-Letter Consonant Sounds) Sounds Great 5 (Double-Letter Vowel Sounds) Sounds Great Workbooks  Sounds Great Readers 1 - 5 Units 8 units, 2 review units, and test 8 units, 2 review units, and test 8 units, 2 review units, and test 8 units, 2 review units, and test 8 units, 2 review units, and test 8 units and 1 review unit 4 stories per reader
  10. 10. Workbook Hybrid CDs (Audio CD/CD-ROM) Provides additional practice for reading and writing the letters and sounds that students have learned. Sounds Great WB 1 9781599665825 Sounds Great WB 2 9781599665832 Sounds Great WB 3 9781599665849 Sounds Games Sounds Great WB 4 9781599665856 Words Sounds Great WB 5 9781599665863 Sounds Great Graded Readers Also Available! Flash Cards Available Downloads Assessments Working Towards Fluency! Sounds Great graded readers are also effective on their own for general phonics reading practice. Phonics A message from the author, Anne Taylor: “ When I was writing this series, I had a group of kindergarten students with whom I spent a lot of time focusing on phonics. I could see they didn’t really know what it was all about, and this series was written with those students in mind. Sounds Great is an easy-to-use series designed to make phonics not only easier for children, but also for the teachers! I hope it brings smiles to your students’ faces. As an accompaniment to the student books, each Sounds Great graded reader provides additional practice to ensure students can recognize and pronounce phonics correctly. Each reader contains four stories related to the content and skills developed throughout the series. Sounds Great Reader 1 The Baby's Cup with CD 9781599666211 Sounds Great Reader 2 Six Robots with CD 9781599666228 Sounds Great Reader 3 Dave the Cop with CD 9781599666235 Sounds Great Reader 4 Frog and Crab with CD 9781599666242 Sounds Great Reader 5 A Day at the Beach with CD 9781599666259 9
  11. 11. Available Downloads Phonics for Children Sounds Fun! Phonics Sophie Holmes Liana Robinson Best Seller! Transcripts Word List Title Sounds Fun! 1 (Initial Sounds) Sounds Fun! 2 (Short Vowels) Sounds Fun! 3 (Long Vowels Double Letter Consonants) Sounds Fun! 4 (Similar Sounds) Teacher's Guide Units Pages 9 + 3 Reviews + 1 Test 128 10 + 2 Reviews + 1 Test 128 10 + 2 Reviews + 1 Test 128 10 + 2 Reviews + 1 Test 128 Sounds Fun! Phonics Make phonics learning fun! Sounds Fun! is developed to build the path to fluency for young language learners. Student Books 1-4 Writing for Fun! Sophie Holmes Liana Robinson Features: • ctivities to build listening, speaking, A and writing skills • Engaging stories at the end of each unit • Review tests for each level • Illustrated glossary of key vocabulary • Detachable flashcard pages Writing for Fun! Get early phonics learners to practice putting pencil to paper with this guidebook to handwriting development. Handwriting Book 10 Features: • ccompanies the Sounds Fun! series A • ppercase and lowercase letter writing U practice and vocabulary • ctivities for strengthening writing skills A Sounds Fun! Sounds Fun! 1 with CD 9781932222692 Sounds Fun! 2 with CD 9781932222708 Sounds Fun! 3 with CD 9781932222715 Sounds Fun! 4 with 2 CDs 9781932222722 Writing for Fun 9781932222807 Writing for Fun!
  12. 12. Kindergarten 2nd Edition Songbirds The Song Book is divided into five themes: • Nature • Animals • People and Places • Games • School and Friends Songbirds Song Book with 2 CDs 9781599665153 125 Favorite Children’s Songs Actions, Games, Activities 25 Favorite Christmas Carols Christmas Carol Book: This collection of Christmas carols features songs that have been an integral part of the holiday’s celebration for generations. Activity Book: The activity book features a wide range of activities to enhance young learners' connection with the songs from Songbirds! Features: • ctivities A • ctions A • ames G Songs Songbirds Christmas Carol Book with CD 9781599665672 Song Book: Educators, parents, and kids will find this collection of thematically organized songs lively and refreshing! Features: • 25 songs organized into 5 themes 1 • usic scales and lyrics in book M • audio CDs of recorded songs 2 Songbirds Actions, Games Activities Book 9781599665160 Features: • 5 beloved Christmas songs 2 • songs include extension activities to enthrall young 4 learners 11
  13. 13. Elementary Coursebook Available Downloads English Chest Four-Skill Course Book Liana Robinson Course Books Best Seller! Elementary Level English Chest is a six-level course book series for children offering a full curriculum for young EFL students. Each language builder, song, game, and activity has been specifically developed to improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. A wide variety of exercises ensures that students of all learning styles will find the series useful. Features: • Games, group activities, and songs • eading, listening, speaking, and writing activities R • Accompanying audio recordings • ach level includes a student book, workbook, and E teacher’s guide with CD-ROM 12 Student Book English Chest 1 with CD 9781599663845 English Chest 2 with CD 9781599663852 English Chest 3 with CD 9781599663869 English Chest 4 with CD 9781599663876 English Chest 5 with CD 9781599663883 English Chest 6 with CD 9781599663890 English Chest 1 Workbook 9781599663906 English Chest 2 Workbook 9781599663913 English Chest 3 Workbook 9781599663920 English Chest 4 Workbook 9781599663937 English Chest 5 Workbook 9781599663944 English Chest 6 Workbook 9781599663951
  14. 14. Also available: Teacher’s Guides, including Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM Workbook The Teacher’s Guides include: • CD-ROM full of resources and materials for teachers A available for each level of the series • eaching strategies and supplemental activity ideas to T accompany each unit, as well as full-color images of the student book pages Li st en in he e ts The Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM features: • MP3 audio files, including all the audio tracks from the student book, along with additional audio files for testing • rintable files for a placement test, 12 lesson review tests, 3 unit review tests, a final test, and 12 supplemental vocabulary tests P • Printable flashcards, wordlists, and song lyrics • complete answer key for the workbook and a PowerPoint walkthrough of a unit from the student book A Course Books • tep-by-step instructions to guide teachers through each S section with warm-up ideas, activity organization, and tips Po gh r ou werP oint Walkth P ic ture s rk Cards we rK ey Placement Test (1/book) s An ook Workb Lesson Review Test (12/book) Unit Review Test (3/book) g Chest Wo T e st Vocabulary Test (12/book) Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM (MP3 Audio Files Included) Final Test (1/book) Wordlists ) S on cs gs (Songs Lyri All Teacher’s Guides come with a multi-purpose Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM containing MP3 audio files, a selection of tests, a PowerPoint walkthough of all units, 12 lesson reviews, a placement test, printable flashcards, wordlists, song lyrics, and more 13
  15. 15. Drive Series Course Books Jake Murray, Liana Robinson, John Gustafson, Tamara Wilburn, Moraig MacGillvray, Kayang Gagiano, Peggy Anderson Available Downloads Transcripts Free App Word List Reading Drive 1 with Workbook Reading Drive 2 with Workbook Reading Drive 3 with Workbook Reading Drive 4 with Workbook The Drive Series is designed for elementary and middle school students aiming to develop their ability in all four skill areas: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each level systematically introduces 500 target high-frequency headwords to drive each student's vocabulary knowledge upwards. 14 New Release! 9781599665917 9781613524343 9781613524381 9781613524428 Listening Drive 1 with Workbook and MP3 CD Listening Drive 2 with Workbook and MP3 CD Listening Drive 3 with Workbook and MP3 CD Listening Drive 4 with Workbook and MP3 CD 9781599665900 9781613524336 9781613524374 9781613524411 Speaking Drive 1 with Workbook and MP3 CD Speaking Drive 2 with Workbook and MP3 CD Speaking Drive 3 with Workbook and MP3 CD Speaking Drive 4 with Workbook and MP3 CD 9781613524459 9781613524350 9781613524398 9781613524435 Writing Drive 1 with Workbook Writing Drive 2 with Workbook Writing Drive 3 with Workbook Writing Drive 4 with Workbook and MP3 CD 9781613524466 9781613524367 9781613524404 9781613524442
  16. 16. Reading Drive 4 Listening Drive A Camping Trip Read the words. field trip excited hike forest lake Read about the students’ field trip. There was a field trip yesterday, and the students were excited. Mike was happy because he likes to hike. Mary was excited because she likes to fish. On the field trip, the students were at the lake. They walked in the forest. The teacher showed them a tall tree. It was very old. Today the students are all back in school. Answer the questions. 1. Mary was excited because ______________________. a. she wants to hike b. she wants to fish c. she wants to dance 2. The teacher showed the students ______________________. a. an old field b. a big fish c. an old tree b. In a field c. At the lake 3. Where were the students? a. On a farm 28 Course Books Speaking Drive Writing Drive Features: • Skill by skill focus to build proficiency in target skill • 500 level-specific, high-frequency words introduced at each level • Activities designed to improve performance on academic tests • Quiz included for every unit • Detachable workbooks included • Vocabulary Application to reinforce target vocabulary Detachable workbooks included with every student book! 15
  17. 17. Communicate and Motivate Adult Course Books David Paul Best Seller! Communicate-Mot ts! en Free Supplem des ·Teacher's Gui bi ·Sylla k ·Activity Ban aterials ·Activity M ·Worksheets ·MP3 files Communicate 1 with Audio CD Communicate 1 Workbook Communicate 2 with Audio CD Communicate 2 Workbook Motivate 1 with Audio CD Motivate 1 Workbook Motivate 2 with Audio CD Motivate 2 Workbook 9781599661766 9781599662459 9781599661797 9781599662480 9781599661827 9781599662510 9781599661858 9781599662541 Motivates Students to Communicate! The perfect four-level course for mature students at a low level or who need a fresh communicative approach! • ature themes and easy-to-learn content appeals to M teenage and adult students of lower skill levels • ontains four skills with a focus on developing C communicative skills and ability • eveloped for use in high school and university D classrooms • ocuses on everyday situations and topics that students F need to communicate in English 16 Features: • Full-color illustrations • xtensive and flexible activities that encourage students E to interact with confidence • Includes Audio CD • n extensive range of supplemental materials available at A
