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NBN: Rebooted - Assia's Dr John Cioffi


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Dr John Cioffi at NBN: Rebooted

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NBN: Rebooted - Assia's Dr John Cioffi

  1. 1. Smart Broadband John M. Cioffi Chairman/CEO, ASSIA NBN - Rebooted November 19, 2013 ; Sydney 1
  2. 2. Smart Australian NBN Investment • Cost Effective High-Speed Broadband Soon -- 2 objectives that can be compatible – Objective 1: Encourage/Invest in infrastructure wisely • Smart-Managed Vectored VDSL – Objective 2: Encourage Innovations/Apps for consumers/business • Software Unbundling, or “Software-Defined Access Network” 2
  3. 3. The NBN Question: Fiber, Copper, Wi-Fi Content Home NOISE into DSL (its huge) OLT/DSLAM fiber ≈ Internet (“telco”) DSL’s and Crosstalk How Much Fiber? more = more cost max speed for 1km of copper What about the untethered consumers? Wi-Fi’s and Crosstalk 3
  4. 4. DSL Deployment Scenarios Central Office 50-100 Mbps ? $30005000/sub 50~100 Mbps $300~500/sub 50~100 Mbps $300~500/sub 8~20 Mbps $150/sub Fiber (FTTH) splitter 0~1Km Vectored VDSL2 ELIMINATES CROSSTALK Fiber (FTTN, FTTC) Fiber (FTTN) 0~3Km ADSL2+ 0~3Km ADSL2+ 8~20 Mbps $30~50/sub 1~8 Mbps $30~50/sub 0~200m Fiber (FTTC, FTTB) 0~6Km ADSL Feeder Plant Distribution Plant Distribution Terminal Drop Plant 4
  5. 5. Software-Defined ACCESS Network OTT – Software-Defined ACCESS Network CloudCheck DSL Management Internet ASSIA CloudCheck Server (in cloud) CloudCheck Wi-Fi Management ASSIA CloudCheck App/webpg Content Micro/Femto (optional) Expresse DSL Management RAN Smartphone CPE + Wi-Fi Access Network NBN ASSIA DSL Expresse Server (In OSS) CPE + 3/4G Dongle Tablet DSLAM CPE + Wi-Fi Expresse DSL Management CPE + Wi-Fi Smartphone 5
  6. 6. Qualify Customers for Vectored Services Accurately qualify customers using long-term DSL data Expand the revenue opportunity For each service product Reduce false negatives Increase true positives Track qualification metrics Adjust qualification rules 6
  7. 7. Vectoring’s major issue: other noises Crosstalk noise Noise floor Noise A Noise B Noise C Vectoring does not cancel A,B,C because they are not at transmit Antenna location (only at receiver) • Crosstalk removal “exposes” other noises – Need management of stability 7
  8. 8. Such Management Does Matter ! Fixed Broadband Complaints per 1000 customers/connections – October 2010 –December 2012, by Quarter Uses Good DSM Source : Ofcom on UK fixed broadband providers 8
  9. 9. Wi-Fi Management 9
  10. 10. 100 Mbps NBN can be very Cost-Effective • Investment is $100’s for 100’s Mbps • Smart Management is essential and crucial – No box by itself is going to solve this problem. 10
  11. 11. Back-Up Material 11
  12. 12. A typical city (100k population) Feeder/Distribution Interface Node Central Office Distribution Terminal 1000ft 200m 12
  13. 13. Back to 50,000 Ft View 1000ft 200m 13
  14. 14. …and Whether Wi-Fi is the Limiting End-User QOE Element • 4 out of 10 customers QOE is limited due to Wi-Fi (Europe) 40% 49% Wi-Fi performance is limiting factor Wi-Fi and DSL have same performances DSL performance is limiting factor 11% • 50% of problems are Wi-Fi related when DSL < 10 Mbps • >>50% even with FTTH solutions, so investment value reduced Source : ASSIA trial with European ISP 14
  15. 15. Mitigate Non-Crosstalk Noise Automatically reconfigure underperforming lines Unmanaged Non-vectored 15 % Vectored 45 % Apply new configuration for line Detect if line is underperforming 8% Managed 7% Achieve high quality of experience Analyze individual line data Lines with poor quality 15
  16. 16. AND, Fiber is SLOWER than DSL • Orange Fiber – my house, Paris, Oct 20, 18:45 – Why? All my neighbors are on the PON now – I wanted to watch OTT video – Football match (doesn’t work) • My old DSL always ran > 6Mpbs!!! 16
  17. 17. Next morning, 07:05, no one using? • But the game was over …… • Give me back my old faster DSL please. 17
  18. 18. Wi-Fi offload (to fixed) dominates mobile Tablet Growth = Faster than Smartphones iPad = ~3x iPhone Growth 18
  19. 19. Software Unbundling: Smart Vectoring • Software version of owning the hardware – Differentiate all the way down to physical level – Software management of connection speed/stability 19