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Pacer Portfolio


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Pacer Portfolio

  1. 1. The Pacer
  2. 2. Pacer International Overview• Founded in 1997 through the acquisition of several logistics companies and the APL Linertrain which was renamed Pacer Stacktrain• Headquartered in Dublin, OH• 1,100 employees in our global operations• Comprehensive transportation and logistics portfolio• Best-in-class service delivery model• Publically traded (PACR on NASDAQ) financially sound and positioned for growth 2
  3. 3. Our VisionTo be the customers’ preferred choice, earning customerconfidence every day by reliably delivering best-in-classdoor-to-door transportation services and logisticssolutions. 3
  4. 4. North American Office Locations Pacer  Offices:• New York/NJ• Chicago• Norfolk• Atlanta• Jacksonville• Miami• Dublin Pacer Office Types• Fort Worth• Los Angles Corporate HQ• San Francisco Regional OPS• Seattle• Mexico City Regional Offices Supported by an (color coded)• Toronto additional 20+ sub-offices. 4
  5. 5. Primary Europe and Asia Office Locations Europe Asia Pacer  Offices: • Hamburg, GE • Bremen, GE • Ipswich, UK • Hong Kong • ShanghaiSupported by an additional 80+ agent offices. • Singapore 5
  6. 6. Solutions That Make Your World Run Smoother• One of the largest intermodal equipment providers in North America – 17,000 Pacer 53’ domestic containers – Access to over 50,000 rail provided 53’ domestic containers – Access to an extensive fleet of ocean carrier small box (20’/40’) capacity• Full service Truckload, LTL and expedited – Brokerage – Dedicated – Regional, port and ramp service – Extensive North American drayage operation• Import/Export global air and sea freight solutions – NVOCC FCL – Freight Forwarding/Customs House Brokerage – International Air 6
  7. 7. Solutions That Make Your World Run Smoother• Warehousing – Storage: long and short term – Transloading – Deconsolidation and consolidation – Dedicated dray fleet for pick up and delivery• Logistics Management – Network assessment & design – Load control center – Contract logistics – International traffic management 7
  8. 8. Customer Portfolio Profile MatrixP&G 8
  9. 9. What Makes Your Supply Chain Run Smoother? Competitive Carbon Customer Costs Service Capacity Excellence & ControlCustomerSolutions 9
  10. 10. Collaborative Customer Network SolutionsOur Provider Networks Your Supply Chain Needs• We match your supply • We align our committed chain needs with our Pacer’s capacity with our transportation networks customer’s committed and capabilities for a fully Optimized volumes within the optimized solution. Solution network. 10
  11. 11. Capacity & Control Across All Transport Modes Centralized Capacity Procurement and Contract Negotiation for all modes. INTERMODAL HIGHWAY OCEAN/AIR WAREHOUSING LOGISTICS • Access to 42% of  • 3,000+ Truckload  • NVO Contracts  • Over 800,000 SQ  MANAGEMENT the Domestic  Carrier base with 20+ major  FT of space • Load Control  Equipment Fleet • 900+ Pacer  ocean carriers • 100+ trucks to  Center to manage • Over 100,000 mile  Cartage owner  • IATA Licensed with  cover pick and  customer’s and  rail network in  operators full air  carrier  deliveries within  Pacer’s capacity  North America • 2,000 + additional  access Southern  throughout your • Collaborative rail  dray carrier base • OWL 360 for full  California network operations with all  shipment visibility • WMS for  • Complete dispatch  carriers inventory visibility control and  shipment visibility
  12. 12. Delivering Best-in-Class Service Management Planning • Documenting Requirements  • Setting performance KPI’s Do • Operationalize all requirements • Secure capacity Check • KPI reporting • Performance Review Optimize • Process enhancement • Service delivery  improvements Customer Satisfaction • Ease of doing business Top 20 Fortune 500 consumer product company • Improved customer salescustomer: “We have established Pacer as our service benchmark provider for all of our carriers.” 12
  13. 13. Market Competitive Pricing Solutions Pricing Solution Matrix • Capacity o Surplus or deficit market o Balanced flows • Volume Commitments o Volume commitment by lane o Lanes values • Lane Bundling o Lane mixing by value A, B, C & D o Based on commitments in high value lanes • Network Alignment o Achieving best value from our networks • Market Feedback oWhat our customers are saying o Industry News and Reports 13
  14. 14. Carbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions by ModeBest Worse 14
  15. 15. Industry Certifications and PartnershipsC-TPAT• Pacer Cartage, Inc.• Pacer Stacktrain, Inc.• Ocean World Lines, Inc.• RF International, Inc.SmartWay Partners• Pacer Cartage, Inc.• Pacer Transportation Solutions, Inc.LA/Long Beach Ports – Clean Truck (340 Units)• Pacer Cartage, Inc.• PDS Trucking, Inc.• Harbor Rail Transport 15
  16. 16. Awards and Recognitions2010 2007Pacer International, Inc. Pacer Distribution Services“Supplier of the Year” “100 Great Supply Chain Partners”Tyco International, Ltd. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies magazine2008Pacer Transportation Solutions, Inc. 2006, 2005, 2004, and 1999“Intermodal Carrier of the Year” Pacer StacktrainConAgra Foods, Inc. “Quest for Quality” gold medal Logistics Management magazine2007, 2006, and 2005Pacer International, Inc. 2006“Best 400 Big Companies in America” Pacer TransportForbes magazine “Quest for Quality” gold medal Logistics Management magazine2007Pacer Global Logistics 2006“Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Providers” Pacer International, Inc.Inbound Logistics magazine “Supply Chain Provider of the Year” J.C. Penney Company, Inc. 16
  17. 17. Risk Management and Safety Services• Dedicated to operating safety – Corporate safety & security – Fully Insured – Motor Carrier safety and compliance – Claims Resolution o Freight Claims o Bodily Injury/Physical Damage – Damage & Loss prevention – HAZMAT training and compliance – C-TPAT compliance for all covered modes – Emergency preparedness planning 17
  18. 18. Keys to Creating a Valued Relationship 18