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Fairchild Semiconductor Int. Inc. Investor Presentation


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Fairchild Semiconductor Int. Inc. Investor Presentation

  1. 1. Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. July 2012 Investor Presentation 1
  2. 2. Notes on Forward Looking Statements and Non-GAAP Measures• Comments in this presentation other than statements of historical fact may constitute forward looking statements and are based on Fairchild‟s management‟s estimates and projections and are subject to various risks and uncertainties• These risks and uncertainties are described in the Company‟s periodic reports and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (see the Risk Factors section) and are available at and• Actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward looking statements• Some data in this presentation may include non-GAAP measures that we believe provide useful information about the operating performance of our businesses that should be considered by investors in conjunction with GAAP measures that we also provide. You can find a reconciliation of non-GAAP to comparable GAAP measures at the Investor Relations section of our web site at Recent additions to our website at Updated Financials (through current quarter with segment revenue/gross margin breakouts) • Quarterly Fact Sheet with current quarter highlights • This investor presentation 2
  3. 3. Fairchild Overview 3
  4. 4. Fairchild Today… Fairchild Semiconductor 2011 Revenue $1.6B Mobile, Computing, Power Conversion, Industrial Standard Products Consumer & & Automotive Group GroupCommunications Group (PCIA) (SPG) (MCCC) (41% of 2011 Revenue) (50% of 2011 Revenue) (9% of 2011 Revenue) Mobile Power Power Conversion Standard discrete & analog Switches & Interface HV MOSFET & IGBT Signal Conditioning SPM LV MOSFETs Automotive Logic OptoComprehensive offering of low Comprehensive offering of high Essential functions for key voltage solutions (<200V) voltage solutions (>200V) customers 4
  5. 5. Markets That Drive Our Business• Wireless Convergence and Energy Efficiency mega-trends• Power silicon content grows faster than end market sales – premium paid for efficiency• Segment structure increases our apps knowledge and ability to sell solutions• Large customers dominate these markets and align well with Fairchild‟s strengths in SCM, global presence and wide product breadth 5
  6. 6. Mobile, Computing, Consumer &Communications (MCCC) Group Overview 6
  7. 7. MCCC Business Overview Sales - 2011 What Drives Our Business? Energy Regulations SPG 9% MCCC 41% PCIA Handsets and wireless Mobile Computing Wireless 50% convergence and need for greater efficiency in lower voltage applications Telecom & Consumer Server High electronics Efficiency Power Supplies• Focus on leadership power efficiency in DC:DC applications• Solutions with increasingly small form factors• Portfolio of products to service OEM‟s & ODM‟s needs 7
  8. 8. Mobile Trends• Smartphone user experience and energy efficiency driving IC growth• OEM competition driving differentiation and IC opportunity• Increasing OEM requirement for broad based IP suppliers• Quality of supply critical differentiator• Three of four of the world‟s largest SC consumers are now handset OEMs• Strong Market Growth with 28% SAM CAGR *Q2 iSuppli Mobile Std Linear+logic+MOSFET 2010-2013 CAGR 8
  9. 9. Our CustomersContent in most of the Smart Phones at each OEM Content in many handset reference designs 9
