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NHS Northants Carers Campaign


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A winning public awareness campaign helping to raise the profile and issues facing carers.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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NHS Northants Carers Campaign

  1. 1. Look after someone? Who looks after you? Winner of Communications Management’s internal INSPIRE awards scheme 2011
  2. 2. Overview• Northamptonshire has over 60,000 carers and was designated a carers’ demonstration site by the Department of Health to improve carers’ health and wellbeing.• Carers tend to have little time to focus on their own support and health needs and may as a result suffer poor health.• Although all carers are entitled to an assessment of their support needs, many are unaware or choose not to take these up.• A county-wide information campaign was required under a multi agency banner including NHS, local authority, carers’ organisations and GPs.
  3. 3. Objectives• To raise the profile of carers and caring in Northamptonshire with the general public so that they better understand what carers do, how they can support them and reduce stigma felt by carers.• To encourage health and social care professionals to identify and support carers more effectively.• To promote the confidential carers’ assessment service and increase take up.
  4. 4. Planning• Insight and scoping research with carers and professionals including carer e-survey to develop campaign and refine objectives.• Recruited and interviewed carer case studies for use in collateral and media relations.• Consulted target audiences – carers and health/social care professionals throughout campaign development and implementation
  5. 5. Strategy A branded integrated communications campaign Look after someone? Who looks after you? was developed following qualitative and quantitative insight research with carers and health/social care professionals, to run for six months.
  6. 6. Tactics – Campaign WebsiteIncluded information for carers and professionals andacted as a portal to other trusted sites
  7. 7. Tactics – Campaign MaterialsCampaign materials for the public and professionalsdistributed via statutory and voluntary stakeholders andintermediaries
  8. 8. Tactics – Facebook Page
  9. 9. Tactics – Carers Awards SchemeCounty-wide carers award scheme launched. Awardsceremony hosted by local BBC journalist at prestigiousvenue, prizes donated by local companies
  10. 10. Tactics – Media PartnershipMedia partnership negotiated with Northants EveningTelegraph and Chronicle & Echo to promote theNorthamptonshire Carers Awards and secure coveragefor the campaign
  11. 11. Tactics – Case study led media coverage
  12. 12. Tactics – Schools resourcePowerPoint resource created for secondary school PSHEco-ordinators to use, included: Focus on young and adult carers Lesson plan notes Support for breakout sessions Info for teachers on supporting young carers
  13. 13. Outcomes – Carer Feedback• “This campaign is really necessary for more isolated/new carers.” Female carer 45-60 yrs• “You are doing a fantastic job and finally people are realising so are we.” Female carer 45-60 yrs• “Thank you for this piece of work to raise the needs of carers.” Female carer 45-60yrs• “This is important publicity. Very little has been said about carers, young and old, and in the current climate we will have to fight our corner.” Female carer 60yrs +
  14. 14. Outcomes – Carer Feedback• 43% of carers had heard of the campaign• 39% of callers to Northamptonshire carers’ support line (the access point for carer’s assessments) had been prompted to do so by campaign messages• 35% agree that the campaign helped raise the profile of carers in Northamptonshire
  15. 15. Outcomes – Carer Feedback• 28% of carers said the campaign had helped them feel less alone as a carer• 20% agreed the campaign encouraged them to be more open about their role as a carer• 951 individuals visited the campaign website - 1,316 visits /4,931 page views• Ten items of regional media coverage including a 5 minute piece on Radio Northampton’s Breakfast Show