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D2 1220 maha krishnapillai

  1. 1. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTED KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTEDMaha KrishnapillaiGM Telecommunications Products & ServicesGM Rural Post
  2. 2. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTEDAUSTRALIA POST – THE FACTSAustralia’s most extensive delivery and retail network: Founded in Delivering Providing 4,400+ 100 million access to postal outlets 1809 mail items to government and business including Australia’s 10.9 million around 2,500 address across services oldest (e.g. bill payments, outlets continually Australia every day-to-day banking in rural and transactions, money operating week transfers or passport remote areas organisation applications)One of Australia’s Apple Australia 77.85most trusted Australia Post 76.26brands. JB HI-FI 76.09Excerpt from RepTrak™ Toyota Motor Corporation 75.17Report Feb 2012. Nestle Australia 74.35
  3. 3. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTEDWE HAVE TWO VERY DIFFERENT BUSINESSES Regulated Non-Regulated<250g Transport 1,900 metro Regional & Digital Parcels Multi-channel Super stores outlets Remote communications eCommerce trusted Business Hubs 2,500 outlets services > Letters volume in decline > Profitable opportunities > Price constrained > Profit needed to fund major investment in eCommerce, > High fixed costs Parcels and digital growth
  4. 4. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTEDTHREE MAJOR TECHNOLOGY SHIFTS ARE SUPPORTINGTHE CREATION OF AUSTRALIA’S DIGITAL ECONOMY Evidence > There are more mobile phones in use (27 million by late 20121) Mobility than total population of Australia Growth > 12 million of these handsets are smartphones with internet capability > Online shopping is expected to top $16 billion in 2012 and is Online Channel predicted to top $27 billion by 2016 Growth > 1 billion Facebook users are re-shaping the communications landscape > Global IP traffic has increased eightfold over the past 5 years Fast & and will increase threefold over the next 5 years2 Super-fast Broadband > Doubling the broadband speed for an OECD economy has been shown to increase GDP by 0.3%31 Budde Communications, 30 July 20122 Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2011-20163 http://www.ericsson.com/networkedsociety/media/hosting/Need_for_speed.pdf
  5. 5. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTEDWE’RE TRANSFORMING OUR BUSINESS 1 2 3Build a sustainable Build a world-class Build a multi-channelcommunications business parcels business with trusted services offerphysically and digitally. excellence in service for consumers. performance. 4 Embed business efficiency and service quality. 5 Embed culture and behaviours, build capabilities and foster engagement.
  6. 6. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTED WE’RE ENSURING THE ONGOING RELEVANCE OF OUR RETAIL NETWORK • Tailoring store formats to customer demographics. • New superstores opening across the country. • 24/7 parcel lockers and self-service zones. • In-store online shopping. • Creating new product categories, eg Travel. • Multi-channel delivery of core products & services. • New retailCX program [NPS].6
  7. 7. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTED WE’RE ADAPTING TO CHANGING CUSTOMER PREFERENCES Australia Post Digital Mailbox Launch Q4 2012 What it means for: • Post: A new platform/channel in our digital suite. • Business: A cost-effective new channel to communicate with and market to customers. • Government: Opportunity for trusted, secure communication with Australians. • Consumers: A new tool to manage day-to-day life.8
  8. 8. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTEDWE’RE HELPING CONSUMERS & BUSINESSES GET ONLINEProviding more New products, competitive Supporting consumers &convenience & choice pricing & home delivery service Australian retailers get onlineSuperstores & extended hours Low cost satchels and boxes Upgraded business hubs 24/7 access & Parcel Lockers New International Products Online services Delivery Choices New processes Farmhouse Direct
  9. 9. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTED WE’RE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING IMPORTANT AND VALUED SERVICES TO REGIONAL COMMUNITIESRural Post provides everyday essentials including:• Bringing technology capabilities throughout rural Australia• Building local economies• Fostering regional communities.We will provide broad TelecommunicationsServices Australia-wide that leverage ourBrand and our retail footprint:• We are already where the NBN will be• We will offer broadband and mobile products Remote Rural• Our services will be enabled by the NBN Metro
  10. 10. KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTED KEEPING AUSTRALIA CONNECTEDMaha KrishnapillaiGM Telecommunications Products & ServicesGM Rural Post