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Moocs and More


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Wolverine Caucus event 1/15/2013

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Moocs and More

  1. 1. MOOCs and More at the University of Michigan Martha E. Pollack Professor of Computer Science & Engineering Professor of Information Vice Provost for Academic & Budgetary Affairs
  2. 2. 2MOOC =Massive Online Open Course
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 5Coursera Partners
  6. 6. 63 Modes of Use for Coursera • Free “courses” offered to the world MOOCs • Tens of thousands of people enrolled in each • Opportunity to supplement and enhance the learning experience ofOn-Campus on-campus students Use • Enabled flipped classroom and increased interactive learningFee-Based • Professional and continuingContinuing education programs Education
  7. 7. 7UM Coursera MOOCs To Date Model Thinking Securing Digital Scott E. Page Democracy J. Alex Halderman Winter 2012: 50,000 enrolled & Fall 2012: 88,200 enrolled Fall 2012: 14,600 enrolled Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Social Network Analysis Human Mind, Our Modern World Lada Adamic Eric Rabkin Summer 2012: 40,000 enrolled Fall 2012: 48,700 enrolled Internet History, Technology, and Security Computer Vision: From 3D Charles Severance Reconstruction to Visual Summer 2012: 46,500 enrolled Recognition Silvio Savarese &Fei-Fei Li Winter 2013 Introduction to Finance Gautam Kaul Summer 2012: 133,000 enrolled
  8. 8. 8 Why? A tool that can help us further our commitment to Want to be a leader in engaged learning activities shaping the future of on campus, enhancing our online education. own students’ learning experiences.Provides a new way toconnect with our alumni, Sharing our expertise iswith prospective consistent with ourstudents, and with the public mission.citizens of Michigan. Potentially a new revenue stream.
  9. 9. 9“ . . . and more” A number of other experiments with learning technologies on campus  Hybrid and online degree programs (Executive MBA, MEng, Dental Hygiene, MHSA and MPH)  Piazza: “online course gathering place”  MConneX: short videos by Engineering faculty and alumni on emerging topics  Lecture Tools: personalizing large classes  Screencasts for homework help  Learning Analytics