  10. 10. Focus Areas in Smart Phones ASSP Camera Memory Display Sensors Switching Video Audio, Video, USB Filter/driverPLLs, Reset Timers, I2C Camera, Memory RF TransceiverControl Translators, Sensors Baseband Application MIPI Processor Processor RF Pwr Mgt Wi Fi Blue Tooth GPS Switching, Video DC/DC for 2/3G PA Filtering/Drivers, uSerDes RF Transceiver DC/DC LED Driver Amplifiers Audio Charger USB CoDec Mux USB Xcvr Class A/B. D, G Amplifiers Digital IntelliMAX Loadswitches CODECs, Mic. ADC, Mic Tiny Logic MOSFET Power Management IC’s USB Charging, Fuel Gauging Subsystems Tiny Logic Gates, Buffers Micropak2 packaging WLED Drivers with DC/DC Low RDSon, small Power for CPU Driven Transceivers, OVP, Lighting Management Units Packaging Subsystems, IO Power Charging, Detection 10
  11. 11. Mobile USBMaximizing USB port functionality in mobile electronics • Solutions for the full USB signal path • USB Switches • Multimedia Switches • Accessory Detection • Transceivers • Enable USB port sharing for data, audio, video, and charging • Reduce external components • Power savings with low power modes • Ultra-small packaging USB AccessoryUSB DetectionTransceivers Detect an accessory typeMaximizes design for automatic applicationflexibility and routing.assures USBcompliance. 11
  12. 12. Analog SwitchesMIPI / Audio Jack: •Detect and configure for Fairchild Semiconductor is a globalCamera: 3 or 4 pole headset•Route & isolate MIPI Switch Audio leader in innovative Analog SwitchMIPI interface to Audio Switch Jack Detection •Route audio to either solutions designed to route, switch,dual cameras or speakers or headphones isolate, protect and detect an arraydisplays whilemaintaining of signals in mobile devices. DBTV •Switch composite videosignal integrity or MIC to accessory plug Processor RF TV Switch Mobile Handset Feature Forecast 2010 - 2012 Power 1600 Management SIM 1400 Dual Mobile Handset SAM SIM Source: iSuppli 2010 Dual MIC Switch SIM 1200 Switch 1000 800 600 Dual Microphone: Dual SIM: 400 •Switch & isolate between •Sharing one 200 two microphones for noise baseband port with cancellation two SIM cards 0 Music Camera Dual SIM Dual Playback (>3Meg) Microphone (Audio Jack) (MIPI/Camera) 12
  13. 13. Mobile ASSP SolutionsASSPs Enable Smart Phone Applications ASSP Solutions • 33% 3yr CAGR* • Fast growing, semi custom space Inclination Compass • Reset Timers Series; hardware reset for Motion / software lock up AccelerationCurrent & Voltage • Temperature Sensors; provide thermal protection Temperature • I/O Level Shifters for I2C, SD Memory Proximity and SIM cards • Clock buffering and distribution Ambient Light Timing • Baseband / Application Processor I/O expansion 13
  14. 14. Mobile Audio• Investment started in 2009 with purchase of Leadis Audio IP and Team• Focused on proving competitive IP and selection as audio supplier at major handset suppliersCustomer Driven Products Include: Mobile Audio Focus SAM ($M) 500 Class D Speaker Amp w/ Battery Boost for Power Mgt 400 Dig Mic SPA 300 Dig Mic IC $M Sub ADC Class D and G Audio 200 SPA Subsystem w/ Pop and Subsystem CODEC / Click reduction HPA Digital 100 Microphone IC (PGA + ADC) w/ 0 low sleep current 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 and Enhanced HPA Class G Headphone SNR Dig Mic = Digital Microphone IC Amp w/ Integrated Sub = Audio Subsystem Source: Fairchild Buck for Power Mgt SPA = Speaker Amplifier HPA = Headphone Amplifier 14
  15. 15. Increasing Power Consumption 2G 2.75G 3G 3.5G Pre 4G 4G UMTS HSDPA WiMax / WiFiGSM GPRS EDGE WCDMA LTE HSPA WiBro TD-SCDMA DATA RATE (bps) 172M 14Mbps 70M 180k 384K 9.6k 56k Video call Video Conference HDTV Internet Video Download Video Broadcast Multiview Video VOICE Browsing Interactive Gaming VOIP Digital TV SMS Email 10hr 5hr 2:30hr 1:00hr ?hrTalk / Connection time 15
  16. 16. Battery Life in Smartphones Bridging the energy gap: • Higher energy density batteries (new Chemistries) • Optimized usage of features (HW & SW) • More efficient conversion of battery power • Lower power consuming components• Only 5 – 6.4 hrs of 3G talk time for leading smartphones 5.0 GBit/s datarates• Battery life gates user 10MP image sensors experience• All 4 phones use a similar Multi core apps processors battery with a capacity of 3D MEMS gyroscopes 1400mAh AMOLED WQVGA displays• More functions…same battery form factor 8 RF Bands …. 16