  18. 18. Graded Readers Develop a passion for reading in your students with our best-selling readers. Our graded readers have been carefully leveled to help English learners develop their reading ability step-by-step. Designed to be read alone or as part of an extensive reading program. Come see why teachers around the world are using Compass readers in their classrooms. Children Kindergarten Young Learners Classic Readers Compass Classic Readers Elementary Secondary Lower-intermediate Levels 1 - 6 Levels 1 - 6 Intermediate Adult Upper-intermediate
  19. 19. Young Learners Classic Readers This award winning series provides beginning English-language learners enjoyable and easy reading practice with famous stories from around the world. Young English-language learners will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency with the easy-to-read adaptations included in this varied collection of well-known tales for children. Graded Readers Each story includes: 60 classic • A short introduction stories to • A picture gallery of characters choose from • story, including full-color illustrations A and highlighted dialog for easy recognition of spoken language • A short playlet • A word list with pictures Workbo oks • Audio recordings n ow avail a ble! Available Downloads Teacher's Guide Introduction an d Characters 18 Fully-illustrated Story Playlet Word List
  20. 20. Level Level 1 2 6 Levels, 60 stories LEVEL 1 Level 3 4 LEVEL 3 Level · Cinderella · le-Luk-Oie: The Dream God O · he Three Sillies T · aedalus and Icarus D · he Magic Swan T · he Three Bears T · Heidi · ans Brinker H · iamonds and Toads D · he Nightingale and the Rose T Level 5 6 LEVEL 5 Level Word Count Vocab 1 2 3 4 5 6 300 500 800 1200 1700 2500 Baselist New Words Level Lexile FK Avg. Sent. Length 450 500 650 800 1000 1200 24–32 24–32 32–40 32–40 40–48 40–48 1 2 3 4 5 6 300 300 400 500 600 700 2.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4–6 words 4–6 words 5–7 words 5–7 words 7–9 words 7–9 words Sentence · Pinocchio · The Last Lesson · Journey to the West · A Dog of Flanders · ing Arthur and K the Black Knight · What Katy Did · The Legend of Sleepy Hollow · Little Lord Fauntleroy · The Magic Flute · The Gift of the Magi LEVEL 2 · The Fir Tree · The Elves and the Shoemaker · How Bear Lost His Tail · Sleeping Beauty · Jack and the Magic Beans · The Son Who Came Home · The Nutcracker · Puss in Boots · The Woodman and the Ax · The Trojan Horse LEVEL 4 · The Fish and the Ring · Beauty and the Beast · The Prince and the Pauper · Gulliver’s Travels · A Little Princess · Fairy Gifts · The Enchanted Castle · The Lady or the Tiger? · he Life and Adventures T of Santa Claus · Ivan the Fool Graded Readers Level · he Town Mouse and T the Country Mouse · Hansel and Gretel · The Brave Tin Soldier · Noah’s Ark · Bellerophon and Pegasus · How Red Bird Got His Color · The Three Goats · Two Frogs · The Three Little Pigs · The Selfish Giant LEVEL 6 · The Hunchback of Notre Dame · The Sandman · The Last Leaf · The Barber of Seville · The Hollow Needle · Ivanhoe · Two Years’ Vacation · he Battle of Red Cliffs from T Romance of the Three Kingdoms · Pollyanna · The Count of Monte Cristo 19
  21. 21. For Intermediate-Level Students Box set now a vailable! Compass Classic Graded Readers Ken Methold Each title has a separate workbook available for reading comprehension practice. Graded Readers Best Seller! leveled Readers (Levels 1-6) Workbook (Levels 1-6) lassics to choose from! 60 c LEVEL 1           The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Favorite Asian Folk Tales by Various Authors The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling Aesop’s Fables by Aesop The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde LEVEL 2           LEVEL 4         20   David Copperfield by Charles Dickens The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Little Women by Louisa May Alcott Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tales of Mystery Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope Sense Sensibility by Jane Austen The Compass Classic Readers series provides beginning and intermediate English language learners accessible adaptations of the greatest works of literature. Carefully designed to retell the stories using vocabulary and sentence structures appropriate for one of six different levels, each reader will help English-language learners enjoy developing their vocabulary and fluency as they read the stories. The Arabian Nights by Various Authors Robin Hood by Howard Pyle Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett White Fang by Jack London The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery LEVEL 3           LEVEL 5           The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells Shakespeare’s Tragedies by William Shakespeare Shakespeare’s Comedies by William Shakespeare A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Moby Dick by Herman Melville The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde More Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson King Solomon’s Mines by Henry Rider Haggard The Time Machine by H.G. Wells Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Frankenstein by Mary Shelley A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne LEVEL 6           Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, père The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy Classic American Short Stories by Various Authors Classic British Short Stories by Various Authors The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
  22. 22. Why Compass Classic Readers? Levels Family Words per Reader * Family Words per Level * 1 550 1500 2 750 2000 Each reader has: • arefully graded retold stories using appropriate vocabulary C and sentence structures • otivating full-color illustrations (Levels 1-4) M • iscussion questions before and after each chapter D • A playlet for a fun classroom activity Available Downloads • A glossary of key vocabulary words Teacher's • A companion workbook Guide 3 950 2500 4 1150 3000 * Average number of family words. 5 1350 3500 6 1550 4000 Family Words = Head Words Each reader includes: ► Preview Questions ► Playlet Graded Readers Features: • Fundamental reading fluency practice • Extension and consolidation of vocabulary • Repeated exposure to common grammar structure • ccessible adaptations of the world’s greatest literary works of art A • ultural and historical contexts for a broader understanding of C the world • Workbook includes additional reading activities engages you in fun classroom elp you to think about the h performances. topic of the chapter before you read the story. [ Around the World in Eighty Days ] ► Available Separately: [ The Wind in the Willows ] ► Review Questions check to see if you’ve ► understood the story thoroughly. MP3 Audio CD ► Workbook 21
  23. 23. How Can You Use Readers in Your Classroom? Extensive Reading Looking to add an extensive reading program to your school? Compass has you covered with well-leveled content designed to build fluency. Academically designed, creatively written! Compass Graded Readers Leveling C ompass Publishing’s graded readers are designed to be used as part of an extensive reading program. Our readers have been carefully graded to specific criteria. Through extensive reading, learners will improve their speed and enjoyment of reading, as well as cement the vocabulary and knowledge they have learned. A graded reading series must have a number of levels, in which certain elements of the text become increasingly more difficult as the levels progress. Compass Readers are designed using both qualitative and quantitative measures to ensure appropriate grading and leveling of the readers. What is Extensive Reading? Quantitative Measures: Extensive reading is fast, fluent reading of storybooks with high levels of comprehension. The focus is on comprehension and enjoyment, not language learning. The aim is to deepen learners’ confidence in already-acquired language through exposure. With extensive reading, learners choose books on their own at the appropriate level. They can choose from large quantities of a range of varied and appealing themes. • Lexile range • Headwords Sounds Great Readers 1-5 22 Young Learners Classic Readers 1-60 ® Qualitative Measures: • Content topics and themes • Design Compass Classic Readers 1-60 New! See p. 84 for details on our digital library! Reading Oceans- Digital Library
  24. 24. Award Winner Announcement! The Extensive Reading Foundation Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Award Winner THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW Innovation and classic storytelling are mixed seamlessly in this story. The book includes wonderful illustrations and a playlet for a class performance. The Extensive Reading Foundation 23
  25. 25. Reading One look at our reading skill series and you’ll see why Compass is a global leader in reading skill development. We offer a wide-range of titles packed full of content on unique subjects that your students will love along with high-quality activities designed to develop comprehension, ability, and fluency. Children Secondary Elementary New Super Easy Reading 1-3 Reading Lamp 1-3 Reading Table 1-3 Reading Shelf 1-3 Very Easy Reading, Second Edition 1-4 Reading Time 1-3 Real Easy Reading, Second Edition 1-3 Famous Korean Folktales 1-3 Reading Starter 1-3 Reading Wise 1-3 School Subject Readings 1-3 Reading Success 1-6 Reading Jump 1-3 More School Subject Readings 1-3 Reading Builder 1-3 Reading Discovery 1-3 Reading for Speed and Fluency 1-4 Reading Jump Plus 1-3 Short Articles for Reading Comprehension 1-3 New New Reading Challenge, Second Edition 1-3 Reading Formula with Note-Taking College Reading Workshop Reading for the Real World Intro-3 Reading the World Now 1-3 Issues Now in the News, Third Edition Extensive Reading A-D Lower-intermediate Adult Intermediate Upper-intermediate 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-4 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-6 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-4 1-3 1-3 1-3 Intro - 3 1-3 A-D
  26. 26. Reading Lamp, Reading Table, and Reading Shelf Casey Malarcher A Sure Hit! Reading Lamp 1 with Workbook and CD 9781599665092 Reading Lamp 2 with Workbook and CD 9781599665108 Reading Lamp 3 with Workbook and CD 9781599665115 Reading Table 2 with Workbook and CD 9781599665139 Reading Table 3 with Workbook and CD 9781599665146 Reading Reading Table 1 with Workbook and CD 9781599665122 Reading Shelf 1 with Workbook and CD 9781599666068 Reading Shelf 2 with Workbook and CD 9781599666075 Reading Shelf 3 with Workbook and CD 9781599666082 25
