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  • Insert logo- keep clean- this is the intro page people will see when they join the webinar…maybe a faded smart phone in the background.
  • I would use a globe- maybe showing some various graphs of the global mobile boom!
  • I would use a globe- maybe showing some various graphs of the global mobile boom!
  • Harley appsmar13

    1. 1. Put the Harley-Davidson brand in the palm of every customer’s hand!A custom app for your dealership is a comprehensive “all-in-one” Sales, Service, and Communication Solution. 1
    2. 2. Why a Mobile Application? Quite simply: Mobility!The combined marketing efforts of radio, television, industry magazines, websites, and even the canvas of a UFC match, cannot compare to the power of instant connectivity to your brand’s most powerful commodity: Its Loyal Customers! SpecialtyMobileApps.com 2
    3. 3. Mobile Applications for Harley-Davidson Dealers ® Calibrated, designed, and delivered specifically for the retail dealer industry, Specialty Mobile Apps are customizable to the market you live in.Specialty Mobile Apps uses images supplied by the dealer, as well as images from the dealer’swebsite, to create and present a design direction based on that dealer’s specific brand assets.Collaborating with the dealer, we then apply the established creative direction to all screens of theApplication. Once created, the mobile application is generated, packaged, and made available to thedealer’s customers through the respective smartphone app marketplaces.As a marketing partner to the dealer, Specialty Mobile Apps builds and supplies customgraphics, including web icons, internet landing pages, in-dealer posters, and all the promotional tools tohelp the dealership hit the market hard! SpecialtyMobileApps.com 3
    4. 4. Control Functionality & CustomizationOur revolutionary design portal gives dealers complete control over instant, real-time connectivity to their prospective and current customers. Dealers can upload images, choose colors, customizeitems displayed, and continue the fully branded experience we have created. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 4
    5. 5. Sales Department Sales Contacts – App allows sales staff to stay in contact with customers and advise of new models or products. Increase Sales – Send promotions and coupons that are date- and time-specific. Create ―Door Crasher‖ deals that deliver measureable traffic to the dealership. QR Codes – Generate QR Codes and links to promotional media, events, fresh trades or Harley- Davidson® special sales and promotions. Push Notifications – Dealers can send targeted messages and information to their customers. Directions – Provide turn-by-turn driving directions to single, or multiple dealer locations. Perfect for dealers with events and promotions happening at different locations on the same day. All on the go! All in your customer’s palm! SpecialtyMobileApps.com 5
    6. 6. New & Used Sales Inventory Showcase new and used vehicle inventory, and let customers access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!Real-time inventory – Because our mobile apps are directly connected to thedealer’s inventory feed, dealers can quickly update inventory, load photos,and make the information available immediately to all of their mobilecustomers. As the bikes sell, they automatically come off the app. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 6
    7. 7. Service Department Specials – App can notify customers of maintenance specials and allow dealers to target groups of customers and drive business to the service department on low production days and drive absorption up. Increase Sales Opportunities – Maximize potential profits per repair order with seasonal sales, promotions and coupons. Easy up-sell opportunities with happier, well informed customers. Schedule Service Appointments – Make it easy for customers to schedule service appointments, directly connected to the dealers DMS. Bike Broke Down? – In seconds, customers can easily call their dealer’s service department. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 7
    8. 8. Customer Service & Retention Customer Satisfaction: Built into the mobile app platform are several key places where customers can easily connect with sales, parts, service, rentals, and H.O.G.® Chapters, all within the reach of their own thumbs. Social Media: Our apps integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to help promote dealership sales, events, promotions or bike nights. Customer notifications are a snap, and they keep the dealer’s customers informed, educated and happy. The internet has changed how consumers buy vehicles and how dealers sell them. Mobile markets have a bigger impact than ever before because of their rapid growth rates. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 8
    9. 9. Mobile Marketing Turn a customer’s mobile device into a tool dealers can use to send marketing promotions, and drive business to their wayUsing our custom design portal, a dealer can generate messages to send to their customers’ mobiledevices. Similar to email—and an email can be sent as well—these promotional messages appear in theuser’s application. They can read the message, but unlike email they are also able to take action withintheir message. For example, a dealer can send a promotion for an oil change which has an embeddedbutton that the reader can click to take advantage of the promotion. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 9
