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PST online engagement training II


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Online Engagement Training for Project Safe Trade Staff. Covers the basics of Wordpress and Hootsuite.

Part II. Part I is here:

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PST online engagement training II

  1. 1. Project Safe Trade Online Engagement Training II 20 November 2013
  2. 2. Last time we focused on these... Existing Calpep staff will handle Facebook, we’ll send them messages to update about PST Youtube Videos will be recorded once a month and posted every other week (and optimized*) Youtube Videos will automatically appear on Google+ Also, strategic messages Will be used to promote events (January)
  3. 3. ...this time, we’ll focus on these We’ll go over the software used to run both the Calpep and PST Websites: WORDPRESS We’ll learn how to control many social media profiles with one tool: HOOTSUITE Youtube Videos are posting and appearing on Google+ (We’re postponing Instagram) Existing Calpep staff still handle Facebook, CBV & Calpep staff occasionally add PST info
  4. 4. Wordpress
  5. 5. WP sites are built from two key parts: Pages This is a Page called “Home”
  6. 6. And Posts This is a Post about Yeast Infections
  7. 7. Posts add content to Pages Which is listed with other Posts on the FAQ Page
  8. 8. Hands On Exercise
  9. 9. For PST - Posts Only
  10. 10. Login to the WP website dashboard. Select “Posts” from the list. Click “Add New.” Type up your ideas. Click “Save Draft” if it’s not ready to go public. Click “Preview” to check your work. Click “Publish” and set a date when it is ready.
  11. 11. Name your post here: The question Type your ideas here: The answer
  12. 12. Name your post here: The question Type your ideas here: The answer
  13. 13. Don’t forget about tagging Be Organized Create Systems Think Organically Less is More Make Connections Titles Count (especially for photos on your site)
  14. 14. Your Tags are on Page 15 •HIV, AIDS, STD, STI, disease, infection, hepatitis C, HepC •sex, safe sex, safer sex, risk, protection, condom, abstinence, monogamy, polygamy, communication, honesty •sex, sexual, sexuality, hetero, heterosexual, homo, homosexual, bi, bisexual, same sex, partner, spectrum, men who have sex with men, MSM, trade, closet •PEP, post exposure prophylaxis, PrEP, pre exposure prophylaxis, truvada •alcohol, drinking, drugs, abuse, abusing, addiction, responsible, responsibility, risk reduction, harm reduction
  15. 15. Type your ideas here: The answer
  16. 16. You can do more...but not today!
  17. 17. On to Hootsuite
  18. 18. Hootsuite Make your own Hootsuite for free (up to 5 profiles) Lets you review all your engagement in one place Lets you write once to post to many places Lets you schedule posts FOR APPROVAL by CalPep staff
  19. 19. Hootsuite Main Dashboard
  20. 20. Build columns for reading Twitter Columns Feed Columns
  21. 21. Bulk & Pre-Schedule Messages
  22. 22. Engagement is Key People don’t like to be lectured to How can you create conversation? Ask people to tag themselves/their posts when they engage Sharing is Caring Connect people to real world events when you can Pre/During/Post events counts
  23. 23. Hootsuite Main Dashboard
  24. 24. Track Followers/Following
  25. 25. Analytics
  26. 26. One last thing...the Hootlet An extension for your browser. Lets you schedule from anywhere.
  27. 27. Project Safe Trade Online Engagement Training II 20 November 2013