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Presentation skills free e book

  1. 1. Three Shortcuts for Designing SexyPresentationsHave you ever seen a beautifully designed presentation and wished it wasyours?Have you ever seen a sexy presentation that really drove home the speaker’smessage and wished you could create something similar...without too mucheffort?Well-designed presentations have the power to make the speaker’s messageinteresting and memorable. However, designing great presentations take timeand effort. It can take endless hours of hard work to develop and design a sexypresentation. Why does it take so long? Because: 1. You need to come up with a great color scheme and theme to make your presentation sexy! Just as wearing the right colors can make a person
  2. 2. look sexy, dressing up your presentation in the right colors can make it visually irresistible. Now, I’m no designer – I am the last person with an eye for great colors – but I have discovered a way to ethically steal other people’s great designs and color schemes, and you’ll learn how to do so too.2. You need to find stunning images to complement your points. Using great images not only makes your presentation more pleasing to look at, but it also increases the memorability of your message. Images are memorable, and when they’re used correctly they can help your audience remember your message. In this eBook, you will learn where to quickly locate stunning (and free) images for your presentations.3. You need to find the right fonts that convey the right feelings. Why not use default fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman? Because those fonts are over-used and frankly, they’re boring. If you want to design a sexy presentation, stay away from the defaults! In this short and practical eBook, you will learn how and where to easily
  3. 3. find the best fonts for your presentation. If you’ve seen a presentation online with a great font that you’d like to use but don’t know where to get it, you’ll discover a tool that will allow you to find out what font it is and download it (or something similar) for free. You’ll never have to be stuck with using boring fonts again! Oh, and don’t worry…all of this “stealing” is 100% legal, so you won’t be breaking any laws or doing anything unethical, but you’ll have to read on to find out what I mean.My Seven Promises to YouIf you’ve read this far, then it’s safe to assume that you’re interested in learninghow to design sexy presentations (without spending too much time or putting intoo much effort). To manage your expectations and help you decide whether ornot you should buy the book, let me give you a quick summary of what you’lllearn in the book. I promise that by the time you finish this book, you willdiscover:
  4. 4. 1. Where to find sexy presentation designs2. How to ethically and legally steal the color scheme and theme from an online presentation without paying a penny3. How to find amazing color themes and schemes to dress up your presentations in the right colors – even if you’re not a designer!4. How to ethically and legally steal sexy fonts from a presentation you’ve seen online – even if you don’t know what font it is!5. Where to locate beautiful fonts for free6. How to locate stunning images for your presentations without paying a single cent7. Ten simple principles for designing sexy presentations (if you learn these ten principles, you’ll have mastered 80% of what there is to learn about designing sexy and effective presentations).
  5. 5. Now, if that sounds like something you’re interested in learning, I suggest youget this eBook.You’ll get exactly what I promised you…nothing more, nothing less…so if you’rethe kind of reader I’m looking for, let’s get started with the 3 PresentationHacks for Designing Sexy Presentations…
  6. 6. How to Ethically “Steal” a ColorScheme and Theme from some ofthe World’s Best PresentationsSo…you’ve been asked to give a presentation. You’ve tried to say “No”, madeexcuses about why you can’t (“I’m too busy. I don’t have time to prepare forthe presentation!”), tried to shift the responsibility to someone else (“MaybeJenny should give the presentation. She’s not as busy and she’s got a betterPowerPoint skills!”), but in the end you’re still the one responsible for giving thepresentation.The thought of giving the presentation is too painful…you hate public speaking(You’d rather be the guy in the casket than the guy giving the eulogy!) and on
  7. 7. your list on most interesting things to do, “creating a PowerPoint presentation”ranks below “watching paint dry”.The thought of giving the presentation is too painful…so you push it aside untilthe last day. The day before the presentation arrives and you begin to panic.You quickly gather all your content – your stories, examples and statistics – andbegin outlining what you’re going to say. You come up with a suitable structureand begin to feel better about yourself.Now, all you have to do is to take your information and dump it into yourPowerPoint slides, correct?Unfortunately, that’s what most presenters do. They vomit all their informationonto their PowerPoint slides and end up creating a “slideument” – slides that areactually documents in disguise. These slideuments contain long paragraphs withhundreds of bullet points. Very little thought goes into the design of thepresentation. The font is boring and too small to read from the back of theroom. The colors are ugly and make it difficult to read the huge chunks of textthat have been copied and pasted onto the slides. And the images are cheesyclipart pictures that make the slides look unprofessional.