  17. 17. Fairchild‟s Mobile DC/DC Products Batt Mngment RF Power Management RF DC/DCBattery Management RFPA Power microPMIC RF subsystem Lighting Managament Management Switching Chargers W-CDMA RFPA GSM RFPA Core Power Management Memory I/O Application WiMax Processor Lighting Core Power DC/DC converters for digital cores LCD back lighting PMICs AMOLED LED Flash Efficient DC/DC Conversion = Longer Battery Life 17
  18. 18. Core Power Management DC/DC 3.0V SDRAM DC/DC Application Low noise regulators for Proximity processor and accelerometers DC/DC 2.9V GPS receiver DC/DC 1.1V BaseBand DSP DC/DC 2.6V ImageSensor Step-down DC/DC for SD DC/DC 1.6V RF Transceiver Flash Memory Cards DC/DC 2.8V FLASH memory Li-Ion DC/DC 12V LCD Display DC/DC 30V LED Backlight Step-Up DC/DC Battery DC/DC 2.0V PLL converter of USB-OTG 3.2V – 4.2V DC/DC RF PA DC/DC WiFi sub system DC/DC Audio Amplifier Multi-Channel + Mixed Signal for DC/DC Accelerometer DC/DC Hall Sensor Image sensor modules DC/DC Keyboard DC/DC I/O DC/DC 3.0V Touchscreen• Handset features and usage patterns continue to increase demands on energy efficiency• Continues to drive adoption of switching DC/DC across a wider range of voltages• Fast growing High Performance Analog Segment through 2014 (21% CAGR*) *Q2 2010 iSuppli 2010-2014 18
  19. 19. Multi-Band RF Power ManagementSwitching Regulator for RF Saves Power, Extends Battery Life 3G/4G Smart Phone+ 200 Minutes More Talk Time+ 140 Minutes More Access Time34% adoption today to 85% in 2013Over 40% CAGR Li-Ion Battery FAN5902/4/5 VOUT_SNS PVIN 1 1 1 SW 470nH 1 0 GPIO Baseband EN 3 Chipset GND VCON 6 DAC 4 P_DET 3G PA RF_IN RF Transceiver Runs 50% Cooler 19
  20. 20. Switching Battery Charger ICs Energy efficient charging reduces charge times of Smart Phones by up to 50% Linear charging IC (conventional solution) Li-ion battery 1.2W 2.5W USB POWER 4 - 7 Hours Switching DC/DC based charging IC 2.5W 2.3W • 38% adoption today to 85% in 2014USB POWER • Over 40% CAGR FAN5400 2 - 3.5 Hours 20
  21. 21. Mobile Summary• An analog business with a history and future of profitable growth $8 $7• Smart Phone addressable $6 content continues to $5 expand through adjacent $4 product strategies $3 $2 $1 2005 2010 2015• We compete on the quality of our supply chain, manufacturing cost effectiveness, and breadth of IP/product portfolio to solve OEM needs• Expect to double the business over the next 3-5 years 21
  22. 22. LV MOSFET Trends• Process Technology Continues to Drive Cost and Performance• Packaging Technology Shift Enabled by Process Drives Power Density• Performance Segments Require Power Density Improvements• Efficiency Gains are Highly Valued• Good Market Growth at 8% SAM CAGR Source: WSTS Fukuoka May 28th 2010 – projection 2010 - 2013 22
  23. 23. Process Technology Drives Cost and Performance 1 30V Die Size for 3mohm Die, (cm2) 20% Average Die -10M cell Size Reduction per Planar Technology Node -PT1 Enables : -Die Cost Reduction UltraFET Trench- (Margin 0.1 PT3- PT4- -RP5 Improvement) Key: PT6- -Smaller Package -Trench PT7 Sync- -PT8 Footprint -Oxide Charge Balance (Market Share) PT10-0.01 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 23
  24. 24. PowerTrench® Power Density Leadership Relative die sizes for a 30V, 2mOhm die, Vgs=10VFairchild PowerTrench® devices deliver thesame size advantage from 20V to 150V. 24
  25. 25. Power Density Old Approach New Approach2 X D-Pak 130 mm2 2X 5x6 PQFN 60 mm² 2 X 3X3 PQFN 21 mm²2 X SO-8 60 mm2 Power Stage 30 mm² 20A DC/DC 25
