John Stanton at NBN: Rebooted


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John Stanton at NBN: Rebooted

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John Stanton at NBN: Rebooted

  1. 1. COMMUNICATIONS ALLIANCE The NBN: Rebooted 18 November 2013 John Stanton, CEO Communications Alliance
  2. 2. My life as a Zog………..
  3. 3. CA NBN Project Structure – 2009-2012 Eight NBN-related topics 200 people 70 organisations Consumer Information
  4. 4. Documents Created for NBN Co Document releases created by the NBN Project working groups: National Broadband Network B2B Interaction Process Requirements Specification Release 1, December 2010 (.pdf, 1577 KB) National Broadband Network Wholesale Telephony Access Service Release 1, August 2010 (.pdf, 1251 KB) National Broadband Network End User Premises Handbook Release 2, June 2010 (.pdf, 1150 KB) National Broadband Network Fibre Ready Distribution Networks Release 1, May 2010 (.pdf, 203 KB) National Broadband Network FTTP Planning Express Conduit Release 1, May 2010 (.pdf, 249 KB) National Broadband Network Overview of Technical Standards Release 1, April 2010 (.pdf, 391KB) National Broadband Network Reference Architecture - High Level Architecture Options for the NBN Release 1, Jan 2010 (.pdf, 887KB) National Broadband Network Wholesale Service Definition Framework - Ethernet Release 1, Dec 2009 (.pdf, 2318 KB) Other Communications Alliance documents for the NBN Project: Communications Alliance study: Overseas Examples of Open Access FTTP Networks October 2009 (.pdf, 864KB) Discussion Paper 2: Tackling the NBN Questions - Proposed Way Forward for Industry 09 June 2009 Discussion Paper 1: How Can We Develop an Open-Access Wholesale Service Model for the NBN? 14 May 2009: Transition to a National Broadband Network
  5. 5. Current Comms Alliance NBNRelated Operational Projects • Government Policy request for further work on creation of standardised RSP/NBN Co interfaces • Customer Transfer Post-Migration • Local Number Portability (LNP) in an NBN-based environment • Migration of OTT Devices (e.g. personal medical alarms & security alarms) • Battery Back-Up • New Guideline in-premise cabling for the NBN via FTTP • VoIP QoS Guidance Note • VDSL2 & Vectoring Code & Standard Revisions
  6. 6. VDSL2 & Vectoring: Technical/Quality/Competition Issues • Is vectoring to be a local monopoly? • If not, what is the operational process to manage multiple vectoring systems? • Do we limit technologies that can be deployed from a node? E.g. ESHDSL • How to manage infrastructure-based competition e.g. DSLAMs in MDU basements • Potential cross-talk interference with existing services • 25Mbps threshold and open-access requirements • Free-for-all? Scope for Codes? • Interim operating arrangements when changing broadband deployment states
  7. 7. Some Current RSP/Access Seeker Live Issues • Potential longer term WBA – standards for complaint resolution and infrastructure shortfall • Installation: lead times, reschedule rates and incorrect installs • Timelines: Lack of certainty re Greenfields installations resulting in periods on interim wireless solutions • Rollout Gaps: RFS declared in FSAM where not all addresses are available. Actions before copper decomm. in first 15 FSAMs – May 2014 • NBN Co ‘Buy Side’ product & pricing issues E.g. $20Mbps CVC price, potential mobile-related product initiatives. • Battery Back-Up: Responsibility for ongoing maintenance of batteries. WBA change notice assumes new arrangement in place 19 Dec. ACMA to consider options re informed consent. • Adequately served Greenfields estates services by non-NBN Co network providers. How many?; How best to manage multiple provisioning interface arrangements? • FTTN trial process