  8. 8. The effect of these slideuments? At best, the speaker loses credibility becausehis slides are unprofessional. More likely, the audience tunes out of what thespeaker is saying and falls asleep.How often have been bored to death by a slideument? I’m guessing it’s a bit toooften for your liking. Experiencing death by PowerPoint once is once too much.Unfortunately, because of the abuse of PowerPoint, PowerPoint has gotten a badrap. But there’s nothing wrong with PowerPoint – there’s something wrong withhow people are using it. PowerPoint is just a tool…and if you learn how to use iteffectively, it’ll serve you well. But if you treat it like a Word document (which itis not!), you’ll end up with a boring slideument. Don’t blame the tool…blame theperson using the tool.So, how do you go about creating effective – and sexy – presentation slides?The first step in designing a sexy presentation is to come up with a sexy colorscheme and theme.But what if you’re not a professional designer? Don’t worry, neither am I. Youdon’t have to be a professional designer to be able to create sexy presentations.
  9. 9. What if you failed art class and have no idea what colors look great together?It’s okay, I failed art class too!What if you have very little time to spend on creating a sexy color theme? Noworries.All you have to do is find a sexy presentation design that you like. The bestplace to find sexy presentation designs is on Slideshare. Slideshare is theYouTube of presentations. Every day, thousands of great (and crappy)presentations are uploaded onto Slideshare.Step 1: Locate a Presentation You LikeYour first step in stealing a sexy presentation design is to find a presentationdesign that you like. If you browse through the “Top Presentations of the Day”and “Top Presentations of All Time” on Slideshare, you’ll most likely comeacross a presentation with a color scheme you like.As an example, let’s say that you come across the following presentation(created by me)
  10. 10. Presentation: Example 1You think that the color scheme, theme and fonts on this presentation looksexy. It’s the presentation that you like best. You think that the design isappropriate for the type of presentation you have to give.
  11. 11. Some presentations on Slideshare are downloadable. You can download thePowerpoint presentation straight to your desktop and begin editing itimmediately, in which case you’re sorted.However, unfortunately, most of the great presentations only allow you todownload the PDF version of the presentation (which means you can’t edit itand use it as a template for creating your own presentations). Some otherpresentations don’t even allow you to download the PDF version of thepresentation (I know, it sucks!). Let’s say that that the presentation you like isnot downloadable.Don’t worry though. There’s a simple hack – a hack most people don’t knowabout - that you can use to ethically and legally steal the color scheme from apresentation…even if the owner doesn’t allow you to download the presentation!Cool, eh? Here’s what you have to do:Step 2: Take a Picture/ Screenshot of the PresentationIf you want to copy the theme from a presentation on Slideshare, you need toknow the answers to three questions:
  12. 12.  What is the background color?  What fonts are being used?  What are the font colors?In the presentation from Example 1, you can see that there are two differentbackground colors being used: a dark greyish background for the slide with thenumbered slides, and a shade of orange for the slide with the explanations on it.However, knowing that a background is “greyish” is not enough. You need toknow the exact “RGB Code” for the color.What’s an RGB code? Each color on your computer has a different code – calledan RGB code because all colors are made from a combination of “Red, Greenand Blue”.To discover the exact RGB code for the background, all you have to do is to takea screenshot/ picture of the slide.Here’s how to take a screenshot/picture of the slide: 1. Open up the Slideshare presentation in your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
  13. 13. 2. Press the “Prt Scrn/Sys Rq” function key on the top right of your keyboard. Some computers require you to press the “Ctrl” and the “Prt Scrn/Sys Rq” function key at the same time in order to take a screenshot (“Ctrl” + “PrtScrn/Sys Rq”).Step 3: Paste the Image into PaintAfter you’ve taken a screenshot of the presentation slide, you need: 1. Open up the Paint program on your computer. (To open up the “Paint” program on your computer, click your Windows “Start” button, choose “All Programs”, click on “Accessories” and click on “Paint” to open it up). 2. Paste the Screenshot of the Slide into Paint. To paste the screenshot into Paint, you can either: a. Choose the option “Edit” and then click on “Paste” b. Press the “Ctrl” and the “V” button at the same time (“Ctrl” + “V”)Once I copied and pasted the screenshot of my desired presentation slide intomy Paint program, here’s what it looked like:
  14. 14. Step 4: Select the Pick Color ToolAfter you’ve pasted the screenshot of the slide into your Paint program, selectthe “Pick Color” tool:
  15. 15. Step 5: Click on the Desired BackgroundAfter selecting the “Pick Color” tool, click on the slide’s background. The pickcolor tool will help you discover the RGB code of a color, so click on the slide’sbackground to discover the RGB code for the background.Step 6: Click on “Edit Colors”After you’ve clicked on the slide’s background color using the “Pick Color” tool,go to “Colors” > “Edit Colors” as shown below:
  16. 16. Step 7: Find the RGB CodeIf you’ve followed steps 1 to 6 correctly, a pop-up box such as the one shownbelow will appear:
  17. 17. The pop-up will tell you the selected color’s RGB code:In this case, the RGB code for the background color is:Red = 25Green = 42Blue = 49Pretty cool, eh?