  26. 26. Power Density Improves Over 8X SO-8 Power 56 Power 33 Power 22 30 mm2 11 mm2 4 mm2 30 mm2QJA = 74.2ºC/W QJA = 48.6ºC/W QJA = 59.5ºC/W QJA = 65.8ºC/WPd = 56 mW/mm2 Pd = 86 mW/mm2 Pd = 190 mW/mm2 Pd = 475 mW/mm2 Transitions • Power56 to Power33 • SO8 to Power33 • Power33 to Power22 and Power Stage Duals 26
  27. 27. Form Factor Leading Package Technology• Form Factors for Singles: Power 56 Reference: SO-8 Power 22 Power 33 4 mm2 11 mm2 30 mm2 30 mm2QJA = 65.8ºC/W QJA = 59.5ºC/W QJA = 48.6ºC/W QJA = 74.2ºC/WPd = 475 mW/mm2 Pd = 190 mW/mm2 Pd = 86 mW/mm2 Pd = 56 mW/mm2 A package portfolio to drive mobile computing transitions! • Power56 to Power33 • SO8 to Power33 • Power33 to Power22 and PowerStage Duals 27
  28. 28. MOSFET Power in Notebook Computers Focus AreasNotebook Vcore Cost Effective Performance as Small as PossiblePowerStage 5x6 Duals 30VPower33 NCH 30V sub 3mOhmPower56 30VPT8SNotebook DC:DC/BatteryPowerStage Dual 30V – 3x3,3x4.5, 5x6Power33 NCH 30V 3-30mOhmPower56 NCH 30V 3-15mOhmPower33 PCH 30V ST3Power33 NCH 30V Dual CoolTMN VDC Notebook/TabletPowerStage Duals – 25VPower33 NCH 25V Dual CoolTMPower33 PCH 25V ST3Power22 NCH 25V PT7CSP 20V NCH Zener PT7Power33 NCH 100V (LED BLU) LV MOSFET Content $3.05 in 2013 28
  29. 29. MOSFET Power in LED LCD TVs Efficient and Reliable Performance as Cool as Possible Focus AreasLED BLU : Main Switching FET T-Con BoardN-CH PT5 100VN-CH PT5 150V PM IC SMPSN-CH PT7 40V Video Board Boost VCOM BufferPower33, Power56, SOT223 Rectifier Isolated DCDC Gamma corrector Analog Boostand DPAK Level shifter Buckboost LLC Buck Micom GPM PFC Buck Timing controller Buck RF Tuner Stand by PCI Source driverLED BLU : Sync MOSFET LDO LDO InterfaceN-CH PT5 100V Analog/ LDO Digital I/ON-CH PT5 150V Gate driverN-CH PT5 200V AMPPower33, SOT223 and DPAK Display LED Backlight WLED backlight LED driver board & Optical structureT-Con Board & Video Board :PowerStage Duals – 30VPower33 NCH 30V PT7 LV MOSFET Content $0.68 Today Growing to $1.33 in 2013 29 29
  30. 30. MOSFET Power in Power Over Ethernet Focus Areas High Levels of Reliability as Small as PossiblePower Sourcing Equipment CircuitIsolation switch with wide SOASOT223Power 33Powered Device CircuitIsolation switchSSOT3SSOT6Powered Device DC-DCPrimary Switch 150VPower56, power33, SSOT3, SSOT6,SO8, DPAKSynchronous rectifier30V SO8, SSOT6, power33, power 56Powered Device BridgeSSOT3SO8 DualMLP QuadPower33 LV MOSFET Content $0.50 per port 30
  31. 31. MOSFET Power in Servers Most Efficient Performance as Small as Possible Focus Areas Server Vcore/DDR CPU 1 PowerStage56 25V CPU 2 Power33 25V PT8+ Power56 25V PT7/8+ Power56/33 Dual Cool DIMM 1 DrMOS Multi-Chip-Module Romley VR Block Diagram 12-19-07 KEY VR12 SVID combo Load VR VR controler Note: All currents are TDC (Thermal Design Current) DIMM 2 DIMM 3STBY 3.3V Jaketown (CPU) 5VSB 3.3V @ 0.4A PCI VR12 Dual SVID 12V1a Vccp @ 126A VCCP Vsa @ 3A DIMM 4 12V1b VSA Server POLs VTT 1.8V AUX 1.8V @ 0.8A Zoar-Eathernet CPU PLL PowerStage56/34/33 1.8V @ 1.2A VPLL 1.0V AUX VDDR01 Zoar Power33 PT7/8 12V3 CPU VTT VDDR23 1.0V @ 1.2A 1.05V @ 25A Power56 PT7/8 1.2V AUX 1.2V @ 0.8A IBMC DDR3 (4 DIMMs) TinyBuck Integrated solution DDR3 VDDQ 1.5V @ 70A VDDQ DDR3 Vtt OPTIONAL 12V SOURCE 0.75V @ 1.1A VTT DDR3 (4 DIMMs) DDR3 VDDQ VDDQ Pattsburg (PCH) 1.5V @ 70A 1.1V PBG DDR3 Vtt VTT 12V3 1.1V @ 21A 1.1V OPTIONAL 12V SOURCE 0.75V @ 1.1A 1.5V Jaketown (CPU) 1.1V STBY VR12 Dual SVID 5VSB 1.1V @ 1.1A 1.1V STBY 12V2a Vccp @ 126A VCCPLV MOSFET content grows from 12V2b Vsa @ 3A VSA VTT 1.5V STBY 1.5V @ 0.4A 1.5V STBY< $0.50 to > $5.00 in 2013 CPU PLL 1.8V @ 1.2A VPLL VDDR01 VDDR23 DDR3 (4 DIMMs) DDR3 VDDQ 1.5V @ 70A VDDQ OPTIONAL 12V SOURCE DDR3 Vtt 0.75V @ 1.1A VTT 2.5” HDD DDR3 (4 DIMMs) DDR3 VDDQ 1.5V @ 70A VDDQ DDR3 Vtt VTT OPTIONAL 12V SOURCE 0.75V @ 1.1A 31 31
