Most common presentation mistakes


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Most common presentation mistakes

  1. 1. KillerPRESENTATION MistakesAnd How You Can Solve Them!
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  3. 3. Killer Mistake # 1:Facts, Facts, Facts!
  4. 4. Mistake:Include lots of facts in your presentations. The more facts you have, the smarter you seem andthe more persuasive you will be.
  5. 5. Truth is… facts are boring and bland. If you simply spit out numbers instead of showing your audience how those statistics impact them,you will drown your audience in sea of numbers. .
  6. 6. Killer Mistake # 2:Always usePowerpoint
  7. 7. Mistake: When people think of apresentation, the first thingthat usually comes to mind is Powerpoint!
  8. 8. Truth is… You don’t always have to use Powerpoint. You should use Powerpoint only if you havegraphs, charts and pictures to show your audience. Powerpoint should be an aid…not your entire presentation!
  9. 9. Killer Mistake # 3Using complicated, technical words
  10. 10. Mistake: Use lots of complicatedjargon…because It makes you sound smarter.
  11. 11. Truth is… using complicated jargon may make you sound smarter, but it will isolate your audience.If your audience doesn’t understand what you’re saying, then your presentation is a complete failure… Aim for a conversational style of speakingwhich explains ideas in the clearest, easiest- to-understand way.
  12. 12. Wrap Up: Killer Presentation Mistakes Drowning your audience in a sea of numbers Reduce the stats and spend more time explaining how the statistics are relevant to your audience Using complicated, difficult vocabulary Aim for a clear, conversational speaking style Over-relying on Powerpoint Use Powerpoint as an aid, not as a crutch
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