EMEA10: The Power of Believing


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Do you believe your business can be successful? Do you believe you can grow, find new markets? Are you stumbling through day to day hoping your business is going to survive? If you had 3 minutes to sell me your product, what would you say?

Learn some new strategies, techniques and interesting views in this interactive workshop.

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EMEA10: The Power of Believing

  1. 1. The Power of Believing John McGlinchey Regional Director CompTIA
  2. 2. The Power of Believing • What is a successful business •People & Business •Selling yourself / your business •The Power of Thought
  3. 3. What is a Successful Business •Profitable •Exciting •Opportunity to grow •Ethical •Challenging •Passion
  4. 4. Key factors in a Successful Business 1. Successful businesses have repeatable, scalable systems 2. They don’t depend on one person 3. Successful businesses can articulate what makes them different from others in their field 4. They always add value to the customer’s experience 5. Use strategies that recognize and reward their employees 6. Most successful businesses have a powerful vision 7. Planning – short term, long term, medium term 8. Product innovation – re-create or die 9. Surround themselves with the right support
  5. 5. Its about the PEOPLE •Individuals are at the heart of every organisation •Talent Development • Best place to work •Make your employees happy and watch your company thrive
  6. 6. Branson says: • "Our guiding principle is this: give individuals the tools they need, outline some parameters to work within, and then just let them get on and do their stuff.“ HR magazine 13 July 2010
  7. 7. Why is Virgin so successful? •The Virgin culture •Employees as stakeholders •Working at Virgin
  8. 8. Who am I – What do I do  Have you ever wondered how to sell yourself better at a networking event or to a potential employer, co-worker, customer, etc?  You got 21 seconds to make an impact  You got to make it interesting  Your opening line needs to generate a response
  9. 9. Craft your 20 second story 1. Generate response: “How do you do that?” 2. Follow up the How you do that with: • Who it is for • What you offer (Goods Services) • What benefit that gives
  10. 10. An example “I specialize in providing lunch for office workers who want convenient, healthy, fresh food and drinks. I offer pre-prepared gourmet sandwiches/salads that can be purchased in a quarter of the time that it takes to purchase from those stressed-out made-to-order lunch stores”.
  11. 11. Power of Believing Believe it when I see it It should be See it and Believe it
  12. 12. Never ending supply of whatever it is you want • Customers, orders, resources money etc. • Need to know what you want and believe that you can have all you want • Use your five senses to really convince yourself • Then you need to get your mind to accept it • Focus constantly on having what ever it is you want
  13. 13. Choose your thoughts and Beliefs • Choose your thoughts carefully • You thoughts are probably on auto pilot doing what they want • Not even aware of your thoughts • Sending wrong messages • Have a thought check-up • If on auto pilot – not actively choosing your thoughts and beliefs
  14. 14. A belief system that allows Success • Don't accept what your mind tells you on its own • Examine your thoughts – what do you really believe • Whatever you want to achieve you can • You have to have a belief system that allows you to believe that you can succeed
  15. 15. Coincidence or not • Attracting coincidences everyday • The right thinking you can have coincidences that lead to success • Focus on it repeatedly and pay attention • Fun and easy
  16. 16. Summary • Believe in what you want to achieve • Focus on what you want not what you don't want • See it and believe it • Know who you are and what you do • Be the best you can every day • Do what you feel passionate about • Have fun
  17. 17. Details John McGlinchey Regional Director CompTIA UK Limited 44.207. 330.6071 44.7764.571.247 jmcglinchey@comptia.org