  32. 32. Dual Cool™ vs. DirectFET® Direct FET Dual CoolTM 1Phase CCM- Heatsink, No AirSmall Can 947.2mΩ 92 90 3x3 88 7.2mΩ 86Medium 3x3 Power Efficiency % Can 84 2.4mΩ2.4mΩ 82 80 Component Component 78 MOSFETS: FDMC3020DC 3x3 HS, FDMC2512SDC 3x3 LS Area:49mm2 Area:21.5mm2 76 Fairchild 74 IR MOSFETS: IRF6710S HS, IRF6795 LS 72 Fairchild Dual Cool is Smaller 70 MOSFETS: FDMC3020DC 3x3 HS, FDMC2502SDC 5x6 LS 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Load (A) Dual Cool is More Efficient Dual Cool 3x3 and 5x6 ramp in 2011 Lead applications are performance computing Dual Cool Runs Cooler DirectFET is a registered trademark of International Rectifier 32
  33. 33. PowerStage Clip vs. TI Stacked vs. Renesas Efficiency and Power Loss 92 12V IN, 1V OUT, 300kHz 10 Lateral Stacked Silicon 90 9 process 88 exhibits higher 8 86 ringing than 7 Shielded-Gate 84 Trench PowEfficiency (%) 6 Technology 82 Fairchild 80 Renesas 5 78 TI 4 76 Fairchild 3 FDMS3600S 74 2 and 72 FDMS3602S 70 1 68 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 Output Load (A) Power Stage is more efficient Power Stage low ringing, no snubber Fairchild: TI Stacked: 75⁰C @ 25A 99⁰C @ 25A Renesas: 108⁰C @ 25A Components Tested: Fairchild FDMS3600S Power Stage runs cooler Renesas RJK0214 TI CDS86350Under typical application conditions, Asymmetric duals in 5x6 33
  34. 34. Infineon Partnership 34
  35. 35. Power Trench® Dual Cool™ 25A Control and Synchronous Solutions 30A Control and Synchronous Solutions S M7.2mΩ Dual CoolTM 3x3 7.2mΩ Dual CoolTM 3x3 7.2mΩ M M Dual CoolTM 5x62.4mΩ 1.2mΩ Dual CoolTM 3x3 2.4mΩ Component Component Component Component Area:49mm2 Area:21.5mm2 Area:62mm2 Area:41mm2 35
  36. 36. Shifting the Form Factor MLP 3x3 Dual 9 mm22 x SO-860 mm2 36
  37. 37. Fairchild Integrated PowerStage Solutions High Side and Low MOSFETs in a Single Package25A BuckConverter Solution HS HS 6mm LS 6mm LS LS 5mm 5mm PowerStage Solution: 30mm2 Standard Solution: 90mm2 Better Performance, 3X Smaller Footprint5A BuckConverter S08 HS HSSolution 3mm LS 3mm LS PowerStage Solution: 9mm2 Standard Solution: 60mm2 Better Performance, 7X Smaller Footprint 37
  38. 38. Market Segment Mix Improves Margin LV MOSFET Segment Mix LV MOSFET GM Projection100%90%80%70% Cons/Coms/Ind60%50% Cons/Comms/Ind Performance Computing Performance Computing40% Notebook Notebook30%20% Total10% 0% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 ACT EST ACT EST • Gross margin increases over 3 year horizon • Mix of performance computing, consumer and communications increases 38
  39. 39. Low Voltage MOSFET Summary• Efficiency, Power Density, and Size are Valued in Performance Applications of the Communications, Consumer and Computing Segments• Process and Package Technology are Key to Leading in These Value Dimensions• Revenue Growth and Margin Expansion that Outperforms the Low Voltage MOSFET Market 39
  40. 40. Power Conversion,Industrial & Auto (PCIA) Group Overview 40
  41. 41. PCIA Business Overview What Drives Our Business? 2011 - Sales Fuel Efficiency SPG Induction Lighting 9% Heating PCIA MCCC Higher 50% 41% Efficiency Variable Through Speed Innovative Power Motors Semiconductor Supplies Solutions Alt. Energy; Flat Panel Smart Grid Displays• Focus on improving the efficiency of customer s‟ applications• Provide value through innovative Power Solutions• Leverage our expertise in Discrete Technology, IC technology and Packaging Technology 41
  42. 42. Regulation and Policy Drives our Markets• Eco-friendly policies are moving the market WW • Energy Labeling, Energy Efficiency • Adoption of inverters in motor control applications • Change from traditional lighting to LED, CFL • Regional Examples: • EU: EPBD (Energy Performance of Building Directive) : All new buildings should consume zero energy from 2019 • EU: New Energy Labeling system • For Eco-Design: <B grade prohibited for sale after July 2010 • Only A-20% & A-40% products can be sold after July, 2013/14 • US: Energy Star strengthening (eg, SEER12  SEER16 for A/C) • China: New Energy Labeling System from June, 2010 • Japan: „Top Runner‟ program with APF since 2006• Clean energy and IT advances create whole new markets • Renewable energy; PV Inverter • Smart Grid; E-Vehicle Charger and Smart Metering 42