  27. 27. Titles Reading Lamp Reading Table Reading Shelf Elementary 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 Reading This three-title series provides fundamental reading development for young learners through content developed by acclaimed educator Casey Malarcher. Reading Lamp is a three-level reading series designed to introduce young students to English reading. After the Reading Lamp series, the students can progress to the Reading Table series, and finally the Reading Shelf series. This allows early readers to comfortably develop reading fluency as they broaden their reading ability step by step. Features: • • • • • • • 26 Paired fiction and nonfiction topics Well structured, interesting stories and articles Systematic introduction and recycling of target vocabulary Timed reading activity to develop speed of reading Audio CD included Detachable full-color workbook in every book Downloadable resources Reading Series Family Available Downloads Transcripts Word List Tips Ideas Each book includes a detachable workbook for homework or extra practice! Assessments MISC Teacher's Guide
  28. 28. Elementary-Level Reading Series Super Easy Reading Andrea Janzen, Hieram Weintraub A million copies sold! Super Easy Reading is three-level series designed to introduce young learners to reading. Features: • Multi-skill approach to learning • icture dictionary illustrates target P vocabulary in each unit • Full-page illustrations • Audio CD included Available Downloads Transcripts Word List Assessments Tips Ideas Super Easy Reading 1 with CD 9781599665740 Super Easy Reading 2 with CD 9781599665757 Very Easy Reading Casey Malarcher 2nd Edition Young beginning readers will love Very Easy Reading. This four-level course exposes students to vocabulary and structure in a controlled manner allowing for accessible Available Downloads and enjoyable reading! Features: • Multi-skill approach to learning • Engaging topics and themes • Audio CD included Assessments Reading Super Easy Reading 3 with CD 9781599665764 Transcripts Very Easy Reading 1, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599663807 Very Easy Reading 2, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599663814 Very Easy Reading 3, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599663821 Very Easy Reading 4, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599663838 27
  29. 29. Real Easy Reading 2nd Edition Moraig Macgillivray, Alexandria Williams, Craig Stevens Available Downloads Transcripts Free App Reading Fully revised and updated! Assessments Real Easy Reading equips young learners of English with the necessary skills for the challenges of nonfiction reading. Students will enjoy reading a wide variety of interesting passages in this series! Features: • range of interesting topics based around four A central themes: nature, culture, places, and beliefs • Pre-reading activities designed to actively engage readers • Vocabulary comprehension and recognition exercises • Integrated speaking activities to recycle vocabulary • Audio recording for reading along and listening activities • Downloadable review tests for each unit • Detachable workbooks • Vocabulary Application to reinforce target vocabulary 28 Tips Ideas Real Easy Reading 1, 2nd Edition with Workbook and CD 9781613524473 Real Easy Reading 2, 2nd Edition with Workbook and CD 9781613524480 Real Easy Reading 3, 2nd Edition with Workbook and CD 9781613524497
  30. 30. Reading Time Jenna Myers Reading Time engages students through a variety of fiction and nonfiction passages designed to spark interest in reading. Reading Time 1 with CD 9781599661445 Reading Time 2 with CD 9781599661452 Reading Time 3 with CD Features: • Warm-up questions • Includes activities for reading, listening, speaking, and writing • Progressive exercises to promote fluency • Audio CD included 9781599661469 Available Downloads Both series have corresponding themes throughout! Reading Transcripts It’s not only Reading Time, it’s also Speaking Time! p. 58 Assessments Reading Starter, New Edition John Thomas Beginning learners will get a great start with this best selling reading series. Reading Starter 1, New Edition with CD 9781599665559 Reading Starter 2, New Edition with CD 9781599665566 Features: • variety of reading passages, including stories, A letters, charts and graphs, newspaper articles, and more • Introduces grammar such as phrasal verbs and expressions • ultiple skills are developed through various M activities Available Downloads Word List Transcripts Assessments Reading Starter 3, New Edition with CD 9781599665573 29
  31. 31. Intermediate-Level Reading Series Reading Success 2nd Edition Available Downloads Ken Methold, Pieter Koster Best Seller! Reading Success 1, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599666006 Reading Success 2, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599666013 Teacher's Guide Reading Success 3, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599666020 Reading Success 4, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599666037 Reading Success 5, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599666044 Reading Reading Success 6, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599666051 Reading Success helps students progress their reading ability from beginner to intermediate. The series presents a wide range of fiction and nonfiction texts on topics ranging from daily life to current affairs. Features: • 40 diverse topics per book • exts from a variety of genres, including stories, diaries, letters, T dialogs, speeches, advertisements, and more • Target vocabulary is highlighted and defined on each page • Vocabulary, reading comprehension, and summary exercises • Each unit progresses in difficulty • New phrase and vocabulary explanations • Word count and reading time included for each passage • Downloadable Teacher's Guide 30 Ideal for middle and high school students
  32. 32. Available Downloads School Subject Readings David V. Kimel Word List Assessments Teacher's Guide School Subject Readings captivates the interest of elementary learners through a variety of fiction and nonfiction readings. Features: • Key vocabulary accompanied by definitions • Texts that are relevant to young learners • Multi-skill approach various activities School Subject Readings 1 with CD 9781599663777 School Subject Readings 2 with CD 9781599663784 School Subject Readings 3 with CD 9781599663791 More School Subject Readings David V. Kimel Available Downloads Word List Assessments Teacher's Guide Reading This three level continuation of the School Subject Readings series progresses from intermediate to upper-intermediate. Features: • Subjects connected to language arts, science, history, social studies, and more • Pre-reading questions to actively engage readers • Gradual progression of grammar, vocabulary, and passage length to develop fluency Reading Builder More School Subject Readings 1 with CD More School Subject Readings 2 with CD More School Subject Readings 3 with CD 9781599663746 9781599663753 9781599663760 Andrea Janzen, John Thomas Available Downloads Word List Assessments Transcripts Build fundamental reading skills with this three level series for intermediate learners. Features: • Activities for reading, listening, speaking, writing • Includes fictional stories, letters, articles, advertisements, and more Reading Builder 1 with CD 9781599660127 Reading Builder 2 with CD 9781599660134 Reading Builder 3 with CD 9781599660141 31
  33. 33. Upper-Intermediate/Advanced Reading Series Reading Discovery Available Downloads Ideal for high schoo l students! Casey Malarcher, Andrea Janzen Transcripts Reading Reading Discovery provides a rich source of interesting nonfiction reading vividly presented to students in a fun and engaging way. Reading Discovery 1 with MP3 CD 9781599666150 Reading Discovery 2 with MP3 CD 9781599666167 Reading Discovery 3 with MP3 CD 9781599666174 Reading Challenge 2 nd Edition Casey Malarcher, Andrea Janzen Features: • Interesting nonfiction passages carefully designed for timed readings • Systematic introduction of vocabulary • Integrated writing and speaking tasks with guided practice of those skills • udio recordings with each unit for listening practice A • Review units feature idioms and vocabulary A wide range of interesting and accessible nonfiction content is available in Reading Challenge. This three book series presents a wide range of topics through controlled language and structure, which allows students to progress easily through the series. Features: • Focus on reading, with integration of listening, speaking, and writing skills • Units organized into subjects including science, health, culture, and arts • Idioms and new vocabulary in every unit • Word count and reading time for every passage • Discussion and reading comprehension questions are included Reading Challenge 1, 2nd Edition with CD Available Downloads 9781599665290 Free Teaching Tool! 32 Reading Challenge 2, 2nd Edition with CD Online videos are available for all reading passages in Reading Challenge 1-3 9781599665306 Reading Challenge 3, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599665313 Word List Transcripts
  34. 34. Available Downloads Reading Jump and Reading Jump Plus Casey Malarcher Word List Top-selling Nonfiction Reading Series! Tips Ideas Both Reading Jump series are designed to stimulate students interest on a topic and provide a wide variety of additional activities to extend on the readings. Reading for the Real World Casey Malarcher Reading Jump Plus 1 with CD 9781599666297 Reading Jump 2 with CD 9781599666273 Reading Jump Plus 2 with CD 9781599666303 Reading Jump 3 with CD 9781599666280 Reading Jump Plus 3 with CD 9781599666310 Available Downloads 2nd Edition This four-book series deals with a wide range of nonfiction topics that appeal to students with diverse interests. Readings and activities in the book improve students' fluency and comprehension skills. ocabulary Sample V Reading Jump 1 with CD 9781599666266 cosmic status quo analgesic contaminates ethical Features: • Advanced-level readings with a focus on more specialized subjects like technology, law, science, and medicine • Word count, reading time, and numbered lines in each passage • Supplementary reading in each unit • Ideal for debates and discussions Reading for the Real World Intro, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599664194 Reading for the Real World 1, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599664200 Reading for the Real World 2, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599664217 Reading for the Real World 3, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599664224 OR IDEAL FSITY IVER UN Reading Features: • units organized into 10 thematic topics 20 • Multiple skills developed • Systematic introduction of target vocabulary • Various cognitive activities to build writing and speaking skills • Reading Jump 1-3 includes detachable workbooks • Audio is included Real world preparation! 33
