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Presentation made to the Digital Past 2012 National Conference

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Digital past2012monmouthpedia presentation

  1. 1. DIGITAL PAST 2012 New Technologies in heritage, interpretation and outreachMatt Chilcott & Steve Moss
  2. 2. MonmouthpediA is the first Wikipedia project to cover a whole town (that iswifi-enabled for the first time).The project aims to cover notable places, people, artefacts, flora, fauna andother things in Monmouth in as many languages as possible with content co-created with the local community.The Council for British Archaeology have designated Monmouth as theseventh best town for archaeology in Britain.Monmouth aims to be the first place in the world to offer itstourist information in over 250 languages.Matt Chilcott & Steve Moss
  3. 3. MonmouthpediA utilises QRpedia codes, a type of bar code smartphonescan read through cameras that takes you to a Wikipedia article in thelanguage of the end user.Articles have coordinating geotags to allow a virtual tour of the town usingusing app tools like the Wikipedia layer on Google Street View and inaugmented reality software including layar.1,000 QRpedia codes around Monmouth by mid April ’12 includingenhanced interpretation in the Local History Museum and the Shire Hall.Partnership led by WikiMedia UK & Monmouthshire CC.Matt Chilcott & Steve Moss
  4. 4. MonmouthpediA & the wifi-town underpin a creative and inclusivedigital community (made up of locals, businesses and visitorsparticipating in forming a new sense of place throughout the town andits surrounds).The project has a significant international profile from which to cascadeMonmouth’s culture heritage and identity to a global audience andattract new visitors to the Wales.Matt Chilcott & Steve Moss
  5. 5. Co-creation of content through ‘themed’ community engagement events:Monmouth Past / Monmouth Arts/ Wild Monmouth / Active Monmouth / Streetsof Monmouth / Rolls & Monmouth etcArchives ‘Quests’ with volunteers enriching articles with findsin the Gwent ArchivesCollaboration with schools and major employers Matt Chilcott & Steve Moss
  6. 6. Research Steve Moss is investigating the effectiveness of the practices utilised in the MonmouthpediA project within the context of pervasive digital heritage interpretation techniques. In particular he is examining community generated heritage content as a potential new form of digital interpretation practice alongside evaluation of the end user experience. Matt Chilcott is investigating the project design and public engagement methodologies adopted by the MonmouthpediA initiative in consideration of their potential adoption as additional digital inclusion intervention measures in disadvantaged communities in Wales which experience low online participation rates and lack the benefits of digital identity.Matt Chilcott & Steve Moss
  7. 7. Things to to think about as at February ’12:Context of the project – QRpedia and CrowdsourceryWifi town - impact on Monmouth as test bed for further studies / digitalinclusion / digital tourism experiencesPervasive museum experiences & new trails – strengthening the links betweenthe museum and the townNew tourism experiences – beyond consume – how best to participate & withwhich technologies – QRpedia Codes / layar etc.Cross fertilisation of co-created content with the People’s Collection WalesMatt Chilcott & Steve Moss
  8. 8. DIGITAL PAST 2012 New Technologies in heritage, interpretation and outreachMatt Chilcott & Steve Moss