Vocus Communications' James Spenceley at Global Telecom Week


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Vocus Communications' James Spenceley at Global Telecom Week

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  • Introduce yourself and remind people about who we are and what we do. Thank the customers for their ongoing support.
  • These are the 3 objectives for your short presentation. The page is designed to summarise what you will talk about without going into much DETAIL
  • Reinforce that we have had strong financial growthand our focus is absolutely on the customer. This focus is underpinned by our company goals of being the most loved Telco on the planet and to own the 3rd largest network in Australia
  • This slide summarises the growth we have had on our network and highlights the fact we are still seeing more demand in the market for competitive fibre connectivity.
  • Key Message – We committed to deliver 2 new DC’s at last years DC summit and we have achieved that goal. Industry average is PUE 1.8, we are 1.3. We are a niche data centre provider – high density and high power
  • Even though we’ve grown, we are still the same company with the same values and same passion for the customer.
  • Adam WilkinsonAdam Wilkinson is the Data Centre segment leader at Schneider Electric with 18 years of experience in the IT and Data Centre industries with leading system integrators, distributors and vendors, including 10 years with the Schneider Electric IT Business (formerly APC). Adam has performed a number of roles within the data centre industry including Data Centre Solutions Advisor for the Pacific zone and more recently,  has conducted extensive market research to develop and implement the company's 5-year strategic business plan for the commercial data centre market as well as the maturing on-premise data centre market.
  • Customers / IT Managers are asking the question – ‘How can I best deliver this application / business process / service to my organisation?”. This is what we cann application dependant data centre architectures. Customers can now look at an individual or group of applications and ask themselves if they should provide this services as a Cloud Offering, or should they have it hosted in a 3rd party environment – Colocation /Hosted-Managed Service or should I continue to provide this from my existing on premise data centre.. Organisations of all sizes and from all industries are making this consideration now. It doesnt have to be an all or nothing approach anymore.
  • So these are the 3 options customers have today for the delivery of the IT applications and programs
  • So the customer can look at their environment and assess their applications. Once they have done this set then they can go to market for providers knowing their immediate requirements and with some expectation of the future. This is also a great enabler of 3rd party services such as Data Centre Services and Cloud Services. Customers can move non mission critical applications first and ‘put a toe in the water’ rather than jumping straight in.
  • So in todays environment PARTNERSHIPS are key, Schneider Electrics PARTNERHIP with VOCUS, Your partnership with VOCUS, the joint partnerships with the customers. No one can do it all themselves, it is too broad. Today, we have to make substantial investments in establishing, maintaining and building PARTNERSHIPS to be relevant to the customers
  • OK, now lets have a look at the VOCUS Melbourne data centre located at 530 Collins St, Melbourne which Schneider Electric were fortunate to build in partnership with Vocus.
  • Schneider Electric are a world wide builder of on premise data centres and commercial data centres. This long engagement with customers has helped us to understand that when customers are looking to select a PARTNER to provide Data Centre Services they are very interested in these 3 areas. VISIBILITY, VERSATILITY and VALUE. I’ll explain each of these in more detail on each of the coming slides and highlight what Vocus & Schneider Electric have establsihed to address these requirements.
  • OK, lets start with Versatility, and by versatility we can also say’ customers ability to deal with change’ and as we all know the only constant is change. Our customers face external changes that effect their requirements such as their markets, their competitors, growth, acquisitions or consitriction.Workloads change as they bring new offers to market or retre others, Technology & Infrastructure changes to support this or possibly as part of end of life refresh cycles. Either way when a customers comes to put their IT equipement in the data centre of a 3rd party provider they need the provider to be Versatile. Here is how Vocus and Schneider have address this requirement.A Scaleable / Modular UPS. This allows Vocus to easily, effeciently and without impact to availablity scale up their environment to meet growing customer requirements.Hot Aisle Containment is an architecture which not only drives enourmous energy efficiency, but also provides customers with unbeleivable flexibility in relation to their IT loads within a rack or enclosure. With the HACS system Vocus have deployed it doesnt matter what the heat load is from 2kw – 30kw. This means customers are free to make technology decisions without worrying if it can be housed at their 3rd party provider.Vendor Neutral Racks EIA 310D compliant, which means again that it will fit all major and 99% of minor vendors equipment in their racks. So if a customer changes from one IT vendor to another or the existing SOE is effected by a merger or acquisition then the new equipment will readily fit in the Vocus data centre. Again reducing risk, reducing costs and accelerating deployment.Modular N+1 Cooling. The inRow cooling solution is positioned next to the critical IT load and is intelligent to match cooling capacity to what is required. IT loads are not constant throughout the day, typically they are highest in the morning, dip off around lunch time, peak again in the early afternoon before tapering off in late afternoon. These changes are managed by the modular cooling solution which ramps up and ramps down as required. This ensures that the site is capable of supporting changing needs, either equipment, or even just utilsiation providing your customers again with a piece of mind that Vocus can support even unknown or unplanned changes.
  • Lets move to VISBILITYIn our conversation and research with local customer they have expressed a keen desire to have visibility of their environments in a 3rd party providers premises. This allows them to maintain a level of ‘ownership’, to manage the managers (check their performance) and ensure they are getting what they pay for, Optimse their existing environment and even make educated decisions about moving workloads from one envornment to another such as On Premise to Vocus or vice-versa.VOCUS have provided their customers this visibility through the DCiM solution, Power Monitoring, security and surveiellance systems they have installed. Additionally Vocus View (a mobile app) gives customer real time access to these environment from their mobile phone.
  • The 3rd Pillar is Value. Not necessarily lowest cost, but value. Everybody knows that you get what you pay for. When executives talk to me about the value they expect from their providers they talk about these things.Connections – Interested here to talk about Cross Connects, the digital community in the Vocus network etc need some Vocus inputAbility to easily, rapidly expand: The modular & scalable systems (Power & Cooling) DCiM Solution, Vendor neutral racks allows for existing on premise assets to be reployed, new equipment Scale up and down as required. SLAs / Availability / Relaibility– Unique SLAs are able to be offered by Vocusbecuase of the unique electrical and mechanical design of the facility, a result of collaboration between Vocus and Schneider, coupled with the intelligent world class components supplied by Schneider. On top of all this their is a very stringent and proven change management process which again provides customrs with a risk free, high quality, versatile environment.
  • So to summarise,The Vocus Melbourne data centre at 530 Collins St Melbourne is a unique, high quality Wholesale colocation facility underpinned by a well respected, well positioned telecommunication provider. This site, through its connectivity, its design, its location, its technology, its people, its community and through its partnerships will provide your customer with a competitive advantage and
  • Vocus Communications' James Spenceley at Global Telecom Week

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