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5 steps for communications planning


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This presentation looks at the steps required to develop a communications strategy or plan. It's aimed primarily at the nonprofit sector but is applicable to a wide variety of users. Visit for more details in my blog post series "Nonprofit Communications Strategy."

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5 steps for communications planning

  1. 1. Communications Planning James Howe
  2. 2. Who isJames Howe ?
  3. 3. The Communications Plan Dec. 1, 2011
  4. 4. What is communications?Communications is connecting your audience with the message you are delivering so that it is received, understood and acted upon.
  5. 5. What is communications planning?A process to help you reach that goal.
  6. 6. Communications Strategy Online Strategy Website Social Media Strategy
  7. 7. When do you need a communicationsstrategy or plan? • Overall strategy • Annual plan • Specific initiative
  8. 8. Why communicate?Organizations communicate to:• inform• build understanding or change behaviour• prevent misunderstandings• present a point of view• lower barriers between groups and individuals
  9. 9. 5 Steps to create aCommunications Plan
  10. 10. Step 1:Research& Analysis
  11. 11. Step 2: Outlining theContext &Objectives
  12. 12. Thecontext• Background• Current situation• Communications issues
  13. 13. Goals &Objectives• Goals are the overall changes you wish to cause.• Objectives are the short-term, measurable steps you take to reach your goal.
  14. 14. Step 3: TargetAudiences & KeyMessages
  15. 15. Who do you want to reach?Your target audiences
  16. 16. What do you want to say? Your key messages
  17. 17. Step 4: Communicating forunderstanding and action
  18. 18. Pick Your Communications Tactics
  19. 19. Set aTimetable
  20. 20. Determine your Budget
  21. 21. Step 5:Evaluate How will you know if you are successful?
  22. 22. Where can you learn more?James HoweBlog: communicateandhowe.comTwitter: @communic8nhoweFacebook: subscribe - communicateandhowe.comjames@communicateandhowe.com519-589-9597