  18. 18. Step 8: Find the RGB Codes for the Font ColorsAfter you’ve found the RGB codes for the desired background colors, go aheadand repeat Steps 4 to 7, except this time instead of clicking on the backgroundcolor, click on the font color. Following the steps, you will have the exact RGBcode for the font colors.By now, you should have the RGB codes for the slide’s background colors andfont colors. Jot these down somewhere because we’re going to use them in alittle while.Step 9: Open Up PowerPointOpen up your PowerPoint (or Keynote) program. Open up a fresh, clean, whitepresentation.
  19. 19. Step 10: Change the Background ColorYour presentation should currently be fresh, clean and white with nothing on it.We are now going to add a background color to your presentation: 1. Left-Click your mouse and a pop-up box will appear 2. Click on “Format Background”
  20. 20. 3. A pop-up box will appear. Click on Fill > Color > More Colors
  21. 21. 4. Another pop-up box will appear. Click on the “Custom Tab”
  22. 22. 5. Choose “Color model: RGB” and fill out the RGB value for the background color6. Your new background color should be exactly the same as the background of the sexy slide you picked on Slideshare!
  23. 23. 7. Since the sexy slides from Example 1 had two background colors (the greyish one above) and an orange one, let’s go ahead and create a new slide with the orange background. Add a New Slide > Left Click > Format Background > More Colors > Custom > Enter RGB codes for Orange background. If you followed the steps correctly in the previous section when locating RGB codes, the RGB code for the orange background should be: Red=235, Green = 149, Blue = 53
  24. 24. Step 11: Congratulate YourselfNow that you’ve managed to successfully steal the background colors from aslide on Slideshare, you deserve to be congratulated.Hack #1 AccomplishedYou now have the ability to get the exact RGB code for any color on theInternet! What are the benefits of Hack #1?How does being able to find the RGB codes for any color on the internet benefityou?I’m glad you asked.A major part of creating a sexy presentation is being able to choose contrastingcolors that make your text readable as well as visually pleasing. However, manypeople don’t really know which colors go well together and which one’s don’t.Choosing the right colors for a presentation is an art – and if there was anexamination on it, most people would fail.
  25. 25. Choosing the right colors for your presentation is also very difficult and timeconsuming work. And if you don’t have the time (or the creative spark) requiredfor choosing the right background and font color combinations, Hack #1 will bean indispensable tool in your presentation toolkit!Instead of having to think about which background colors and font colors gowell together, you can simply go to Slideshare, click through a couple ofpresentations and find the combination you like best. Import the backgroundand font colors into your presentation, and you’re presentation will look just asbeautiful!So go ahead and explore a few more presentations online. There are lots ofamazing and extraordinary colors being used in presentation slides. If you comeacross a color you like, you can simply use the “Screenshot > Paste into Paint >Use Pick Color Tool > Discover RGB code” method use the exact same color inyour presentation. Pretty neat hack, eh?
  26. 26. A Free Tool to Help You Find MoreAmazing Color Schemes for YourPresentationsNow that you’ve mastered Hack #1, let me introduce you to a free online toolthat you can use create your own beautiful templates.If you don’t want to steal other people’s presentation designs, but you lack theability to create great color-combinations, this free tool will be a life-saver.FREE TOOL: www.ColourLovers.comHead over to Colour Lovers and browse the color palettes. You’ll most certainlyfind inspiration in the Most Loved Color Palettes of All Time. Browse through thedifferent palettes and try out how different color combinations look on yourpresentation.
  27. 27. Each color palette comes with RGB codes for the colors, so the only thing youhave to do is choose a palette and apply it to your presentation. However, once
  28. 28. you choose a color scheme you like, make sure you stick to it throughout yourpresentation.