Debating public speaking arguments


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Debating public speaking arguments

  1. 1. e deb at e?Who w on th
  2. 2. October 3, 2012The First Debate...
  3. 3. Who won?Who was the betterspeaker?
  4. 4. This presentation isnot about Politics & Policies
  5. 5. It’s aboutPublic Speaking &Debating Skills
  6. 6. Most people thinkRomney won the first debate
  7. 7. Hi, my name isAkash sional S peaker &Profes g CoachPubli c Speakin
  8. 8. In this presentation, you aregoing to pick up the 6 toolsRomney used to win the firstPresidential debate icationSkil www.Commun
  9. 9. Using the six tools, you’ll learnhow to give powerfullypersuasive presentations…Even when you don’t havemuch time to prepare icationSkil www.Commun
  10. 10. Here are the 6 tools Romney used towin the first debate
  11. 11. 1
  12. 12. Romney looked smarter and more alert than Obama
  13. 13. Romney exuded confidence whereas Obama looked tired
  14. 14. When giving a speech/presentation,make sure you looksmart and confident…
  15. 15. Research shows that the better-dressed and the smarter you look,the more persuasiveyou’ll be…
  16. 16. 2
  17. 17. Romney had a clear structurethrough numbering his points
  18. 18. “Number 1…(followed by point)Number 2…Number 3…”
  19. 19. It made his arguments easy to understand and follow
  20. 20. When giving impromptu speeches,use numbering to makeyour structure clear…
  21. 21. 3
  22. 22. Romney made great use rhetorical questions
  23. 23. Rhetorical questions keep your audience members engaged
  24. 24. “Well, why lower the rates? Because…”
  25. 25. By voicing out loud the questions youraudience may have, you build rapport with them
  26. 26. Rhetorical questions also give yourspeeches and presentation an easy to follow structure
  27. 27. When giving impromptu speeches,use rhetorical questionsto engage youraudience and buildrapport with them…
  28. 28. 4
  29. 29. Romney told humorous stories andused analogies to make his point
  30. 30. “I know you and your running matekeep saying that…but it’s just notthe case.I got five boys. I’m used to peoplesaying something that’s not alwaystrue but keep on repeating it andultimately hoping I’ll believe it. That isnot the case!”- Romney
  31. 31. Romney used the example of his five kids tomake a humorous point that Obama was like a child who wasn’t telling the truth…
  32. 32. When giving speeches & presentations,use humor, stories andanalogies to make yourpoints memorable…
  33. 33. 5
  34. 34. Prepare a Power Phrase in advance to knock-out your opponent…
  35. 35. “You are entitled to your own house andyour own plane, but not your own facts” - Romney
  36. 36. Romney had no-doubt coined the impressive line before the debate and was just waiting for the right opportunity to use it
  37. 37. Thus, even though the line was coined before the debate, it sounded like an impressive and spontaneous remark
  38. 38. If you know you’re going to be debating,prepare your PowerPhrase in advance…
  39. 39. 6
  40. 40. Romney kept it conversational. Heused conversational phrases instead of using overly-complicated terminology
  41. 41. “Throw all these studies out there…” “But let’s get to the bottom line…” - Romney
  42. 42. When giving presentations and speeches,keep your languageconversational…Sound human!
  43. 43. Oh, by the way,One more thing…
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