CM10 Measuring Success Rhonda Philips


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CM10 Measuring Success Rhonda Philips

  1. 1. J Jvleastiring Success II Our CornrrIUrIitie3 0 R. 'rIo'rIcla Phillips, AJCP, CECD Professor, Arizona Staite Urliversity School of Comm Llnity f{$OLJi’C: ~.'S 84. D9/eloprrierit rhonda. phi| |i ps@asu . edu
  2. 2. 0 “Our gross national product. . . if we shou/ d// udge F America by that — counts air pollution an cigarette ad I/ ertisinc, and arnbulances to clear our highways of carnage. counts special locks for our doors and the jails for those who break them. it counts the destruction of our red woods and the loss of our natural wonder in chaotic sprawl. . . . Yet the .5 ross natio_nal product does not allow for the health of our children, I the quality of their education or the joy of their play. it does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages, ‘ the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. . . it measures everything in short, except that which rriakes life worth whi e. oRo'oer't 'r<erIrIedy, l/ larch ’l8, ‘l 988, Address at the Univ ersity oil<arIsas
  3. 3. Why Jvleastire and Evaluate at f‘ slll oPast periorrriance. o Estirriatirig future outcomes. .. 4. oGettirIg what you want ' " as a cornrriuriity requires it 4 If one does not Know to which port one is sailing, no wind favorable - Seneca
  4. 4. 0 Essentially, corrIrrILIrIi"Ly iridicators are bits of irI'iorrna"£iorI t'rIat w'rIerI cornioined, provide a picture of what is happeriirig in a local s/ stern J insight into the direction of a cornrnunity: improving or declining, forward or bacirwards, increasing or decreasing _l Combining indicators provides a rneasuring ystern with clear and honest information about past trends, current realities, and future direction, in orderto aid de cision—rnal<ing J Can be thought of as a “report card” of cornrnunit y well being
  5. 5. Corrirrion ‘types of rneasures: o‘l. Eeriorrnarice 02. Process Outcornes - Outcornes H H In _l Jvlost cornrnon, indicates _| Qtialitauve “ nature, activities suc'n as: ass'ss sLIc'n activities as onurnber of contacts 'iOliiJ’: tElOfJ Oi HEW onurnber otrirrris andjobs P31T3il9T3lllP3 b9lVV99“ 31“ Cl created/ retained; am on g educational o, Imj any 9‘ih: _)f Semis; institutions, governrnent, oulcornes and cjuality and the private sector
  6. 6. ol/ l'rIa't makes cornrnunity iriclicators any cliiiererit "’ ‘ll 1- ' 1- 0- on 1- cu " 5 ' ' . ‘l 1- ) ' . x ll'Oiil Otrldi iii-: ':loLlf-so Oi COrfliilLlill[y/ -:‘COilOiillC , - ~ ‘I ’~' I , -I in F ’_~- developrnent, sucn asjoo growth or changes In per ca pita income? _I Key is developing an integrative approach — consider the impacts of developrnent not only In econornic terms, bit also t'n; social an d en vironrn ent al dlrn en si on _l Reflects collective values — provides a in ore powerful evaluative tool than simply considering the ‘econ ornics’ of change and grovvth. _l Incorporates . 'oot'n ideas ofperiorrriarice and process otitcornes, for better evaluation.
  7. 7. Up to a c; er': a]n r olrrt, more 0 / f goes beyond measuring “r“r)ofe”, ,.So ‘now do we rrlov e the "focus 'r'rom / l// ore, re Berrer? o Qualliy or“ Jlfe concerns are part er” cerrrrrldrrlty indicator lsJerJtJ'fJca'tJerJ AND JrnpJernen: rn_c responses/ policies to as dress lssLJes o P'no'! o: Working at the Inter‘/ ale, a 350 acre farm preserve located In the City of Bur| ir1:'! or1.'l"nis cornp ex oroduces over‘! rnilhon pounds of food annually for the area.
  8. 8. Pdrtlng ”: 'noLJ: ‘nits. .. L_ oAo'nie/ ing sLJstaina’pIe oornrnLJnity progress is going to take more t'nan rhetoric. .. o lvleasuring “success key component I3 2!