  35. 35. Reading for Speed and Fluency There is re. no speed limit he Paul Nation, Casey Malarcher Reading for Speed and Fluency 1 Reading for Speed and Fluency 2 Reading for Speed and Fluency 3 Reading for Speed and Fluency 4 Paul Nation brings students the perfect tool to develop their reading speed and fluency. In order to develop reading speed, students need to read appropriately leveled text at an accelerated pace. Available Downloads Features: • Designed to improve reading speed • Includes progress chart for recording reading speed development • Contemporary reading subjects • Preview activities to introduce vocabulary and topics Reading Short Articles for Reading Comprehension Ken Methold Short Articles for Reading Comprehension 1 with CD 9781599661636 Short Articles for Reading Comprehension 2 with CD 9781599661643 Short Articles for Reading Comprehension 3 with CD 9781599661650 Available Downloads Transcripts Word List Unit Reviews Features: • Nonfiction passages developed with controlled readability • Multiple reading comprehension and vocabulary reinforcement activities in each unit • Grammar and vocabulary usage exercises • Integrated listening and speaking activities 3rd Edition Adam Worcester 34 Word List This series provides a wide range of informative articles that will help transition students from a learning-to-read stage to a reading-to-learn stage of language development. Issues Now in the News 3rd Edition Coming Soon! 9781599661001 9781599661018 9781599661025 9781599661032 Issues in the News, 3rd Edition with MP3 CD 9781613524558 The Third Edition of this best selling series provides interesting and relevant real news stories that spark discussion and interest! Features: • News articles from Voice of America, a US-based news agency • Introduction of target vocabulary, idioms, and expressions • A variety of comprehension based questions and activities • Topic related warm-up and closing discussions to activate classroom discussions Fully updated with new content! Available Downloads
  36. 36. Asian-Inspired Reading Series Available Downloads Korean Folktales Ken Methold, Eung-Cheon Hah This collection of Korean Folktales adapted for English students is sure to delight students from any country. Learning Through Asian Folktales Why the Sea is Salty The Man who Became a Cow The Two Ghosts Reading Wise Available Downloads Reading Korean Folktales 1 People 9781599660974 Korean Folktales 2 Animals 9781599660981 Korean Folktales 3 Legends 9781599660998 Features: • Each book contains five different folktales • Each book focuses on different types of folktales: people, animals, and legends • Vocabulary explanations on each page Includes a variety of • Ideal for reading practice fun stories! • Sized-for-convenience with colorful The Two Stepsisters illustrations Blue Frog Word List Helen Kirkpatrick Reading Wise is a collection of East Asian-inspired stories based on famous folktales. Reading Wise 1 with CD 9781599665320 Reading Wise 2 with CD 9781599665337 Reading Wise 3 with CD 9781599665344 Features: • variety of comprehension questions and activities for A each story • Word count and reading time for each story • Proverbs and vocabulary are systematically introduced • Ideal for reading comprehension classes at the elementary level • Fun and interesting way to develop reading ability 35
  37. 37. Extensive Reading for Academic Success Jeff Zeter Preparing Students for Academic Success! Available Downloads Academic Reading Ideal reading practice for the TOEFL® iBT! This extensive collection of reading passages will help students to develop their reading fluency and speed and also to prepare them for the type of readings and questions they may encounter on academic tests. Features: • Eighty academic-style reading passages in each book • Approximately 700 words per reading passage • omprehension questions include inference, paraphrase/ C sentence simplification, main idea determination, general comprehension • nits thematically organized into sections such as U humanities, literature, history, science, sociology, linguistics, information technology, and communications • Suitable for university-level students Extensive Reading for Academic Success Advanced A 9781599661209 Extensive Reading for Academic Success Advanced B 9781599661216 Extensive Reading for Academic Success Advanced C 9781599661223 36 Word List Extensive Reading for Academic Success Advanced D 9781599661230 Book A Book C Section 1 nglish and American Literature E Section 2 Geography Section 3 Biology Section 4 Communication Section 5 nthropology and Archaeology A Section 1 Modernization Section 2 Sociology Section 3 Physics Section 4 Business Section 5 Art and Music Book B Book D Section 1 Science and Technology Section 2 Medicine and Health Care Section 3 Chemistry Section 4 Linguistics Section 5 World History Section 6 The Humanities Section 1 he Classics World Literature T American Literature: 19th and 20th Century Section 2 Environmental Science Section 3 American History Section 4 Psychology Section 5 omputer Science and Information C Technology
  38. 38. Reading the World Now Jeff Zeter, Rob Jordens Perfect for University St udents! Reading the World Now 2 with MP3 CD 9781599662602 Reading the World Now 3 with MP3 CD 9781599662633 Available Downloads Reading the World Now is a three-book series designed for students who are seeking to bridge their English language reading from adapted texts to native texts. Features: • hematically organized paired readings covering a broad range T of fields of students’ interest • omprehension activities focused on recalling facts and details C from passage along with making inferences of implied information and writers’ purposes • ocabulary development activities specifically targeting V mid-frequency and academic words • anguage reinforcement and extension activities developed L around word-form and grammar-based practice • Vocabulary Application to reinforce target vocabulary Free App Transcripts Word List Academic Reading Reading the World Now 1 with MP3 CD 9781599662572 37
  39. 39. Reading Formula with Note-Taking Available Downloads Academic Reading This title hones reading strategies and note-taking skills. Students learn key techniques and how to identify the organization of information from a text to ensure proper comprehension of the reading passages. Features: • More than 80 academic paragraphs and passages • Passage lengths range from 150-700 words • Designed to improve note-taking skills • unique approach that teaches important principles for effective reading A comprehension Reading Formula with Note-Taking 9781599663609 Available Downloads College Reading Workshop 2nd Edition Casey Malarcher College Reading Workshop focuses on a wide range of topics related to current world issues. The course develops an understanding of complex issues while improving fluency and comprehension of academic texts. Features: • Intermediate university-level academic readings • Two paired readings per unit • Each unit has a grammar component and grammar test • Real-world nonfiction content • Vocabulary exercises to help students’ understanding of the readings College Reading Workshop, 2nd Edition 9781932222494 College Reading Workshop, 2nd Edition, Answer Key 9788984464230 38 Tips Ideas
  40. 40. Grammar Avoiding grammar issues is no way to improve English fluency. Compass provides books that will have students raising their hands to answer grammar questions by using fun-filled activities, practical applications, and clear explanations. Give your students the practice they need to succeed! Children Elementary Grammar Starter 1-3 Easy English Grammar 1-5 Secondary Lower-intermediate Intermediate 1-3 1-5 Grammar Success 1-3 1-3 Active English Grammar, Second Edition 1-6 1-6 Essential English Grammar Free Online Seminars! Visit: Adult Upper-intermediate
  41. 41. Grammar Starter David Charlton Available Downloads Teacher's Guide Student Book 1-3 Workbook 1-3 Grammar Starter Student Book 1 Grammar Starter Student Book 2 Grammar Starter Student Book 3 Grammar Starter Workbook 1 Grammar Starter Workbook 2 Grammar Starter Workbook 3 This vibrant series provides fun and accessible grammar lessons for young learners. Grammar Features: • Easy and clear grammar rules for young learners • Each unit presents, practices, and reinforces a target grammar lesson • Full-color illustrations • Workbooks available 9781599665351 9781599665368 9781599665375 9781599665382 9781599665399 9781599665405 Grammar Success Student Book 1 Grammar Success Student Book 2 Grammar Success Student Book 3 Grammar Success Workbook 1 Grammar Success Workbook 2 Grammar Success Workbook 3 9781599665610 9781599665627 9781599665634 9781599665641 9781599665658 9781599665665 Grammar Success Jin Zeter Available Downloads Student Book 1-3 Workbook 1-3 Grammar Success combines clear explanations of each grammar target with concrete examples and engaging activities. Students will enjoy themselves while developing their grammar skills. 40 Features: • Clear explanation of target grammar points • Speaking activities for a balanced approach • Four unit reviews and a final test included • Workbooks available Teacher's Guide
  42. 42. Easy English Grammar Active English Grammar 2nd Edition David Charlton, Liana Robinson David Charlton, Liana Robinson New Watch free seminars online from the authors of Easy English Grammar. See p. 50 for more details Easy English Grammar is a clear and concise Grammar reference series for young English language learners. Makes Grammar Exciting! Extensive in scope, yet easy to follow, this six-level series provides a thorough and practical understanding of the mechanics of the English language. Features: • Grammar targets introduced in context through a variety of text types • Grammar explanations presented in clear, well-organized charts • Carefully controlled activities provide extensive practice • Review sections consolidate learning • Extended learning sections provide further practice • Detachable workbook included with every student book Grammar Features: • Easy-to-follow grammar explanations with concise charts and tables • Bright and colorful pictures • Word lists, flashcards, active learning games, and review tests are included Release! Available Downloads Easy English Grammar 1 Easy English Grammar 2 Easy English Grammar 3 Easy English Grammar 4 Easy English Grammar 5 9781932222739 9781932222746 9781932222753 9781932222760 9781932222777 Active English Grammar 1, 2nd Edition Active English Grammar 2, 2nd Edition Active English Grammar 3, 2nd Edition Active English Grammar 4, 2nd Edition Active English Grammar 5, 2nd Edition Active English Grammar 6, 2nd Edition 9781599662961 9781599662992 9781599663029 9781599663050 9781599663081 9781599663111 Available Downloads Assessments 41
