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Wedding speech

  1. 1. ndian V ersionThe I
  2. 2. Kids, this is thendian version of..
  3. 3. If you likeRomanticStor
  4. 4. You’re going tolove this one
  5. 5. Hi, my nameisAkash
  6. 6. ...I live in
  7. 7. When I was inhigh school, Imet a bunchofreally cool
  8. 8. We got alongreally welland we’vebeenbest friends
  9. 9. One of my best friendsis a guy by the name Of Salim
  10. 10. We were like Ted andBarney
  11. 11. I was like Ted
  12. 12. Looking fortrue love
  13. 13. And findingthatmy Mrs.Right was…
  14. 14. And findingthatmy Mrs.Right wasNot quite
  15. 15. And findingthatmy Mrs.Right wasNot quite
  16. 16. And findingthatmy Mrs.Right wasNot quite
  17. 17. He was like Barney
  18. 18. He had alltheRight
  19. 19. But still nevergotthe girls…
  20. 20. But still nevergotthe girls…
  21. 21. Severalmonths ago,when Salimwas helpingorganize acommunity
  22. 22. Severalmonths ago,when Salimwas helpingorganize acommunity
  23. 23. It waslove at firstsight…
  24. 24. It waslove at first sight(for him!)
  25. 25. They met upseveral times,and the morethey talked…
  26. 26. They met upseveral times,and the morethey talked, themorethey realized they
  27. 27. They met upseveral times,and the morethey talked, themorethey realized they
  28. 28. On November 2,2012,Salim & Zainabgot married…
  29. 29. Finding the rightperson is difficult,but…
  30. 30. Finding the rightperson is difficult,but when twopeople aremeant to betogether…
  31. 31. …they willalways findeach other…
  32. 32. Salim has beenmy best friendfor as long asI canremember…
  33. 33. And I can’t think of anyonewho would make a betterHusband, friend and life-partner for Zainab thanSalim…
  34. 34. And I can’t think of anyonewho would make a betterHusband, friend and life-partner for Zainab thanSalim…
  35. 35. I wish the happycouple …
  36. 36. I wish the happycouple an evenHappier marriageahead…
  37. 37. Now, as the bestman, I’m supposed tooffer my best friend afewWords of wisdom…
  38. 38. To Salim:Here are thephilosophiesof a happymarriage
  39. 39. * You can behappy…
  40. 40. * You can behappy or youcan be right. Notboth!
  41. 41. * The wifeis always right…
  42. 42. * The wifeis always right…even when she’s not!
  43. 43. * Two simplewords for ahappy marriage:
  44. 44. * Two simplewords for ahappy marriage:“Yes Dear!”
  45. 45. To Salim andZainab:May God bless youwith the happinessand joy that youFrom Akash, Alfaz & Alideserve.
  46. 46. Picture Credits* E-Learning Blog* How I Met YourMother (CBS)* Flickr (Creative
  47. 47. Presentation Designby
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