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40 dynamic delivery devices craig valentine


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40 dynamic delivery devices craig valentine

  1. 1. 1. Involve them immediately2. Watch your S-space and C-space3. Make a person in your audience a character in your speech4. Reactions tell the story5. Punch and Pause6. Action in your story prompts the movement in your speech7. Check the VAKS8. Take on the persona of each character9. Put the recipient’s name in the line of dialogue10. Scan and stop11. Pause after your Question – wait for them to mentally respond12. Bigger Audience = Bigger You13. Acknowledge them when you first come out (Look them over)14. Walk your timeline15. Milk the laughter and applause16. Respond to their reaction17. Tell your audience a secret (lean in like you’re telling them a secret)18. Gesture Realistically19. Stop on a Dime20. Leave and Lean21. Point to the past and future on stage22. Give your gestures a meaning23. Foundational Phrase24. Stand still when giving your foundational phrase25. Give each section it’s own spot on the floor26. Don’t expect, Invite your audience members into your story a. You should have been with my wife and me…(visual and verbal cues) b. If you had been sitting beside me…27. Anchor your points with a gesture28. Use a visual and verbal metaphor29. Make your entire audience a character in your speech30. If you’re always dynamic, then you’re not dynamic31.