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Importance of Corporate Public Relations in Businesses


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Why corporate PR is necessary?

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Importance of Corporate Public Relations in Businesses

  1. 1. Importance of Corporate Public Relations in BusinessesA corporate entity, like any other individual, exists in a society. It needs toestablish, nourish and maintain relationships with various members of the societyfor its existence. For establishing, nourishing and maintaining healthy andsustaining relationships one needs to communicate effectively and consistently.Here comes the role of Corporate Public Relations. According to the bookEssentials of Corporate Communication by Cees van Riel and Charles Fombrunthe term Corporate Communication can be defined as “the set of activitiesinvolved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communicationsaimed at creating favorable starting points with stakeholders on which thecompany depends.”The role of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) in communicating the rightinformation, in the right way to the right group of people is very crucial. A PROmust be able to disseminate accurate information on a timely basis to theconcerned group of “Public”. By doing so he/she will earn reputation, credibilityand authenticity for the respective corporate entity. A PRO deals with various“Publics”. “Publics” include employees, stakeholders, government, channelpartners, educational institutes, media, industry bodies and institutes, agencies,customers and general public. A PRO is in short the face of a corporate entityand helps build a Corporate Image that is unique to the company.Corporate Public Relations sometimes act like a firefighter for the company. Itemerges as a savior at the time of crisis. It was just because of a strong PRstrategic campaign that the Cadbury worm controversy was put out. Similar is thecase with Nokia battery blast case. A PR campaign begins with the identification
  2. 2. of the problem or challenge, setting the public relations’ goal and priorities, andexecuting the plan efficiently and accuracy. In the process of executing the PRcampaign a PRO must be swift in conceptualizing relevant messages anddisseminate them through proper channels to the concerned party.Corporate Communications Department of a company helps to connect with thepulse of its public. It can be personified as five senses, as far as a company isconcerned. It feels, communicates and senses, the joy, threats and opportunitieslurking in the society, waiting to be explored.