  43. 43. Inverter Driven Motors• Brushless DC (BLDC) motors • Improved performance and AC BLDC efficiency Size/Weight 100% 70% of AC @1HP • Lowers total cost of 55% of AC @2HP ownership Raw material AC >= BLDC driven by size/weight • Reduced size = raw material cost savings Efficiency 40~45% 70~75%• Fairchild is well positioned to help Speed control Difficult Easy & Linear our customers capitalize on the Accuracy of 3~5% 0.5% move from Mechanical control to Speed Electronic solutions (inverters) Torque control Poor Controllable • Our Smart Power Modules facilitate this transition easing the design requirements • Our IC‟s can simplify the control of these motors 43
  44. 44. Induction Motor vs. BLDC MotorAC Induction motor BLDC motor• The induction motor is also • A Brushless DC motor has known as a rotating permanent magnets on the transformer. rotor which eliminates the• Power is supplied to the rotor problems of inducing by electromagnetic induction. current to the moving • This method of transferring armature. power to the rotor lowers • An IC controller keeps the the efficiency. stator current in phase with• The motor turns because of the the permanent magnets of magnetic force exerted the rotor between a stationary • This requires less electromagnet (stator) and the current to turn the motor rotating electromagnet (rotor). with the same out force • The phase difference • Resulting in greater requires greater current and efficiency and smaller current losses to achieve size. power.• The stator is also powered by VAC: 110V/220V; AC, the low frequency (50/60 50/60 Hz Hz) requires a bigger magnetic- core and more windings to couple the current from stator to rotor. The speed and efficiency of AC induction motor is restricted by its power source (the line voltage and frequency). The power source of BLDC motor is controlled by semiconductor devices, which can achieve high efficiency at various speed and output load. 44
  45. 45. “Inverterization” Drives SAM Expansion in AppliancesM Units 500 • Washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners all require inverter driven 400 motors to meet energy savings 300 TAM CAGR of 6% 2010-2015 regulations 200 • Content: $2 - $20/system 100 • Our SPM solutions: SAM CAGR of 21% 2010-2015 • Reduce total system cost - 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 • Reduce development time • Optimize performance SAM using Inverter Appliance TAM • Provide higher reliability • Reduce board spaceTAM growth of end markets is modest, • In 2009, SPM revenue remained flat tobut Inverter % grows rapidly 2008 • Expect SPM revenue to more than double from 2010 to 2012 Source; IMS, iSuppli, Fuji Chimera, Darnell, WSTS etc 45
  46. 46. Fairchild Solutions for BLDC Motor Control wsy d3 wtb d2 Rectifier, PFC d1 wt ds  ms p Rrm ws wsb wsi Rs R ri lm R so ($0.10-0.25) R ro AC input m s 8 6 4 2 Power Supply 0 - 1 2 46 91 136 - 4 - 6 ( $0.30-0.45) - 8 BLDC,Communication Motor Control IC PMSMInterface & I/O ($0.80-$1.80) Power Module, HVIC, MOSFET, Motor IGBT ($2.00 - $20.00)Fairchild provides all semiconductorproducts required for driving BLDC MotorContent $3.20-$22.50 Fairchild Shorted Anode Field-Stop IGBT 46
