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Effective Website Structure


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Effective Website Structure

  1. 1. Effective Website Structure By Ankit Aggarwal
  2. 2. Structure Effective
  3. 3. What's The Ultimate Goal of Your Website?
  4. 4. Make your website friendly for both 1. User 2. Search Engine “ User Satisfaction is important for Search Engines ”
  5. 5. Before Structuring Your Website 1. Know Yourself 2. Know your Competitors 3. Benchmark Your Website over your competitors. 4. Decide the Marketing and Business Model for your Website. 5. Make a hierarchy for navigation flow.
  6. 6. 1. Remove Duplicate Content 2. Reduce Advertisements 3. Maintain at least 300 unique word count on every page. 4. Increase user engagement activities like comment box, Widgets from Facebook, Twitter, Rss feeds etc.. 5. Manage internal Structure of website. 6. Never Leave your Basics. Google “ Panda ” Update and Its Cure.
  7. 7. Directory Structure 1. Real Directory Structure(New Website) 2. Virtual Directory Structure(Old Website).
  8. 8. Real Directory Structure
  9. 9. Real Directory Structure 1. Identify the key areas of your website. 2. Keyword Research is important. 3. Decide verticals and Horizontals. 4. Maintain a Clear Flow for visitors and Bots. 5. Effective Internal Linking for Great Page Rank. 6. Get Quality External Link for Visibility. 7. Business Is Important Be Clear in What you want
  10. 10. Example
  11. 11. Family Food Health Home Style Money Marriage Family Parenting and so on... Starters Recipes Drinks and so on... Health Topics Living Fitness and so on... Gardening Landscape Interior design and so on... Saving Your Business Real State and so on... Fashion Make up Hair and So on.. Main Categories Sub Categories
  12. 12. Don’t send linklove to pages that do not deserve or need it
  13. 13. This Does Not Work For Existing Website
  14. 14. Virtual Directory Structure 1. Identify Unique Silos. 2. Arrange existing links in your Silos. 3. Use 301 Redirect or canonical for duplicate pages(With Precautions). 4. Theme Works For You here. 5. Navigation is also Important. 6. Never Leave your Basics.(Very Important)