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Great Speakers - World Class Speaking

  1. 1. 4 Habits ofHow to be a Great Public Speaker & Presenter
  2. 2. Great Public Speaking Habit #1Practice, Practice, Practice
  3. 3. The best way to learnhow to speak in public…is to speak in public!
  4. 4. Get as much stage time as you can.
  5. 5. The best speakers are the ones who got up on stageevery time they could, mademistakes, learned from their mistakes and continued learning…
  6. 6. Great Public Speaking Habit #2 Always Ask For
  7. 7. After your speech or presentation,get feedback from your audience members. Ask them for points of improvement. They will give you ideas on how to make your speech/presentation more effective.
  8. 8. Great Public Speaking Habit #3 Record and Review
  9. 9. You can’t learn fromyour mistakes unlessyou know what your mistakes are
  10. 10. I highly recommend investing in a video- camera. Buy one of theflip-cameras so that you can carry it to yourpresentations and record all your speeches and presentations.
  11. 11. After your presentation, review yourperformance: first, watch your performance withthe sound turned off and analyze your body language.
  12. 12. Are the gestures and stage movement appropriate andpurposeful? Are there any repetitive and distracting gestures you could cut out?
  13. 13. Next, review your presentation by closing your eyes and payingcareful attention to your voice. Do you have anappropriate tone, pitch, pace?
  14. 14. Finally, watch yourpresentation with both the sound and thevideo to see how both the visual and audioelements fit together.
  15. 15. As you go through this process, make notesabout what areas you can improve on next time.
  16. 16. Great Public Speaking Habit #4 Learn from The Best
  17. 17. The most common element of the World’sBest Speakers is that they learned from the best.
  18. 18. If you want to be thebest, you’ve got to learn from the best.
  19. 19. Get coaching + Read great blogson public speaking. Readbooks on the art of public speaking and apply the principles you learn.
  20. 20. Keep speaking up, and be sure to subscribe for more tools,techniques and processes to help you become a world-class speaker.
  21. 21. Wrap Up:4 Habits ofWorld-Class Speakers
  22. 22. •Practice, Practice, Practice • Always Ask for Feedback •Record & Review •Learn from the Best
  23. 23. Oh, by the way… One More Thing…
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