  43. 43. Essential English Grammar Jennifer Wilkin, David Charlton 90 Comprehensive Units of Essential Grammar Fundamentals! Essential English Grammar 9781599666099 Essential English Grammar Practice Book 9781599666105 Grammar Available Downloads Student Book Practice Book A comprehensive reference and practice book for English language learners! Designed for intermediate and advanced students, Essential English Grammar combines reference-style grammar explanations with focused practice activities. Features: • tudent Book S - 0 units with essential grammar points and practice 9 activities - Easy-to-follow explanations and examples - ctivities designed to build and reinforce new A knowledge - iagrams, illustrations, and example sentences help D to communicate grammar points 42 • Practice Book - dditional activities to support understanding of A each grammar topic - Brief explanations provided to help students recall points from the Student Book - Review tests
  44. 44. Writing From words to sentences to paragraphs and essays, we have the books to support writing skill development effectively! Our writing titles offer clear explanations, models, structured activities, and engaging writing topics to get your students putting pen to paper! Children Secondary Elementary Very Easy Writing 1-3 New Guided Writing 1-3 New Lower-intermediate 1-3 Guided Writing Plus 1-3 Writing Starter, Second Edition 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 Writing Bright 1-3 New 1-3 Writing First New Intermediate Write On 1-3 1-3 Writing Tutor 1A - 3B 1A-3B Essay Writing for Beginners 1-2 1-2 Adult Upper-intermediate
  45. 45. Very Easy Writing Available Downloads Karen Ang, Moraig Macgillivray, Adam Worcester, Zoe Smith Assessments Get the right start! Teacher's Guide Transcripts Very Easy Writing 1 with Workbook and CD 9781599662244 Very Easy Writing 2 with Workbook and CD 9781599662275 Very Easy Writing 3 with Workbook and CD 9781599662305 Very Easy Writing is a three-book series based on twelve different topics, aiming to provide a writing course with a solid foundation for young English learners that is easily approachable. Writing Student Book Features: • Easy-to-follow student book • Detachable workbook for extra in-class practice or homework • Audio CD included with each book • ownloadable teaching tools and tests D Your students will be writing with ease! Detachable workbook included with every student book! 44 Work Book
  46. 46. Writing Bright Writing Starter E.J. Lewis 2nd Edition Kelly Lee, Liana Robinson Top Seller! This series also provides exposure to a variety of subjects, including science, history, and geography. Features: • Theme-based reading passages to introduce each unit • Clearly explained grammar concepts related to writing • Sentence and paragraph writing tips • Activities to eliminate common mistakes • xercises to further develop grammar E and writing skills • Re-writing lessons to provide more practice Available Downloads Our best-selling writing title is now updated and better than ever. Writing Starter is a three-book series designed to develop writing skills in elementary or middle school students. Features: • A wide variety of interesting writing topics • Sample paragraphs and guided writing tasks • Review every 4 units • rintable worksheets available P for extra practice • ull-color teacher’s guides F with answers, teaching tips, and supplemental materials Available Downloads Writing Bright 1 9781599661940 Writing Bright 2 9781599661971 Teacher's Guide Writing Bright 3 9781599662008 Writing Writing Bright is a three-book series designed to guide upper-elementary and middle school students in improving their writing skills as well as building their vocabulary. Writing Starter 1, 2nd Edition 9781599662336 Writing Starter 2, 2nd Edition 9781599662367 Assessments Teacher's Guide Writing Starter 3, 2nd Edition 9781599662398 45
  47. 47. Available Downloads Guided Writing Liana Robinson New Writing Guided Writing 1 with Workbook 9788966970100 Guided Writing 2 with Workbook 9788966970117 Guided Writing 3 with Workbook 9788966970124 Guided Writing stimulates writing creativity in young English learners while developing the foundational skills to compose mistake-free sentences and simple paragraphs. Features: • amiliar and interesting topics F • sections per unit which build vocabulary, practice writing, develop 4 brainstorming abilities, and guide students in writing well-organized paragraphs • eading, speaking, and listening activities to increase overall R comprehension • etachable workbook D Detachable workbooks included! 46
  48. 48. Guided Writing Plus Liana Robinson, Brantley Smith Available Downloads Coming Soon! Guided Writing Plus provides students with exercises and activities centered on modeled writing which allow them to augment their writing and creative thinking skills. Writing Guided Writing Plus 1 with Workbook 9788966976652 Guided Writing Plus 2 with Workbook 9788966976669 Guided Writing Plus 3 with Workbook 9788966976676 Features: • esigned for intermediate to upper-intermediate levels D • ppealing, yet functional writing types A • elpful writing focuses that offer tips and guidance corresponding to H each unit’s writing type • riting sample in each unit to use as model for students’ writings W • uided questions to help students create outlines for their writing G drafts • etachable workbook D Detachable workbook included with every student book! Workboo k Workboo k Workboo k 47
  49. 49. Write On Available Downloads Liana Robinson, Brian M. Williams Write On 1 9781599662879 Write On 2 9781599662909 Write On 3 9781599662930 New Writing Write On provides students with step-by-step writing support as they progress through each unit. Learners will build their ability to structure their writing in an effective and highly-engaging manner. Features: • wide variety of writing topics and styles A • lear language and writing skills objectives C • uided writing tasks G • tilizes model paragraphs U • dditional writing assignments are included A in the student book Writing First Paul Peters Writing First is an easy step to good writing. Writing First 9781599662879 48 Features: • A model passage for students to study • Key vocabulary with definitions • xercises for students to focus on writing E words and phrases Tips Ideas
  50. 50. Writing Tutor Six-Level Writing Series Ideal for middle and high school students! Randy Lewis Writing Tutor 1A 9781599665498 Writing Tutor 1B 9781599665504 Features: • Students progress from writing sentences to complete essays • Extensive writing-oriented practice activities in a wide variety of genres • Ideal for students in English immersion classes and native speakers studying academic writing • Meets the requirements of English-only environments Writing Tutor 2A 9781599665511 Writing Tutor 2B 9781599665528 Essay Writing for Beginners Kelly Ripatti, Lucy Han Ideal writing practice for the TOEFL® iBT! Writing Tutor 3A with CD 9781599665535 Writing Tutor 3B with CD 9781599665542 Teacher's Guide Essay Writing for Beginners is an easy, interactive guide to essay writing for students. Features: • Writing topics equivalent to those on TOEFL® iBT tests • Variety of sample essays • Guided tests give students practice at writing essays • Useful expressions and transcripts • Teaching tips and recommended lesson plans Essay Writing for Beginners 1 with CD 9781599660424 Essay Writing for Beginners 2 9781599660431 Available Downloads Writing Writing Tutor provides high-beginner and intermediate students with clear guidance to improve their writing! Available Downloads Transcripts 49
  51. 51. Free Online Seminars Visit: Compass Publishing is pleased to offer a list of free online seminars for streaming. It’s quick and easy to sign up to get access to seminars on various topics, presented by some of our authors and other industry experts. Below is a short list of what is available. Vocabulary and Content-Based Communication Activities Paul Nation This workshop shows teachers how to design and adapt contentbased communication tasks so that vocabulary learning can occur while the learners engage in an interesting, communicative task. Seminars What are the Ten Most Effective Vocabulary Teaching Activities? Paul Nation There are many activities that can be used to teach and learn vocabulary, but they are not all equally effective. In this presentation, Professor Paul Nation talks about the ten most effective vocabulary teaching activities. Testing and Assessing Writing Jason Renshaw This presentation focuses on different ways to test writing skills across a range of age groups, and presents some practical and reliable means of assessing writing performance. It also features a useful technique for promoting grading reliability across multiple teachers. Using Classroom Discussions to Improve Speaking Ability David Harrington A good classroom discussion should be much more than “just talking” about something. This presentation looks at the process of discussion and how the format and structure can give students a 50 strong scaffolding to speak with clarity and confidence, and how the principles of discussion can help students deal with fluidity and role-taking. Simple Strategies and Methods for Listening Comprehension Casey Malarcher For both real-world communication and testing situations, EFL learners need to develop their listening proficiency. This presentation reviews a range of listening activities suitable for various levels, from beginning to advanced EFL learners. In addition to explaining the methods associated with each activity, various extension and reinforcement activities are introduced. Teaching Phonics Effectively David Paul This presentation introduces one possible phonic sequence and uses this to illustrate key principles that can be applied to a wide variety of approaches to teaching phonics. The presenter also explains the importance of never losing sight of whole language learning strategies even when teaching phonics in a very systematic way. The key points in the presentation are illustrated through games and interactive dialogue. Many more seminars also available!
