Silver Wheaton Fastest Growing Company in 2012


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Silver Wheaton Fastest Growing Company in 2012

  1. 1. Subscribe to Fortune U.S. Log In CNN Enter symbol or keyw ord Home Video Business News Markets Investing Economy Tech Personal Finance Small Business Leadership Like 104k 2012 jobs by FORTUNES FASTEST-GROWING COMPANIES A Job openings at Fortune 500 Companies Full List s Near You Y CEOs Top Companies Industries s Sr.Software Maintenance Engineer/Java... ft r v Alexandria, VA - Northro p Grumman r r 1. Silver Wheaton 1 of 100 A AT&T Sales Support Representative -... v Staten Island, NY - AT&T Email Shar e Share Tw e e t Tw eet Like 139 A AT&T Sales Support Representative -... v Print 3-year average y v r Humble, TX - AT&T Revenue Growth: 76% A AT&T Sales Support Representative -... v Champaign, IL - AT&T Profit Growth: 340% Total Return: 49% A AT&T Retail Sales Support Representative... v Milpitas, CA - AT&T It’s a little-known fact that most silver is w See All Jobs produced as a by-product of something else -- meaning the people who mine it w Search All Jobs from Across the Web A A don’t actually want it. As a “silver- w job title or company location streaming” company, Silver Wheaton enters into silver-purchase agreements with w miners where the company contracts to buy w all or part of the mined silver. To date the company has signed 14 long-term silver- purchase agreements at roughly $4 an ounce. It’s that simple – buy low, sell high. Silver Wheaton posted record sales and revenues in the first and second quarters and says it is on track for its “best year ever.” -- Niamh Sweeney, Ni w y contributor tr Get stock quote: SLW L Revenue ($ millions): $771 Net Income ($ millions): $575 Industry: Mining, Crude-Oil Production BY L. MICHAEL CACACE, DOUGLAS G. ELAM, ERIKA FRY, KATHLEEN SMYTH, AND NIAMH SWEENEY A A A A A A MY A A What businesses do you think are primed to grow in this economy? Top 3 Sort by Newest first Subscribe by RSS REVENUE PROFIT STOCK GROWTH GROWTH RETURN Login below to leave a comment Sales gro wth r Company (3-year annual ra te) r Northern Oil and Gas 237% ZA ZAGG 104% Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ff 78% See the rest From the September 24, 2012 issue. How we pick the Fastest- Sponsored Links Growing Hot Stock Alerts To qualify, a company -- domestic or foreign -- must be f f All Winning Picks During Past 3 Yrs. Stock Gains from 83.9% to 1,175% w w w trading on a major U.S. stock exchange; file quarterly x reports to the SEC; have a minimum market... More v Orange Savings Account No fees. No minimums. Nothing standing in your way. Learn More. w w w Truth About Annuities* Dont Buy Any Annuity Until You Watch This Special Video Report! Buy a link 1/2