  47. 47. What is a Smart Power Module (SPM®)?Expertise to integrate analog, discrete and high voltage technology together Integration of discrete components Enhances Protection IGBTs/FRFETs HVICs LVIC Peripherals -Bootstrap diodes -NTC thermistor SPM’s built-in HVIC and LVIC with Optimizes Design protection circuit SPM optimizes driving LVIC HVIC 3pcs of B/D characteristics for built- in power devices Cu Wiring Al Wiring Lead Frame B/D IC IGBT FRD NTC Ceramic (Isolation material) Adhesive EMC(Epoxy Molding Compound) 6pcs of IGBT 6pcs of FRD SPM integration, Summary enhances productivity while simplifying • Reduced total system cost manufacturing • Reduced development time • Easy management Facilitates • Optimized control flexibility Manufacturing • Higher reliability • Board space savings 47
  48. 48. Application: Pump DriveM Units • Small overall pump growth but50.00 regulations in EU will push adoption of BLDC inverter40.00 TAM CAGR of 2% 2010-2015 • Working with many of the world‟s30.00 leading customers20.00 SAM CAGR of 44% 2010-2015 • Broad portfolio of SPM products to10.00 address many needs - • SPM5  Circulation pump 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 • SPM4  2ø General pump SAM using Inverter Pump TAM • 1200V SPM2  3ø General pump SPM3 • Content $ SPM5 • Circulation pump : $2.5 ~ $5.0 • 2ø General pump : $18 ~ $36 SPM4 • 3ø General pump : $27 ~ $50 SPM2 48
  49. 49. Application: Fan MotorsM Units • In fans, like appliances, BLDC motor usage is rapidly outpacing traditional 350 AC motors 300 250 • We provide both the IC control and 200 TAM CAGR of 6% 2010-2015 power train 150 • Our SPM solutions outperform IGBT 100 based one-chip solutions SAM CAGR of 18% 2010-2015 50 • MOSFET has superior efficiency in - major fan motor area 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 • MOSFET has superior ruggedness (10 times longer short circuit time) SAM using Inverter Fan TAM • Our IC solutions provide customers with a simple way to implement control • BOM$ (40W ~ 70W fan motor) • Module(SPM5) $1.6 ~ $3.0 • Motor control IC $0.7 ~ $ 1.4 49
  50. 50. Application: Induction Heating and Microwave Oven• The global penetration rate of inverter based Microwave Ovens (MWO) was estimated to be just over 10% in 2005 • Adoption of inverter technology for MWO will improve the efficiency and the performance of MWO • The share of inverter based MWO is projected to grow to 40 ~ 50%• Chinese manufactures start to design Induction Heated (IH) rice cookers as the demand of multifunction capabilities increase• Energy Efficiency labeling program in Asia will also drive the market growth of IH rice cooker and inverter based MWO 50
  51. 51. Working Principle of IH Cooker  Electromagnetic Induction + Skin Effect + Heat generation in cooking vessel Cooking CookingHeat is generated Vessel(Pot) Heat loss to Vessel(Pot)within the cooking air byvessel by Eddy convectionCurrent Magnetic Flux Ceramic Work Plate Coil Heat loss to Inverter Module Gas stove cooking stove by conduction  Conventional Heating Methods Cooking vessel is heated though thermal conduction or radiation from heat source including combustion of gas, hotplate with heating coil and thermal radition from Halogan. So there is some amount of thermal energy loss due to conduction or convection during thermal energy transfer from heating source.  Induction Heating Methods Only electromegnetic energy is transferred to cooking vessel from Induction cooker, so there is no thermal energy transfer resulting in no thermal energy loss during the process. All the transferred electromegnetic energy is used to heat the cooking vessel itself. 51
  52. 52. Induction Heating Energy Savings Cooking Method Efficiency Induction 90% Halogen 58% Electric 47% Gas 40% Cost of heating ½ litre of water Power Consumption for heating ½ litre of from 20°C to 95°C water from 20°C to 95°C 0.1 1500.08 1000.06 500.040.02 0 gas induction halogen radiant induction halogen radiant gas Cost for heating Power consumption 52
