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Making Our Mark


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Presentation / workshop at Lean Agile Scotland 2018 presented by Ellen Grove and Sue Johnston.

Published in: Education
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Making Our Mark

  2. 2. PLEASE NOTE SLIDES ≠ PRESENTATION • These slides are designed to be viewed in conjunction with a human being talking and interacting with you. • They will make little sense to you if you were not at the live session. • But if you find them useful, we’re happy.
  3. 3. @eegrove @itsunderstood
  4. 4. Enterprise Agile Coach Experiential Trainer Agile Alliance Board Member Likes to play Communication Specialist Professional Coach Agile Trainer Former Journalist Wannabe Jazz Singer Who are Ellen and Sue? @eegrove @itsunderstood
  5. 5. Good enough @eegrove @itsunderstood
  6. 6. Why draw? @eegrove @itsunderstood
  7. 7. Why draw? @eegrove @itsunderstood
  8. 8. Why draw? @eegrove @itsunderstood
  9. 9. Why draw? @eegrove @itsunderstood
  10. 10. Why draw? @eegrove @itsunderstood
  11. 11. Why draw? @eegrove @itsunderstood
  12. 12. minutes remaining
  13. 13. minutes remaining
  14. 14. @eegrove @itsunderstood
  15. 15. Drawing together @eegrove @itsunderstood
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  17. 17. Resources Learn about our workshops at @eegrove @itsunderstood