DDC and NAF presentation at CommunityMatters Workshop in Newport Vermont


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  • This is a Q&A session where participants will describe the last time they interacted with Newport government. We will want to capture HOW, WHO, PURPOSE, FEELING (satisfying, unsatisfying, etc.). If most recent wasn’t a good experience we might ask participants to describe a “good” experience and what made it good.
  • This is the tier where information from the government is “pushed” or broadcasted to the residents.
  • Tier 2 engagement practices focus on developing an partnership or relationship with residents, providing citizens with a deeper understanding of public endeavors, or allowing community members to participate in the operations, planning, and monitoring of government services. Example: Nevada County which covers 974 miles of rugged terrain has implemented video conferencing for service intake and court functions. Video cameras set-up at over 60 locations for service intake. Caseworkers are able to interview residents via video and qualify them for social or health services, county staff can discuss and review planning and building permits, and child support attorneys can “appear” via remote locations. The county has since moved from video conferencing software to skype.
  • These are comprehensive, democratic initiatives on information sharing, community action and service provision.
  • Though each experience is different, most follow a similar basic process: residents brainstorm spending ideas, volunteer budget delegates develop proposals based on these ideas, residents vote on proposals, and the government implements the top projects. For example, if community members identify recreation spaces as a priority, their delegates might develop a proposal for basketball court renovations. The residents would then vote on this and other proposals, and if they approve the basketball court, the city pays to renovate it. Participation has also improved relations between citizens and local authorities, as citizens feel that local authorities have become more transparent and trustworthy. - Social justice is advanced through the entrance of traditionally excluded groups and citizens into vital decision-making venues.- Lets community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget.
  • Technology investment at public school Pedestrian walkway improvements Transit station improvements Library community space Art center Bathroom renovation at public school Cafeteria sound proofing at public school
  • DDC and NAF presentation at CommunityMatters Workshop in Newport Vermont

    1. 1. Engaging Citizens in Public Decision-making and Problem-solving
    2. 2. - How are people engaged now in decision-making and problem-solving?- What role does government play inengagement?- What engagement challenges are on thehorizon?
    3. 3. - How are people engaged online?- How are people engaged in budgetdecisions?
    4. 4. 3 Tiers of Digital Engagement1. One-way broadcasting of information2. Two-way exchange of information and ideas3. Collaboration to solve problems
    5. 5. Tier 1: One-way broadcasting of info
    6. 6. Tier 2: Two-way exchange of info and input Video conference with residents that are notable to get o to City Hall Provide a website with comprehensive information and real- time video of a development site
    7. 7. Engage Using Text Messages
    8. 8. Tier 3: Collaboration to solve problems Citizen Participation in Service Delivery
    9. 9. Online Suggestion Box
    10. 10. Participatory Budgeting Public Decision-making
    11. 11. Why Participatory Budgeting• Gives real people real power over real money• Creates government accountability• Supports democratic practice• Improves trust in government
    12. 12. Online Project Ideas
    13. 13. Engagement, Education, Imp rovement
    14. 14. Completed projects givesense of communityownership, communitypride, and reflectshared values.