eintellego networks' Skeeve Stevens at Global Telecom Week


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eintellego networks' Skeeve Stevens at Global Telecom Week

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eintellego networks' Skeeve Stevens at Global Telecom Week

  1. 1. WHOLESALE SERVICES OVER VxC FABRICS Skeeve Stevens Founder & Chief Architect of eintellego Networks aka 'The ISP Guy' COMMSDAY 2014
  2. 2. WHO AM I? •  Founder & Chief Network Architect of eintellego Networks •  Near Futurist focusing on Technology such as •  Customers: National Icons, Service Providers, ASX listed companies, Airports, Casinos, Hotel groups, Banks, State and Federal Governments (AU and O/S) •  Built 275+ ISP networks in 10 countries (adding 2-3 per month) •  We specialising in taking Service Provider skills and thinking into the enterprise space
  3. 3. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? •  A new way to deliver services to enterprises •  A dynamic, on-demand, scalable infrastructure •  The possibilities of 'buy-as-you-go' infrastructure •  The cutting-edge of network service delivery •  A telecommunications wholesale revolution
  4. 4. THE NEW PAYG REVOLUTION •  Cloud Apps •  Content •  Collaborative Consumption •  Collaborative Finance •  Human OnDemand •  Compute •  Connectivity is next now
  5. 5. THE NEW NETWORK PARADIGM •  OnDemand is the new paradigm for business operations •  Eliminating unused infrastructure •  Do what you do well and let others do the rest •  Elimination of non-Core business functions
  6. 6. WHAT IS A VXC FABRIC? •  Layer 2 broker using 802.1q VLANs •  Extreme high-speeds •  On-Demand provisioning •  Simple to use
  7. 7. CURRENT XVC FABRIC PLAYERS PEN (Pacnet Enabled Network)!
  9. 9. COMPARISON ü  AU: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane (Perth and others coming) •  INT: Other national Megaports coming – Singpore soon (no Inter-MP VxC atm) ü  DC and Carrier Neutral •  Control by Speed ü  10Gb, 40Gb, 100Gb ü  Third Parties for Local Loop ü  Free MLPA Peering / Lots of content ü  iPhone, Android, Windows App ü  VERY cheap •  Classic Switching •  AU: Sydney, Melbourne ü  INT: Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, USA (others coming – 14 DC’s) •  Pacnet DC and tails* only ü  Control by Speed, QoS, Latency •  1mb to 1Gb •  Pacnet Local-Loop Only •  No Peering / No Content •  No App •  Not cheap ü  SDN Based
  10. 10. •  IP Transit – Backup paths, On Demand •  Metro Access Tails / International Ethernet Circuits or IPVPN •  VoIP (SIP Trunks) / Hosted Call Manager / Hosted PBX / Cisco Unified Communications •  Desktop-aaS (AWS Workspaces launches last Friday) •  Storage-aaS / Backup-aaS / DR-aaS •  Security-aaS / DDoS Protection-aaS / CleanFeed / Firewall-aaS •  Remote Access-aaS (VPN) •  Video Conferencing-aaS •  Load Balancing-aaS •  Platforms-aaS (MS-aaS: MS-Exchange / MS-SQL / Sharepoint / Gaming / Render) •  Outsourced Enterprise Platforms (Accounting, SAP, Oracle, etc) •  Compute (Amazon Direct Connect, Microsoft ExpressRoute, OrionVM) •  Private Cloud Capacity / VMware-IaaS WHAT CAN I BUY TODAY?
  11. 11. WHAT CAN YOU SELL? •  Current offerings which deliver over layer 2 •  ANY Hardware which is multi-tenantable that supports 802.1q VLANs
  12. 12. Data People Cinenet BulletProof Connectivity IT DTSanz Australia Post Digital Pacific Agility Applications Clear Networks Anticlockwise ConeximCloudCentral D&G Solutions Brennan Acurus APCS ALH Group Anittel Data3 APEXNetworks BigAir BitCloud ExetelASE DCS Internet BKB CITEC Data Express Amazon Edgecast National Voice and Data Nexon RackCorp iSeek Gtelecom M2 Micron21 M5 MWH Global iiNet LC9 HarbourIT Highwinds Fivenynes FetchTV Exigent JB Hi-Fi Firenet Rack Central Microsoft Netwide GPK Interconnekt Hostcorp GBST Managed Data Solutions Interactive FaktorTel GCOMM Pacnet OrionVM Riot Games Networx Aust. My Telecom Over the Wire OPUS Group Quadra NTT QXTN RWTS Servers Australia Symbio Reckon Telarus Spectrum Networks Simtronic Snap Internet SkyMesh Telcoinabox Tata Synergy VMvault The Summit Group Vertel ViaIP Vibe Virtutel Woods Pagot World Without Wires Voxo XYZ Networks ZettaNet UberGlobal UnitedIP Tiggee Thomas Duryea GoogleWHO IS CONNECTED? Service Elements
  13. 13. •  Base fee of $500/mth (10Gb) - includes MLPA peering •  40Gb and 100Gb options available •  VxC’s are connection priced and speed agnostic •  Initiator pays. When people connect to you it doesn’t cost you anything WHAT DOES IT COST?
  14. 14. •  Intra-State (any DC) $200/mth or about $20/day •  Intercap – $3/mb SYD-MEL, SYD-BNE $6/mb BNE-MEL •  No Terms/Contracts for VxC’s - One day, 1, month, 1 year - you decide •  Sleep your VxC - Leave it configured and only pay when you use it WHAT DOES IT COST?
  15. 15. •  Removes a cost barrier •  Removes capability barrier •  Simplifies infrastructure •  Educated customers •  Buy and Sell unused capacity HOW DOES THIS HELP YOU?
  16. 16. •  This is the future of enterprise delivered services •  Megaport is the first public provider, Pacnet is more ‘private’ - others are coming •  You may be more ready than you realise - it is just VLANs •  In the next 1-2 years there will be multiple other VxC Fabric providers •  If you don’t do it, you WILL be left behind – Can you really afford to ignore this marketplace? Telstra? WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?
  17. 17. FUTURE SERVICES ON VXC FABRICS •  Interconnected VxC Fabrics, Global – New L2 Net? •  Finance/Banking/Trading •  Health/Medical, especially communications •  Printing Services •  Susbstitute WAN services •  Tail interconnections & International Carriers •  Special Purpose/Pro VxC Providers?
  18. 18. THE NEXT 24 MONTHS •  Explosion in marketplace offerings •  Carriers get in on the act – too late? •  Telco-aaS •  Virtual-Real ISP •  Local Loop to VxC – tails get in on the act Choose your VxC provider •  NBN to VxC •  Consumer VxC Services
  19. 19. SKEEVE STEVENS e: skeeve@eintellegonetworks.com w: eintellegonetworks.com t: @skeevestevens linkedin: /in/skeeve e: skeeve@theispguy.com w: theispguy.com t: @TheISPGuy f: /theispguy THANK YOU. COMMSDAY 2014