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  • Phil
    With traditional means of communication, you are unaware of who receives your message.
  • Phil
    With web 2.0, you know who your audience is and you can even track how your initial message is continuing to spread.
  • CM10 Gov. 2.0 Dustin Haisler

    1. 1. Going Beta: Government 2.0 CommunityMatters #CM10Conf
    2. 2. Gov 1.0 by Kecko by mlovitt Gov 2.0
    3. 3. Traditional Means of Citizen Interaction CITY GOVERNMENT CITIZENS
    4. 4. Interaction With Gov 2.0 Tools CITY GOVERNMENT CITIZENS
    5. 5. Can Citizens Really Help Us? Flickr:mararie Yes, But They Need Direction
    6. 6. Current Government Innovation?
    7. 7. The Platform
    8. 8. Manor’s Innovation Process 1 2 3 4
    9. 9. Step 1- Submit Idea 11 STAGE
    10. 10. 1 Step 2- Idea Vetted By Participants STAGE
    11. 11. 2 Step 3- Reviewed By Department STAGE Is There Enough Information To Proceed? YES or NO
    12. 12. 3 STAGE Step 3- Reviewed By Innovation Committee
    13. 13. 4 STAGE Step 4- Implemented or Aborted Flickr:camknows
    14. 14. Innovation Process Recap
    15. 15. What’s The Difference From Other Platforms?
    16. 16. Powered By Ideascale
    17. 17. Powered By Spigit
    18. 18. How Do You Make It Sustainable? Answer: Game Mechanics
    19. 19. Rewarding Civic Engagement Users Receive “Innobucks” For Participation (Which Can Be Traded In For Real Products)
    20. 20. How Are They Rewarded? • Innobucks –A virtual online currency that can be traded in for real tangible products and services from the Manor Labs storefront. • Users receive Innobucks in various quantities depending upon the action they complete. –For example: Users receive 5,000 Innobucks when submitting an idea for us to consider. Twitter @manorlabs Web
    21. 21. What Are Some Of The Tangible Benefits? $25 Gift Certificate To Restaurant Ride-out With Chief of Police Week Named In Your Honor Be Mayor For A Day
    22. 22. How Else Can This Be Applied?
    23. 23. MANORMANOR DIG ITA L STO P In-Field Example
    24. 24. • 24 QR-Codes (15 Equipped with RFID) Currently Deployed. • Current Codes Are Deployed On City Projects, Places of Interest, City Buildings, and even a Lift Station. • Businesses/Developer Training Program • Pilot Testing 20 Additional QR-Codes Affixed To CityVehicles. Total Cost of Program (Phase 1)? $400.00
    25. 25. Other Civic Technology
    26. 26. Can This Be Replicated?
    27. 27. 34 For More Information Visit Did I Mention It Was All Done In Under 1 Month!
    28. 28. What We Did What Made It Happen Cost Website Wordpress + GovFresh Theme Free + Domain/Hosting Citizen Reporting (Distributed 311) SystemSeeClickFix Starts at $40 per month QR-codes ZXing Only the cost of printing Idea Platform Spigit Starts at $499 per month E-Forms + Processes Firmstep Starts at $300 per month Open Data Socrata Free Version Available. Plans start at $499 per month Open Crime Information CrimeReports Starts at $99 per month E-mail Google Apps Standard Free (Up to 50 users) Social Media ( Facebook/Twitter) Facebook/Twitter Free Document Management (Internal) Google Docs Free (Up to 50 users) Online Records Retention (Internal) PageFreezer Starts at $199 per month Emergency Management Support (Internal) DHS First Responders Communities of PracticeFree for first responders. Project Management (Internal) Manymoon Free Mobile City Application DotGov Free VoIP Cloud Phone System (Internal) MuniVox + Tropo Free
    29. 29. Starting Points Form an Internal Innovation Committee (Start Within Your Own Department) Find A Platform To Help Harness/Manage Ideas Start Small With R&D Find Higher Education Institutions & Private Companies To Partner With Cookie Cut (Learn What Others Have Done, And Apply It)
    30. 30. Our Challenges Internal Culture •Solution: Executive Sponsor- ‘Open Leadership’ External Culture •Solution: Reaching Out In Existing Channels
    31. 31. Dustin Haisler, Assistant City Manager & CIO (512) 272-5555 Text “Haisler” To 50500 For My Contact Information .org