Crowd sourcing 3.0


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Crowd sourcing 3.0

  1. 1. Crowdsourcing 3.0Marcus Evans Conference 2011 Raghenie Bhawanie
  2. 2. Raghenie BhawanieIm a facilitator andcollaborator focused on usingnew technologies and socialchange.You can connect with medirectly on@communicatista or
  3. 3. “Ask yourself not what the crowd can do for you, but what you can do for the Crowd.”
  4. 4. According to Wikipedia"Crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks,traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to anundefined, large group of people or community (a crowd),through an open call."
  5. 5. Open call- Use of new mediaForms of crowdsourcing- Crowd Wisdom- Crowd Creation- Crowd Voting- Crowd Funding
  6. 6. Crowd Wisdom“Given the right set of conditions the crowd will almost alwaysoutperform any number of employees"
  7. 7. Crowd Creation“On the Internet no one knows you are a dog,”
  8. 8. Crowd Voting"American Idol is the largest focus group ever conducted"
  9. 9. Crowd Funding"Crowdfunding is an incantation, one straw, for the substantialsavings on the endangered cultural sector"
  10. 10. Crowd pleasersGive them a platform on which they can show their expertise.Are you a crowd pleaser?How do you please your crowd?How does your crowd work for you?
  11. 11. Great examples of crowd pleasers#1 Sellaband#2 NASA#3 Kickstarter#4 BoomerangCreate#5 10pages
  12. 12. Set Goals!What do want to achieve? Does this fit your companystrategy? Spur innovation Drive brand awareness Connect better with customers Increase customer traffic Profit from the wisdom of crowds (save on R&D) Gain free content
  13. 13. How to? Listen online! (monitor) Who? (dont forget to include your own employees) Which role do they have in the project? Where can you find them online? Speak their language!
  14. 14. Keep it simple!Crowdsourcing only works when the task is simple forcontributors!1-click participation should be your goal.
  15. 15. RewardThe biggest reward for your crowd is not to be found in $!#reputation#status#showexpertise
  16. 16. Communication- share results- show how important your crowd is to you- even think about marketing your most active participants- constant communication about results and progress is key
  17. 17. Tools- Social Media!- Company website- Ning- Wordpress- GetSatisfaction- SurveyMonkey- Yammer
  18. 18. How to measure succes?TracebuzzBuzzcaptureZenddesk & GetSatisfactionGoogle NewsGoogle Blogsearch, Google RealtimesearchTechnoratiBlogpulseTweetscan or summizeGoogle readerAideRSS
  19. 19. Thanks!I have more ideas and cases on Crowdsourcing. Even a fewabout Community Management and New MediaManagement. Join me at: Twitter: @Communicatista Email: raghenie@newlogics.nlOr take a look at: (only in dutch)