  52. 52. Listening Get tuned in with listening skill development titles from Compass Publishing! We offer a range of listening titles for all levels, from elementary to adult. All books come with audio, making listening packages accessible for students. Children Elementary New Listening Starter, Second Edition 1-3 Listening Time 1-3 Listening Success 1-5 Developing Listening Skills, Second Edition 1-3 Secondary Lower-intermediate Intermediate 1-3 1-3 1-5 1-3 Listening Jump 1-3 Dynamic Listening Speaking 1-2 Listening Practice through Dictation 1-4 Target Listening Student Book 1-2 1-3 1-2 1-4 1-2 Target Listening Practice Book 1-4 Listening to the News: Voice of America 1-3 1-4 1-3 Adult Upper-intermediate
  53. 53. Listening Starter 2nd Edition Available Downloads Anne Taylor, Linda Kilpatrick-Lee 2nd Edition Coming Soon! Fully revised and updated! Transcripts Listening Starter 1, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781000000000 Listening Starter 2, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781000000000 Listening Starter 3, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781000000000 Listening Beginning learners will get a great start with Listening Starter! Features: • Ideal for beginners • Simple and accessible language to build a foundation for listening comprehension • Full-color photographs and illustrations Listening Time with Dictation Jenna Myers, Jin Zeter See if this series is right for your class with the online preview of Listening Time at Listening Time 1 with MP3 CD 9781599664231 Listening Time 2 with MP3 CD 9781599664248 Listening Time 3 with MP3 CD 9781599664255 This three-level listening series is designed for young, beginner to intermediate students. 52 Available Downloads Features: • Suggested lesson plan at beginning of book • New grammar, vocabulary, and concepts in each unit • Removable dictation booklet and transcript answer key booklet • Quiz included in every unit Transcripts
  54. 54. Intermediate Listening Series Listening Success with Dictation Garrett Byrne Available Downloads Transcripts Word List Listening Success is a five-level series that will support intermediate students’ development of listening comprehension skills through focused practice with scripts structured around common functional language patterns. 9781599663968 9781599663975 9781599663982 9781599663999 9781599664002 Listening Practice through Dictation Vinodini Murugesan Listening Listening Success with Dictation 1 with MP3 CD Listening Success with Dictation 2 with MP3 CD Listening Success with Dictation 3 with MP3 CD Listening Success with Dictation 4 with MP3 CD Listening Success with Dictation 5 with MP3 CD Features: • variety of activity types including image based tasks, blank filling, note-taking, and test A question types • Pre-listening activities to clearly indicate grammatical and functional targets of each unit • Timed test in each unit • Pair-work and group-work speaking tasks in each unit to foster classroom interaction and live listening • etachable dictation booklet with downloadable tools D Available Downloads Best Seller! Transcripts Word List Listening Practice through Dictation is a four-book series that presents basic listening transcription activities designed for EFL learners ranging from beginner to upper-intermediate. Listening Practice Through Dictation 1 with CD Listening Practice Through Dictation 2 with CD Listening Practice Through Dictation 3 with CD Listening Practice Through Dictation 4 with CD 9781599661049 9781599661056 9781599661063 9781599661070 Features: • Introduction and teaching tips • units divided into 8 social science themes including sports, health, and travel 40 • Word lists at the beginning of each unit • Detachable answer key and transcript booklet 53
  55. 55. Upper-Intermediate Listening Series Available Downloads Target Listening with Dictation Jeff Zeter Transcripts Target Listening Student Book 1 with MP3 CD Target Listening Student Book 2 with MP3 CD Target Listening Practice Tests Book 1 with MP3 CD Target Listening Practice Tests Book 2 with MP3 CD Target Listening Practice Tests Book 3 with MP3 CD Target Listening Practice Tests Book 4 with MP3 CD Listening Student Book 1-2 Word List 9781599664972 9781599664996 9781599664989 9781599665009 9781599665016 9781599665023 Practice Tests Book 1-4 Target Listening is a practical, engaging series that helps students improve overall communicative skills through listening tasks presented in natural conversational English. Features: • set of 2 practice books and 4 test books for the ultimate A listening class! • Introduction with teaching tips • Vocabulary, warm-up exercises, and practice tests in student books • Extensive practice tests in test books that include dictation • Both the student books and practice test books include detachable dictation booklets and transcript and answer key booklets Listening Jump Available Downloads Casey Malarcher Transcripts Listening Jump 1 with Workbook and MP3 CD 9781599665979 Listening Jump 2 with Workbook and MP3 CD 9781599665986 Listening Jump 3 with Workbook and MP3 CD 9781599665993 Listening Jump provides students with engaging extensive listening practice to improve communicative ability. 54 Features: • Intensive easy-to-teach listening-based exercises • Integrated speaking lessons • Review tests every 3 chapters • Removable dictation booklet, ideal for homework practice
  56. 56. Developing Listening Skills Available Downloads 2 Edition nd Casey Malarcher Transcripts Developing Listening Skills 1, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599665269 Developing Listening Skills 2, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599665276 Developing Listening Skills 3, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599665283 The second edition of Developing Listening Skills expands with full-color graphics, newly revised topically based listening passages and enhanced listening activities. Dynamic Listening and Speaking Byoung-man Jeon, Michael Pederson Dynamic Listening Speaking 1 with MP3 CD 9781599664088 Dynamic Listening Speaking 2 with MP3 CD 9781599664095 preview Online le at availab om sspub.c compa /DLNS Available Downloads Listening Features: • Timed listening quizzes and exams for every unit • Integrated speaking practice in addition to intensive listening exercises • Dialogues and short stories Dynamic Listening Speaking Answer Key 1 9781599664101 Dynamic Listening Speaking Answer Key 2 9781599664118 Dynamic Listening Speaking is a two-level conversational listening and speaking series for students of English at the high-beginner to low-intermediate level. Features: • Focus on listening practice, with reading and speaking components • Pronunciation tips and diagrams • Variety of audio types, such as dialogues, monologues, and interviews • Cultural information and tips 55
  57. 57. Listening to the News: Voice of America Available Downloads Karl Nordvall Listening Hit Title! Transcripts Each book includes a dictation book, transcripts, answer key and CD Get your students tuned in with Listening to the News! Transcripts and Answer Key Listening to the News is a three-book series designed to improve listening comprehension skills for academic purposes while providing interesting topics related to culture, news, and current events. Features: • Informative topics from real Voice of America news broadcasts • Listening comprehension development for academic purposes • ctivities develop listening comprehension and build A vocabulary • Full-color photographs with appealing graphics • MP3 CD included • ictation, transcript, and answer key booklets are included with D the student book 56 Dictation Book Listening to the News 1 with Dictation, Transcripts, Answer Key, and MP3 CD 9781599662091 Listening to the News 2 with Dictation, Transcripts, Answer Key, and MP3 CD 9781599662121 Listening to the News 3 with Dictation, Transcripts, Answer Key, and MP3 CD 9781599662152
  58. 58. Speaking Need help encouraging your students to speak up? Compass has the speaking books that will provide students with the skills and confidence they need to improve their communicative abilities. Our high-quality line of speaking skill development texts cover a wide range of levels. We've got the right title for your students, so come see what everyone's talking about! Children Elementary Speaking Time 1-3 Speaking Tutor 1A-3B Just Speak Up 1-3 Talk a Lot 1-3 Speaking by Speaking Secondary Lower-intermediate Adult Intermediate Upper-intermediate 1-3 1A-1B 2A-2B 3A-3B 1-3 1-3 1-2
  59. 59. Speaking Time Available Downloads Check out Reading Time (p. 29) Teacher's Guide Transcripts Speaking Both Reading Time and Speaking Time have matching themes throughout! Speaking Time is a fun, easy-to-use three-level speaking series designed for elementary school students of English. Features: • A three-level speaking series designed for elementary students • Focuses on speaking while incorporating listening, reading, and writing practice • 20 units; 4 pages per unit • Each unit builds up to a mini-presentation, giving learners confidence to operate in English-speaking academic environments • Transcripts included at the back of each book Illustrated Everyday Idioms with Stories Casey Malarcher Illustrated Everyday Idioms with Stories 1 9781932222159 Illustrated Everyday Idioms with Stories 2 9781932222166 Illustrated Everyday Idioms with Stories provides a comprehensive and entertaining way for students to learn common English idioms. 58 Features: • Introduces 600 of the most common idioms in English • Uses a humorous approach to teaching practical idioms • Short definitions and illustrations of each idiom • Dialogs and passages incorporate the idioms • Exercises and stories in every unit Speaking Time 1 with MP3 CD 9781599666181 Speaking Time 2 with MP3 CD 9781599666198 Speaking Time 3 with MP3 CD 9781599666204
  60. 60. Available Downloads Just Speak Up Olga Geissler Transcripts Assessments Extra homework Just Speak Up develops speaking skills related to personal experience, opinions, and preferences on a wide variety of topics. Features: • Each level of Just Speak Up provides teachers with more than 40 hours of speaking practice • 40 thematic units include at least 250 question prompts • Detachable answer key and transcript booklet Speaking Tutor Six-Level Speaking Series Zoe Smith, Kelli Ripatti, Liana Robinson Available Downloads Speaking Just Speak Up 1 with MP3 CD 9781599664163 Just Speak Up 2 with MP3 CD 9781599664170 Just Speak Up 3 with MP3 CD 9781599664187 Speaking Tutor is designed to encourage the student to move from individualized self-study to group interaction and presentations. Speaking Tutor 1A with CD 9781599665436 Features: • Speaking-oriented activities on a variety of contemporary issues • Modeled examples providing maximum support in promoting independent English fluency • Valuable preparation for academic speaking situations Speaking Tutor 1B with CD 9781599665443 Speaking Tutor 2A with CD 9781599665450 Speaking Tutor 2B with CD 9781599665467 Speaking Tutor 3A with CD 9781599665474 Speaking Tutor 3B with CD 9781599665481 59
  61. 61. Intermediate Speaking Talk a Lot Available Downloads Best Seller! Teacher's Guide Talk a Lot develops speaking competence for intermediate students of English. Speaking Features: • Each book features 12 unique units • Model dialogs help students see language in context • Useful vocabulary introduced in each unit • Brief and clear grammar points introduced with useful examples • Listening exercises present key words and practical phrases • Reading and writing sections help consolidate key skills • Fun games and activities UNIT 01 Introductions 2 Vocabulary about to find out information A. Wh- questions are used response. below with the correct 1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. When is your birthday? early? 4. Why did you go home • • c. My best friend is Sam. • d. I live in Texas. • 5. Where do you live? 6. Who is your best friend? a person. Match the questions • a. I'm 19 years old. • b. I was feeling sick. • • • e. I'm Sarah-Jane Roberts. th • f. It’s July 11 . • • partner. questions. Work with a B. Think of your own Whquestions. Ask and answer each other’s Talking Warm-Up 1 Model Dialog Listen and practice the dialog with a partner. literature. Australia. I study English Rachel: I'm from Canberra, When did you come here? Simon: That's interesting. How about you, Simon? Rachel: Two years ago. brothers or sisters? month. Do you have any Simon: I came here last parents. sister. She lives with my Rachel: Yes, I have one to start! See you later. too. Oh, my class is about Simon: I have a sister, day! you, Simon. Have a nice Rachel: It was nice meeting use for Wh- questions: When? How? Why? Which? Who? What? Where? I like reading books. in the evening? s What do you like to do 3 Language Focus Track 1 It's nice to meet you. Simon: Hello, I'm Simon. you. is Rachel. Glad to meet Rachel: Hi, Simon. My name Where are you from? history. What Canada. I'm here to study Simon: I'm from Montreal, about you, Rachel? There are seven words we About: elve ing ours Introduc people to new Say hello to your classmates. people? Do you like to meet new Speakin g Success ! Auxiliary verbs are often contracted in everyday speech. I am = I'm That is = That's When answering a question, sometimes extra information How did you get here today? can be given to the speaker. I took the bus. It took twenty minutes. of below. Give one extra piece and answer the questions Work with a partner. Ask Wh- question. Think of your own final information each time. 1. Why were you late today? the weekend? 2. What did you do on 3. How was your lunch? up? 4. Where did you grow 5. You are = You're We will = We'll 01 Introductions UNIT 8 Talk a Lot 1 with Audio CD 9781599666129 Talk a Lot 2 with Audio CD 9781599666143 Speaking by Speaking Available Downloads David W. Dugas, Ronald T. DesRosiers Speaking by Speaking provides intermediate-level students speaking skills for social competence. Features: • Ideal material for one semester of speaking practice for university-level students • Contains 12 units full of communicative activities • Thematic units based on practical topics such as banking, travel, and employment • Encourages independent and critical thinking 60 Speaking by Speaking with MP3 CD 9781599665719 9