  53. 53. Application: Induction Heating & Microwave Oven M Units • Energy Savings and increased functionality300 driving adoption of inverters in cooking250 applications200 • Particularly strong in Asia and EU TAM CAGR of 7% 2010-2015 • FCS provide a broad family of IGBT‟s and150 Drivers for these applications100 SAM CAGR of 11% 2010-2015 • Content: 50 • IH cooktop: - • 8 x 600V IGBT or 4 x 1200V IGBT 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 • $3.70 ~ $7.60/system • IH tabletop: SAM using Inverter TAM • 1200V IGBT, • $0.60 ~ $0.95/system • MWO : • 2 x 600V IGBT or 1-2 1000V IGBT, • $0.85~ $1.6/system • Rice Cooker : • 1000V IGBT or 1200V IGBT, • $0.85 ~ $1.90/system • Key Customers Include: BSH Balay, Fagor, Midea, Fushibao, Panasonic, Hitachi, Cuckoo 53
  54. 54. World Class Standby Power Potential Energy Savings withWhy is this important? conversion to FCS IC• Current specs for cell phone chargers 10,000 require <500mW under standby 9,000 conditions Energy Savings/Day (MWh) 8,000• Most chargers have standby power in 7,000 6,000 the range of 30-150mW 5,000• FCS has launched a <10mW solution 4,000• Typical chargers are in standby >20 3,000 2,000 hours every day 1,000• More than 1B chargers are sold annually - 30 150 500 Energy Rating System : Standby Power of Comparison Charger (mW) Most chargers are rated 4-stars now 54
  55. 55. Smart Phone Chargers • Smart Phones require increased(M units) 1200 power to drive additional 1000 TAM CAGR of 2% 2010-2015 performance 800 • 5W+ needed from charger 600 • FCS controllers provide a 400 unique feature set: 200 SAM CAGR of 16% 2010-2015 • Best-in-class standby power 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 • Accurate current and voltage regulation SAM for Smart Phones TAM for all Phones • Reduced component count • Content up to $0.40 per charger 55
  56. 56. Application: High Efficiency Computing and Consumer - World Class Standby PowerStd by of LCD TV/ LED TV LCD/LED Monitor NB Green Mode PWM - Best standby power performance <100mW@25mW PowerSwitch which meets PC 2013 EuP <0.5W@0.25W w/o external circuitry Green Mode PWM – best Std by of PC combination of peak power Green Mode and standby <30mW@ no load PWM – only design for NPB adapter w/ <30mW@ no load Broad Portfolio of patents filed to secure our power Printer saving leading position 56
  57. 57. Application: <75W PowerStrong Market Acceptance of our <75W solutions driven by our lowload power and our high efficiency Adoption drivers: - Power Saving - Peak power management ( printer ) - Rich functionality - Service support Key Design in : • NB: Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus • LCD Monitor: AOC, Innolux, LG • Printer: HP, Samsung • Game: Wii Content ranges from $0.16 - $1.1 57
  58. 58. Application: High efficiency DT/NB Power Supplies M Units150 TAM CAGR of 1% 2010-2015 • Computing market continues to100 drive towards higher efficiency at full load while minimizing power at 50 low loads SAM CAGR of 43% 2010-2015 • FCS controllers provide a unique 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 feature set: • Leading Patented Power Saving PC Gold SAM PC TAM M Units Technology • Higher efficiency400 TAM CAGR of 10% 2010-2015 • Reduced component count300 • Easy to design200 • Content:100 • $1.50-$2.00 per PC SAM CAGR of 15% 2010-2015 • $0.65-$1.20 per NB adapter 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 NB > 75W SAM NB TAM 58
  59. 59. Application: +75W NB Adapter – Multiple Solutions Available PFC + QR High Side Syn. Rectifier combo Driver Controller • Content: $0.9~$1.2 • Next gen of NB adaptor solutions to meet 92%+ efficiency • High integration provides cost effective design • Wider power range 75W~250W • Allows for very slim design ISR VOUT 1 • Content: $0.65~$0.8 • Current mainstream solution for NB Q2 adaptors R1 3 GATE 5 VDD R3 • Meets 90%+ efficiency, high integration , FAN6921 LPC RES 8 FAN6204 7 75W~150W R2 4 6 R4 GND AGNDPFC + QR combo Syn. Rectifier Controller 59