    10. 10. Push NotificationsDealers can send targeted information to their customers! A True “unfair advantage” over the competition. Our apps allow dealers full control over sending unlimited instant Messages & Push Notifications about specials, sales, promotions, and events to customers, creating immediate connection and driving dealer traffic. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 10
    11. 11. Get the Message Out!Dealers don’t wait for their customers to come to them. With a Specialty Mobile App, they can go to their customer right now! SpecialtyMobileApps.com 11
    12. 12. QR CodesQR Codes are a fantastic way to engage customers. Using our design portal,dealers can easily create their own QR Codes and link them to videos,websites, and any webpage with a URL. They can print out the QR Codes andattach them to brochures, billboards, and inventory, and let their customersscan them for more information. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 12
    13. 13. Customize AppearanceChanging the colors, graphics, and order of icons allows adealer to make their application a unique experience. We know dealers want applications that reflect their brands and provide value-added services to their customers. To facilitate this, our platform allows dealers to customize the complete user experience, choosing the colors, images, icons, and text. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 13
    14. 14. Behind the BarsSpecialty Mobile Apps begins building immediatelyOur automated mobile app technology allows us to begin building and customizing the dealer’s app immediately.Dealers just register and send an image of a brand logo and a pictures of the dealership… It’s THAT easy!Update your content anytime, instantly!Using our easy-to-use design portal, a dealer can update content and make it available instantly to all of their customers’supported devices. A dealer can instantly change the hours of operation from ―winter hours‖ to ―summer hours.‖App Store Submission and ApprovalWe have extensive experience dealing with Apple’s and Android’s approval processes. We handle all the complexityfrom start to finish.New Features and FunctionalityDealers have the opportunity to take advantage of new features and functionality, along with live dealer support fordifferent platforms and devices as technology evolves. We work hard to increase the value of our client’s mobileinvestment.Live SupportSpecialty Mobile App’s unparalleled customer service sets us apart from the rest of the pack. After an app is approvedand published live for download, we schedule training with all our clients to show each of them how to effectively usetheir app and how to make changes, edits, send push notifications, etc. -- we ensure that our clients are comfortable andconfident in the use of our app platform. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 14
    15. 15. Mobile App Features Instant Dealer Contact Easy Customization Content Changes on Demand Powerful Management Portal Send Notifications to Customers Schedule Service Customize Advertising Build “Daily Specials” Turn-by-Turn Directions Interactive Event Calendar Social Media Integration New and Used Inventory Hours and Maps And Many More Valuable Features SpecialtyMobileApps.com 15
    16. 16. Testimonials Hear from some of our many happy Dealers…―After months of trying to build and design our own mobile app just for Apple, we turned toSpecialty Mobile Apps for some assistance. It did not take us long to immediately drop ourinternal production and turn our entire mobile app development to the team at SpecialtyMobile. Their App Engine had many more features, and offered premium benefits likeintegrated inventory, QR Codes, and native Push Notifications. If you are shopping for amobile app, look no further - choose Specialty Mobile.‖Phillip McKee, Marketing ManagerArizona Harley, Anthem Harley-Davidson―We knew nothing about mobile apps other than we had to get one. Dealing with the entire team at Specialty MobileApps has been a pleasure, from the marketing of our app to the ongoing training on the system. We can highlyrecommend Specialty Mobile Apps.‖Suzy Carroll, Store ManagerOcean County Harley-Davidson―I can highly recommend Specialty Mobile Apps. In fact we’re so pleased, we purchased a second app for our MadRiver location. To discuss our experience, you can call me personally at the dealership at (330) 364-6519.‖Steve Dulaney, General ManagerAdventure Harley-Davidson SpecialtyMobileApps.com 16
    17. 17. Get Started Today!What is included? An Account Manager that walks your dealers through every aspect of the app development process -- graphics approval, app submission, build, and launch. After-sale service, support, and training--the Foundation of our growth: We operate with ―No Contracts‖; if our service, technology, or platforms do not perform as advertised… Fire us! We currently support various products including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. Subscription and setup fees include free access to new devices as they become available on our platform. We review, edit, and submit the dealer’s app to the various app marketplaces and stay in constant communication with the dealer. Our custom apps are exciting, and create a stir at any dealership. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 17
    18. 18. SpecialtyMobileApps.com 18
    19. 19. Contact Specialty Mobile AppsFor any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Tony Havens CEO (866) 537-7069 Ext-204 alhavens@specialtyreportsinc.com Jeff Dobish Vice President, Marketing (866) 537-7069 Ext-252 jeff@specialtyreportsinc.com Specialty Mobile Apps 370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1901 New York, NY 10017 (866) 537-7069 www.SpecialtyMobileApps.com 19
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