  62. 62. English for Specific Purposes Looking for something more specific? Our ESP titles could suit your needs. Compass offers a wide range of English for Specific Purpose textbooks. These unique books include picture process dictionaries, business English, and books on travel and hospitality. Help your students get the specific skills they want! Picture Process Dictionaries · English for Everyday Activities, Second Edition · Everyday Survival English · Everyday English for Young People Useful Books for Teaching Business English · The English You Need for The Office · The English You Need for Business · Communicating in Business English Travel and Hospitality · Talk About Travel, Second Edition · Travel and Tourism · English for Restaurant Workers · Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals
  63. 63. Picture Process Dictionaries Picture Process Dictionaries English for Everyday Activities Lawrence J. Zwier 2nd Edition Available Downloads English for Everyday Activities features text with clear and colorful pictorial detail. Features: • Full-color picture dictionary • Details everyday life processes; such as, riding a bus, shopping, and using an ATM • Essential vocabulary in every unit English for Everyday Activities, 2nd Edition with CD 9781599665412 English for Everyday Activities, 2nd Edition Multi-Skill Book with CD 9781599665429 Everyday Survival English Karl Nordvall Guaranteed to foster English enjoyment! This title provides a fresh approach by using illustrated explanations of important situations learners may face. Features: • situations from daily activities 72 • Authentic language with practice in structures and vocabulary • Appendices with metric/imperial conversions, world currencies, maps of USA and UK Everyday English for Young People Lawrence J. Zwier Available Downloads Everyday Survival English with CD 9781932222470 Available Downloads Everyday English for Young People uses lively, colorful pictures to teach English vocabulary central to the everyday lives of teens. 62 Everyday English for Young People with CD Features: 9781599660622 • Special emphasis on commonly used language that teens use in conversation Everyday English for Young People • Cultural notes and idiom practice Teacher's Guide • Natural and up-to-date English, based on research at the University of 9781599660820 Michigan
  64. 64. Business English The English You Need for The Office Available Downloads Susan Dean, Lawrence J. Zwier The English You Need for the Office introduces vocabulary for talking about daily processes in an office. The English You Need for the Office with CD 9781932222951 Features: • 56 full-color chapters • Suitable for in-class use or self-study Mark Cunningham, Lawrence J. Zwier Available Downloads The English You Need for Business covers essential business vocabulary for executives. Features: • Introduces essential vocabulary and expressions for executives inside and outside the office • Provides training on complex situations; such as, sales calls, business lunches, and booking flights • Teacher's Guide available separately The English You Need for Business with CD 9781599660592 Business English The English You Need for Business The English You Need for Business Teacher's Guide 9789623280235 Communicating in Business English Bob Dignen Communicating in Business English presents vocabulary and language patterns related to business environments and situations. Free Teaching Tool! Online videos available for each chapter Available Downloads Features: • Topics include giving presentations, negotiating, and socializing in an international business environment • Key vocabulary lists and activities for each lesson • 6 chapters with 13 units per chapter • Cross-cultural tips and etiquette advice Communicating in Business English with CD 9781932222173 63
  65. 65. Travel and Hospitality Talk About Travel 2nd Edition Ideal course book for university classes related to tourism and hospitality! Available Downloads Travel and Hospitality Rob Jordens, Terry Jordens This course is designed for students whom are preparing to travel or to work in the travel and tourism industry. Features: • English for airlines, hotels, and tours • eal situations such as immigration procedures, sightseeing, R booking tours, and many others • Reading, listening, and speaking components Talk About Travel, 2nd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599664019 Talk About Travel, 2nd Edition Transcript and Answer Key 9781599664309 Travel and Tourism Ruth Wajnryb Travel and Tourism prepares learners with essential English skills for travel. Features: • Essential vocabulary and expressions for travel • Course integrated with DVD • 2 units to prepare students for communication with travel and 2 hospitality staff • Simple, accessible, and easy-to-follow format Travel and Tourism with DVD 9781599662428 64 Includes DVD! Available Downloads
  66. 66. Available Downloads English for Restaurant Workers Renee Tatalla Essential knowledge for those working in the restaurant industry! The material in this book teaches learners about common experiences and practices of international western food restaurants. Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals Lawrence J. Zwier, Nigel Caplan English for Restaurant Workers with MP3 CD 9781599661506 Available Downloads Travel and Hospitality Features: • esigned for classes teaching waiters, waitresses, or trainees in the restaurant D and catering industry • J ob-related vocabulary and skills using a picture process format • asic reference to aspects of restaurant work like equipment, cooking methods, B and beverages Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals helps future workers in the hotel and restaurant fields develop the English vocabulary they need for interacting with customers and colleagues. Features: • ocabulary for more than 60 essential hospitality functions V • In-depth culture and language notes • atural, idiomatic language N Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals with CD 9781599660752 65
  67. 67. Vocabulary Learn the lingo with our world famous vocabulary courses! Vocabulary knowledge is a fundamental component of literacy. Through focused vocabulary study of essential high-frequency headwords learners can vastly improve their ability. Children Lower-intermediate 1000 Basic English Words 4000 Essential English Words Secondary Intermediate 1-4 1-6 Upper-intermediate Adult Advanced
  68. 68. 1000 Basic English Words Kelli Ripatti, Tamara Wilburn Available Downloads New Audio Files Extra homework Assessments Free App 1000 Basic English Words is designed to enhance the vocabulary of beginning and intermediate learners. 1000 Basic English Words 2 with Audio CD 9781613524527 1000 Basic English Words 3 with Audio CD 9781613524534 1000 Basic English Words 4 with Audio CD 9781613524541 Vocabulary 1000 Basic English Words 1 with Audio CD 9781613525410 Features: • Appealing photographs that illustrate each target word • lear, easy-to-understand definitions and examples for all target C words • riginal fiction and nonfiction passages using target words in O context • orrect pronunciation of target words indicated with phonetic C symbols • udio recordings and supplementary materials available online A 67
  69. 69. Available Downloads 4000 Essential English Words Paul Nation Vocabulary Best Seller! 4000 Essential English Words is a six-book series focusing on practical, high-frequency vocabulary. The series is based on the research of, and written by, vocabulary expert Paul Nation. Your students will never be at a loss for words! Features: • Over 600 words per book • Clear, easy-to-understand definitions and examples • Progressive development of vocabulary • Useful color images that illustrate each word • xercises, reading passages, and reading comprehension E activities in each unit • igh-frequency words, covering at least 80% of language H in academic texts and at least 90% of language in conversation and novels Also by Paul Nation: Reading for Speed and Fluency (see p. 34) 4000 Essential English Words 1 9781599664026 4000 Essential English Words 4 9781599664057 4000 Essential English Words 2 9781599664033 4000 Essential English Words 5 9781599664064 4000 Essential English Words 3 9781599664040 4000 Essential English Words 6 9781599664071 68
  70. 70. Test Preparation Preparing for the TOEIC®or TOEFL®? Practice makes perfect! Compass has a comprehensive list of test preparation materials to help students achieve their goal. Let us help you get the top score through hands-on practice with our TOEIC® and TOEFL® series! Lower-intermediate Step by Step TOEIC® Bridge 1A - 3B 1A - 1B 2A - 2B Intermediate Upper-intermediate 3A - 3B Very Easy TOEIC . Second Edition ® Starter TOEIC®. Third Edition Developing Skills for the TOEIC® Test Taking the TOEIC® 1 - 2 1 2 TOEIC® Analyst, Second Edition Target TOEIC®, Second Edition Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT 1 - 3 Building Skills for the TOEFL iBT Beginner ® Developing Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Intermediate Mastering Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Advanced Sharpening Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Four Practice Tests 1 2 3 Advanced
  71. 71. Compass Publishing’s TOEIC® Practice Book Series Taking the TO EIC ® 2: TOEIC 70 McKinnon Nancie pass Skills and Strategies Taking the TOE ® English IC 2: Skil who nee The boo d to refin ls and Strategi k es is desi grammar, is divided into e their skills in gned preparat that mos and reading. Eachsections deal ion for the for intermediate ing with TOEIC ® exercise t commonly appe grammar unit the Listening -level students s in Chapter areas tested ar in the of and Rea the boo based on the ding test actual in the 2 deal specific k . points deal TOEIC ® test and s with the diffe TOEIC ®: liste Skills andfollow the sam ning, rent e provides types of Strategies aims style and form t with in each grammar grammar points unit. The at as the to familiari and voca The final questions they actual TOE ® mini-tests ze stud bulary can expe chapter in each ents IC into prac of tice wha the book is a ct to encounte with each part test. Taking the chapter of r, using full-leng t they have th prac language of the TOEIC ® TOEIC ® 2: learned test and that Feature in the prevtice test, givin the g studentsis easy to und s: ious chap erst the opp • General ters. ortunity and. informat to put ion • Tips for taking each about the TOE ® IC • Clear section and prec of the test ise gram • Mini prac mar expl tice test anations • Focused s in each section practice • Transcrip of TOEIC ® ts for all test que stion type • MP3 reco listening question s rdings of s • Full-leng all listening th practice sections • Answer test keys for explanat all mini-tes ions for Part 5 Inco ts and the full-l ength prac mplete Sentenc es Part tice test, inclu ding expa 6 Text Com nded pletion sections /toeicski lls The TOEIC® and the TOEIC® Bridge The Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC®) measures the English listening and reading skills of non-native speakers working in international environments. There are a total of 200 questions (100 questions each for the Reading and Listening sections) on the TOEIC® test, and the test lasts about two hours. Many corporations and organizations require a TOEIC® score as part of an application for employment or study. TOEIC® Bridge, a shorter and easier version of the TOEIC®, is aimed at elementary to intermediate learners. The test is used primarily by test takers as an indication of areas for improvement in their English level for work, travel, and other purposes. Very Easy TOEIC® focuses on the most important grammar points for TOEIC®. Taking the TOEIC® 1 2 gives pre-intermediate and intermediate students the listening, grammar, and reading skills to support their preparation for the test. Starter TOEIC® focuses on the most important grammar points for TOEIC® and includes higher-level passages and listening exercises. Developing Skills for the TOEIC® Test focuses on refining skills and provides practice in key language and grammar points. TOEIC® Analyst focuses on question types, strategies for answering, and avoiding common mistakes. Target TOEIC® has six practice tests to help students determine their readiness for the real test.
  72. 72. Step by Step TOEIC® Bridge Casey Malarcher, Andrea Janzen, Michael Pederson Available Downloads Learners develop both word and question recognition for common phrases and structures found on the TOEIC® Bridge Test Each unit introduces a limited number of new words, while reinforcing vocabulary from earlier units Step by Step TOEIC Bridge is a series of books designed to develop listening, grammar, and reading skills in English along with test-taking strategies. Need more TOEIC® practice? Try Essential English Grammar (p. 42) for practice. Included are review tests that are designed to emulate the TOEIC® test format. TOEIC Features: • Developed for middle school students or for first-time TOEIC® learners • Familiarizes students with TOEIC® format and test skills • Written at a much lower level than the actual TOEIC® for practice • Books sold separately by skill: listening, grammar, and reading with levels divided into 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, and 3B for each skill • Thematically organized • Mini-tests for review in each book • Over 2,100 target vocabulary words taught Student Book Very Easy TOEIC® Practice Book 2nd Edition Anne Taylor, Garrett Byrne Very Easy TOEIC® is designed for beginning-level students of English as an introduction to the TOEIC®. Features: • Written for the real TOEIC® test • Organized around grammar points • Material is below TOEIC® level to provide practice • Practice test, transcripts, answer key included Available Downloads Transcripts Very Easy TOEIC®, 2nd Edition with 2 CDs 9781599660271 TOEIC® 0-250 TOEFL® iBT 0-18 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 19-40 41-64 65-95 96-110 111-120 71
  73. 73. Taking the TOEIC® 1 Skills and Strategies Top Seller! Ace the TOEIC® with this great material from Compass Test Prep! Wendi Shin iate Level ed Pre-interm Available Downloads Transcripts Taking the TOEIC® 1 with MP3 CD 9781599661889 TOEIC TOEIC® 0-250 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 Taking the TOEIC® 2 Skills and Strategies Taking the TOEIC® 2: Skills and Strategies Intermediate L evel Available Downloads Nancie McKinnon Transcripts ypes ength practice test, including expanded ces Part 6 Text Completion sections Taking the TOEIC® 2 with MP3 CD 9781599661919 TOEIC® 72 Taking the TOEIC® uses a range of tools and easy explanations to familiarize students with each part of the TOEIC®, along with questions they can expect to encounter. Features: Nancie McKinnon s is designed for intermediate-level students of paration for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test. with the areas tested in the TOEIC®: listening, Chapter 2 deals with the different grammar points OEIC® test and provides grammar and vocabulary with in each unit. The mini-tests in each chapter of as the actual TOEIC® test. Taking the TOEIC® 2: udents with each part of the TOEIC® test and the unter, using language that is easy to understand. ractice test, giving students the opportunity to put revious chapters. The Taking the TOEIC® series is designed for students who need to start preparing or refine their skills for areas tested in the TOEIC®: listening, grammar, and reading. 0-250 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 • ips and clear grammar explanations T • ini-practice tests in each section M • ull-length practice test with focused F TOEIC® test question types • P3 recordings, transcripts, and answer M keys included.
  74. 74. Starter TOEIC® 3rd Edition Anne Taylor, Casey Malarcher Starter TOEIC® is designed to assist students through focused practice while developing familiarity with the format of the TOEIC®. Features: • ollow-up to Very Easy TOEIC® with a similar grammar point F organization, but still below actual TOEIC® levels Available Downloads • ini-practice test in every unit and one full-length test M Word List • nswer key and transcripts included A Transcripts TOEIC® Starter TOEIC®, 3rd Edition with MP3 CD 9781599665726 0-250 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 TOEIC Developing Skills for the TOEIC® Test Paul Edmunds, Anne Taylor Developing Skills for the TOEIC® Test is designed for intermediate-level students of English who need to refine their skills in preparation for the test. Features: • ocused practice of TOEIC® question types F • 4 mini-practice tests and 1 complete practice test 1 • nswer explanations for Incomplete Sentences and A Incomplete Texts sections TOEIC • nits thematically organized U ® TOEFL® iBT Developing Skills for the TOEIC® Test with MP3 CD 9781599665733 Available Downloads Transcripts 0-250 0-18 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 19-40 41-64 65-95 96-110 111-120 73
  75. 75. TOEIC® Analyst 2nd Edition Anne Taylor TOEIC® Analyst is designed to prepare students for the TOEIC® test through analysis of common TOEIC® question types and strategies for approaching each question. Features: • At the TOEIC® level and contains more than 700 questions • nits are organized by question type and provide practice for students U to quickly recognize test tasks and avoid common mistakes • ncludes 2 complete practice tests that simulate the actual TOEIC® test I Available Downloads TOEIC TOEIC® Analyst, 2nd Edition with 3 CDs 9781599660783 Target TOEIC® 2nd Edition Anne Taylor Best Seller! Transcripts TOEFL® iBT 0-250 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 0-18 19-40 41-64 65-95 96-110 111-120 Target TOEIC® provides thorough and realistic preparation for the TOEIC® test though authentic test practice. Features: • t the actual TOEIC® level A • ncludes 6 practice tests designed to simulate actual TOEIC® test; same I length and format • ll exercises include the same directions as found on actual test A • ecordings of British and American accents, as per the style of the R newer versions of the TOEIC® Available Downloads Target TOEIC®, 2 Edition with MP3 CD 9781599661735 TOEIC® TOEIC® 0-250 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 nd 74 Transcripts TOEFL® iBT 0-18 19-40 41-64 65-95 96-110 111-120
  76. 76. Compass Publishing’s TOEFL® Practice Book Series Introduction to the TOEFL® iBT Compass Publishing’s TOEFL® iBT Series The Compass TOEFL® test preparation series develops and refines skills necessary for achieving the maximum score on the TOEFL® iBT. Available in combined editions and split editions by skill and level, the Compass series provides students multiple opportunities to learn and practice their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, as well as familiarize themselves with the question types found on the actual TOEFL®. TOEFL The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®) measures the test takers’ ability to use and understand English in all four skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing in academic settings. The majority of academic institutions in the United States require a TOEFL® score for non-native speakers of English applying for admittance. The Internet-based test (iBT) is the most current version administered by ETS and has almost completely replaced the previous paper-based format. The iBT focuses on integrated skills and is taken on a computer connected to a secure Internet site. Course Target Score Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Building Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Developing Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Mastering Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Sharpening Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Beginning (40 - 60) Beginning (40 - 60) Intermediate (70 - 90) Advanced (100 - 120) Advanced (100 - 120) Features • raded test preparation material for reading, listening, G speaking, and writing sections • Three level-appropriate TOEFL® practice tests Four full TOEFL® practice tests 75
  77. 77. Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Casey Malarcher, Andrea Janzen, Michael Pederson TOEFL A complete 3-level, 12-book test preparation series for beginning TOEFL® iBT students. Features: • Each level consists of 4 books: listening, reading, speaking, and writing • Focused practice of each TOEFL iBT question type • Themes in every unit cover most topics featured in the TOEFL® iBT • Graded vocabulary acquisition • Targets 1,300 TOEFL®-related words • Sample lesson plans included Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 1 Reading Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 1 Listening with 2 CDs Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 1 Speaking with CD Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 1 Writing with CD Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 2 Reading Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 2 Listening with 3 CDs Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 2 Speaking with CD Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 2 Writing with CD Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 3 Reading Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 3 Listening with 3 CDs Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 3 Speaking with 2 CDs Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Student’s Book 3 Writing with CD 9781599661537 9781599661513 9781599661520 9781599661544 9781599661575 9781599661551 9781599661568 9781599661582 9781599661612 9781599661599 9781599661605 9781599661629 Available Downloads Need additional reading and writing practice for the TOEFL® iBT? Look for these series from Compass Publishing. Transcripts TOEIC® TOEFL® iBT p. 49 76 p. 36 Word List 0-250 255-400 405-600 605-780 785-900 905-990 0-18 19-40 41-64 65-95 96-110 111-120